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  1. ‘Skinny jeans' could cause crotch problems for men

    Skinny jeans can crunch your junk

    If you're a parent or grandparent of a young man these days you've probably been unwillingly exposed to that fashion nightmare known as "skinny jeans."

    (And please tell me it's not YOU that's tried to squeeze yourself into those torture devices.)

    Well, it's time to lay a little tough love on that kid (or grandkid) of yours.

    He may have ignored your advice to toss those super-tight pants because he looks like a relic from the Disco Era. (After all, let's face it; he probably doesn't even know what disco is.) But I'm willing to bet he'll listen to what you have to say when you tell him those tight jeans can do big-time damage to his junk.

    A new survey finds that 10 percent of men who wear tight jeans experience health problems -- and they're the kinds of problems no man wants to face, including a squished sac, stomach pain, and bladder problems so severe you might need diapers.

    Tight jeans can dig into your gut, squeeze your bladder like a sponge and even twist your private parts into shapes they were never meant to form.

    In some cases, ultra-tight pants can even lead to a nut-squishing condition called testicular torsion in which the flow of blood to the testicles is actually cut off -- and some men need surgery to fix it.

    Yes, that means a scalpel... in the one place you don't want any sharp objects.

    But that's not stopping men from wearing the things.

    In fact, 40 percent of men surveyed say they'd rather LOOK good than FEEL good -- and a quarter say they wear skinny jeans just to show off the fact that they can actually fit in them.

    If that sounds like your kid or grandkid then just ask him how good he thinks he'll look in his adult diapers... especially if he's wearing them under those super-tight jeans.

    I'm betting that image alone will have him loosening his waistline so fast it will make your head spin.

  2. Bladder support doesn't mean wearing diapers

    Bladder problems? Tear off that diaper for good!

    You sneeze, you leak. You laugh, you leak. You cough, hiccup, burp or fart -- and you leak, leak, leak some more.

    You want answers, not a diaper. But turn on the TV or flip open a magazine, and what do you see? "Celebrities" like Kris Jenner endorsing adult diapers, as if that's your only option.

    If you don't know who Kris Jenner is, more power to you. She's a "reality TV star" more famous for her birth canal than anything else -- she's mother to the Karadashians (extra credit if you don't know who they are either).

    Of course, she's not a doctor, a scientist, or even an expert on anything, much less bladder health -- she's just another aging celebrity trying to squeeze a few extra bucks out of her various afflictions, including her famous children, and extend 15 minutes of fame into a full hour every week.

    Isn't that the very definition of a reality TV star?

    So her solution isn't the best solution. It's not even the only solution. It's just a solution she's managed to cash in on. But just because she's content to wear diapers doesn't mean you have to be -- and just because she's given up on trying to fix her leaks doesn't mean you have to sit in a pee puddle all day.

    The reason you've got the "gotta gos" is because the muscles in your bladder aren't doing as good a job as they once did

    They're weak. But they're not broken -- all they're looking for is a little support to keep them on track and in control. You can find that support in all-natural bladder supporting herbs. And when your muscles get it, you're back in your comfort zone… and you can tell Kris Jenner where to stick her diapers.

    I'm not done with pee problems yet -- keep reading for the latest news on kidney stones.

  3. Prostate surgery leads to appalling new side effect

    All the men recovering from prostate surgery have helped turn adult diapers into one of the hottest sellers in the warehouse club. Now, a new study finds that these men don't just leak urine at all the wrong times -- they also leak at the worst possible time: during sex.

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