1. The REAL cause of lung cancer

    The REAL cause of lung cancer

    If you're at all concerned about lung cancer, stop worrying about your tobacco habit -- and start worrying about your zip code instead.

    I've used no small amount of lungpower of my own over the years pointing out that smoking is not the primary cause of cancer -- of the lungs or anyplace else -- and the latest research backs me up: the real risk is in the very air you breathe.

    And no, it's not "second-hand" smoke (or third, fourth or fifth-hand smoke, for that matter). It's pollution.

    A new look at data on more than 180,000 people who were tracked for 26 years found that people who lived in the most polluted zip codes had the highest risk -- with every 10 units of exposure increasing the odds of lung cancer by as much as 27 percent.

    Of course, the researchers from the University of Ottawa who found this direct link between pollution and cancer failed to see the wisdom of their own study -- because they STILL claim smoking is the main cause of lung cancer despite the evidence staring them right in the nose.

    But like I've said all along, if there was a real link between tobacco and lung cancer, why weren't the Indians all coughing up their lungs when the European explorers arrived?

    Answer: Because it's not the tobacco.

    I've done the research on this, folks, and you're not going to believe what the science REALLY shows: Not only is tobacco NOT the primary cause of cancer… it can actually SLASH your risk of some forms of the disease!

    What's more, smoking can also lower your risk of Parkinson's, fight heart disease, prevent Alzheimer's and even aid your digestion (which is why a quality cigar is the best dessert).

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  2. The breathtaking side effects of statins

    Cholesterol meds in new asthma link

    Let me clear the air on this once and for all: There is absolutely no reason for ANYONE to take a statin, ever. But if you're battling asthma, make extra sure you steer clear -- because these meds can practically suck the air right out of your lungs.

    A new study shows how asthmatics on statins for 12 months have pretty much the worst year of their lives: a 35 percent loss in lung function, compared to a drop of just 14 percent in those not on cholesterol meds.

    That's a difference of 250 percent -- and when you're running out of air that quickly, you'd better keep your rescue inhaler handy. You're going to depend on it like never before: The asthmatics in this study used their rescue meds 72 percent more often after they started taking statins.

    And for the icing on the cake, the patients who took statins couldn't even get a good night's sleep -- because the worsening symptoms kept waking them up.

    With just 40 patients, it was a small study -- but it was no fluke. An earlier study on this also found that asthmatics who take statins lose more lung function, need more meds, have more trouble sleeping and spend more time in the doctor's office than asthmatics who don't take cholesterol drugs.

    To me, the message is clear as day -- asthma and statins don't mix.

    But you can say that about anything and statins, because you don't need cholesterol meds in the first place -- and that's true whether you have asthma or not.

    Fact is, most people don't have a problem with "high" cholesterol. If your total cholesterol is below 300, you've got nothing to worry about except how to cook your steak tonight (rare, please).

    And if it's below 200, head immediately to the supermarket and stock up on bacon and eggs -- because you've got some catching up to do.

    Don't believe me? Read this. You'll never worry about your cholesterol numbers again!

    Statins aren't the only common med linked to asthma -- keep reading for the painkiller that could have you gasping for air.

  3. The sweet smell of distress

    I've always thought of aromatherapy as a load of high-priced hooey -- and it's not even harmless hooey at that. The scents that are supposed to help you "relax" actually contain volatile organic compounds that can damage the liver and kidneys, cause headaches, irritate your eyes, and even lead to breathing problems.
  4. The healing power of air

    The latest placebo may be even stronger than the rest -- and it's got even more "nothing," too: It's literally a container of air, and researchers say it can bring as much relief to asthmatics as a powerful drug.

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