Alzheimer's disease

  1. Memory loss can predict Alzheimer's disease

    Here's one just in from the Water Is Wet Department: If you have memory loss -- and if your memory keeps getting worse -- you're more likely to get Alzheimer's disease.

    No kidding!

    Someone actually did a study on this, but I suspect there's more here than meets the eye.

    After all, EVERY senior loses a little mental speed… and EVERY senior suffers the occasional brain burp. This is different from the real memory loss that will increase your risk of dementia, but that's a distinction this study fails to make or even mention.

    Naturally, all seniors who read about it will probably think they're at risk.

    So what's really going on here? Let me take a stab at it: This study was funded by the Alzheimer's Association, which you may know better as one of those charities always sending you return address labels as they beg for money to help "find a cure."

    Don't send them a penny!

    This group climbed into bed with Big Pharma ages ago and never got back out. Today, they're actively suppressing REAL cures while pushing the drug industry's agenda.

    And this nonsensical study fits that agenda perfectly.

    Just about every Alzheimer's drug in development has crashed and burned so spectacularly the industry is now shifting it's game to "primary prevention," or, in other words, a wonder drug that can prevent the disease rather than cure it.

    I've even heard rumors of a dementia vaccine that's supposedly in the works.

    The goal of course isn't to prevent Alzheimer's. It's to get as many people to take the drug as possible, including the millions who would never, ever develop the disease anyway.

    And if you've got millions of seniors terrified that they're at risk -- even if they're not – there will be lines out the door the day these meds go on the market.

    Don't join that line; there are ways to help prevent Alzheimer's right now, and you won't hear about a single one of them from the Alzheimer's Association.

    This group even has an entire page on its website devoted to trashing natural therapies, calling CoQ10 and fish oil "unproven," while also claiming -- I kid you not -- that getting a flu shot might prevent Alzheimer's disease.

    That's not science. That's quackery.

    You don't need a drug to drive down dementia risk. Plain old B vitamins will do the trick, and you can read more in this free report from my Daily Dose archives.

  2. Fish oil may fight off brain shrink, cognitive decline, and Alzheimer's

    Could this be the 10-cent cure for Alzheimer's?

    If you want to give your local Big Pharma rep one heck of a scare this Halloween, keep the vampire costume and that silly French maid get-up in the closet.

    Dress up like a fish-oil capsule instead.

    Because nothing scares the bejezus out of these scammers faster than a cheap, natural wonder cure.

    Heck, when it comes to fish oil, Big Pharma doesn't know whether it wants to run clinical trials or dance the hokey pokey. One minute they're jumping in with both feet, trying to patent some high-concentration fish oil pill -- and the next minute they're jumping out, using sham studies to keep fish oil out of your hands.

    But it looks like the jig is finally up. Because a powerful new study out of Rhode Island is proving once and for all that a daily dose of regular old fish oil won't just keep your ticker running like a top, it could be your brain's best buddy too.

    In fact, scientists are now claiming that fish oil may be the world's first 10-CENT CURE FOR ALZHEIMER'S!

    And while that won't get these prescription drug pushers dancing in the streets, you may want to strike up a tune.

    Researchers from Rhode Island Hospital just wrapped up a study that tracked 819 seniors for three years, singling out the folks who were taking fish oil regularly. And let's just say you may not want to invite any of these fish oil fans over for a game of Trivial Pursuit because you're bound to lose. It turns out they were sporting some serious brain power.

    After 36 months, fish oil users had less cognitive decline... less brain shrinkage... and, most important of all LESS ALZHEIMER'S!

    In fact, fish oil was practically the fountain of youth for these folks' aging brains. The sections of their brains responsible for memory and thought weren't just larger -- they were working better!

    But really we shouldn't be all that surprised. A couple years back, a study of 1,200 seniors found that folks who swore by fish oil had the lowest levels of beta amyloid plaques, which gunk up the brains of Alzheimer's patients, stealing one precious memory at a time.

    Fish oil just may be the most powerful natural cure to ever roll off Mother Nature's production line, and it doesn't need to cost you a cent. Just keep loading up on the fatty fish sitting in your fridge right now.

    But if you're interested in supplements, you'll have no trouble finding a quality product for pennies a day online or at a health food store near you.

    Stop sitting on your hands and waiting for Big Pharma and the mainstream to bless this miracle cure. Take a nickel's worth of free advice -- and start loading up on this 10-cent cure today.

  3. Autopsy proves aluminum is linked to Alzheimer's

    A British man who died of Alzheimer's had a brain saturated with aluminum, but fluoridated water may be the REAL culprit behind cognitive decline.
  4. High-fat diet slashes symptoms of aging 39%

    Study proves men who load up on meat and fish are living longer and more active lives.
  5. The war on DDT is killing millions with bad science

    The Far Left's war on DDT is taking another crazy turn. They're warning about the long-term health effects of this safe and effective pesticide, and are completely ignoring that DDT bans are killing millions around the world RIGHT NOW!
  6. Hearing loss linked to cognitive decline

    If you're losing your hearing, make sure you don't lose your marbles. A new study links hearing loss with accelerated brain shrinking and memory loss.
  7. Drug manufacturers under the microscope for possible Alzheimer's fraud

    In a bombshell announcement that has Big Pharma shaking in its boots, Japan has announced it is investigating Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer, and several other billion-dollar drug companies for their role in falsifying data in a major Alzheimer's study.
  8. Fish oil slows brain aging by up to two years

    Quit those boring crosswords and Sudokus forever! Scientists say just a spoonful a day of fish oil, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, could keep your mind razor sharp and slow your brain's aging by up to two full years! You can start getting smarter today!
  9. Government's war on tobacco goes one step further

    The feds are finally admitting that they want to wipe out every last tobacco product from sea to shining sea. But here's something they won't tell you -- a daily dose of tobacco can ward off Alzheimer's and keep your joints limber and pain-free!
  10. Dementia 'cure' not ready for prime time

    The so-called Alzheimer's cure making headlines has flunked every test so far. But you don't need a drug to protect your brain. Get the real answers here.

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