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  1. New risks linked to swine flu vaccine

    Remember how "safe" the untested and rushed-to-market swine flu shot was supposed to be?

    Turns out not so much -- just as I told you from day one.

    New numbers show at least 779 adverse reactions linked to the swine flu shot between 2010 and 2011, at the height of the fabricated swine flu scare.

    That may not sound like much -- until you realize those are the numbers from Ireland alone, and they were enough to make the vaccine the nation's number one suspected cause of adverse drug reactions.

    This isn't just some bad luck 'o the Irish at work. Around the world, vaccine victims who were tricked into the shot passed out, got sick, and dropped dead.

    In many places, the vaccine was linked to the debilitating nerve disorder Guillain-Barré syndrome, which can lead to paralysis and even death. One shot distributed in Europe was linked to hundreds of cases of narcolepsy in children, including at least three in Ireland.

    All that risk for a shot no one needed, because the disease itself was a fabrication created by Big Pharma and its "public health" allies.

    Don't think you're in the clear today just because no one's getting swine flu shots anymore. The swine serum is now a part of the regular flu vaccine, giving everyone a shot at all those side effects and more.

    But let's face facts here: Even if the current vaccine DIDN'T contain the swine flu shot, there would still be absolutely no reason to get it. Along with more side effects than the CDC will ever let on, the regular flu shot is scientifically proven to be laughably ineffective. (Read more here.)

  2. Restrictive drug handling laws lead to gallons narcotics in the water supply

    Restrictive drug handling laws lead to gallons narcotics in the water supply

    Stop for a minute and think about how much time and manpower (not to mention tax dollars) our government spends to control drugs. And I don't just mean pharmaceuticals - I mean ALL drugs, legal and illegal. I'm sure you know a little something about the FDA's role in all of this. But don't forget, we've also got the federal criminal agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), to keep an eye on things. So you'd think when it comes to monitoring controlled pharmaceuticals, the U.S. would be the best in the world, right?

    Uh wrong.

    Turns out some of the most closely monitored and controlled drugs - like narcotics and painkillers - are disposed of by simply dumping them into the water supply! Why? Because it COSTS TOO MUCH to jump through all the bureaucratic hoops that go along with "proper" disposal.

    Remember, we already know that there's a measurable amount of controlled pharmaceuticals in our water supply because so many Americans are taking prescription drugs. So much, in fact, that regular water treatment can't filter it out. Now, to top it off, many hospitals are dumping the pure stuff down the drain!

    Ideally, drug waste would be incinerated or taken to landfills. But that's not as easy as it sounds. In order to handle the controlled substances, you have to be a police officer or be registered with the DEA. This includes pharmacists, distributors, garbage men everyone. And, of course, the DEA requires mounds of paperwork in order to keep the substances out of the wrong hands.

    The reality is that the controls are so tight that hospital administrators have complained that handling and disposing of these substances safely is almost impossible. According to Steven Waderich, the hazardous waste manager of Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, "the cost just goes through the roof" when managing controlled substances. Some hospitals ditch as much as 50 gallons of controlled substances into the drain every year! The alternative is to have the hospital pick up a $25,000 tab for the safe removal and disposal of this stuff.

    Don't get me wrong: I'm not advocating that these places violate safety rules when disposing of these drugs. But something's gotta give. The DEA is no different than any other government-run organization that feels the need to implement massive bureaucratic rules just to cover their you-know-whats. It would be one thing if these measures have made a dent in the drug abuse issue in our society. You and I both know it hasn't.

    What's more, the DEA has refused to budge and has all but ignored efforts to relax the rules to allow more professionals to handle the drugs.

    In the meantime, more people will circumvent the system and endanger our water supply rather than spend big bucks to do the right thing.

    FDA OK'S expansion of Gardasil use

    The pro-vaccine lobby is powerful. And the FDA only reacts to the studies with which it agrees. This is a deadly combination, and it's what makes the battle against useless vaccines so difficult.

    And now, in spite of the fact that the FDA's very own report, which found that the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil has been linked to the deaths of at least one woman a month since it hit the market, the FDA has actually approved the killer vaccine for expanded use.

    According to Dr. Jesse Goodman, director of the FDA center that oversees vaccines, "There is now strong evidence showing that [Gardasil, the human papillomavirus vaccine] can help prevent vulvar and vaginal cancers."

    The result will, of course mean even more women (and girls - kids as young as nine are eligible for the Gardasil vaccine) will be getting this vaccination and exposing themselves to the risk of serious adverse reactions - including anaphylactic shock, grand mal seizures, foaming at the mouth, coma, and paralysis.

    All we can do is keep fighting against Gardasil - which, by the way, is now at the top of my hit list when it comes to my anti-vaccine campaigns. Stay tuned for continuing reports!

  3. FDA to post drugs with "potential safety issues" on website

    The FDA has finally begun to post on its website a list of all the drugs that it is evaluating for potential safety issues.
  4. Needless vaccine can have deadly consequences

    What will it take for Big Pharma to stop pushing their dangerous and useless vaccines? Apparently, one death a month is not going to be enough.
  5. Shocking news about the latest combo vaccine

    Recently, a Merck & Co. vaccine caused some children to suffer from fever-related convulsions.
  6. Medicine's manslaughter by the numbers…

    In the last Daily Dose, I got my dander up because the mainstream press reported the fact that prescription drugs kill and maim 1.5 million Americans every year as though it's a shocking revelation. In actuality, it's the dirty little secret everyone in medicine has known for years, whether most of them want to admit it or not.

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