ACE Inhibitors

  1. Test lets docs spy on blood pressure patients

    Big Pharma plan makes your doc a double agent

    Let's face it, some of the tests your doc forces on you can start to make you feel like a pistol-whipped spy in a James Bond movie.

    But it turns out you were getting worked over by 007 himself. Because your doc is about to embark on a disgusting, privacy-invading spy caper that even Hollywood couldn't have dreamed up. And I'll give you one guess who's putting him up to it.

    Cheeky British researchers have just perfected a urine test your doctor can start using right away to see whether you're actually taking the sickening blood pressure meds he's prescribing for you.

    Forget ASKING you whether you're taking your meds... forget having an honest CONVERSATION about whether those pricey pills are doing a damned thing they're supposed to... instead, your doc will just start following you into the bathroom.

    The most amazing thing about this study is that the researchers actually found 200 Brits with high blood pressure willing to participate in this Big Brother exercise. These are the same plucky people who beat back the Nazis 70 years ago, and now they're lining up in DROVES to have their pee examined by the Big Pharma drug police.

    Winston Churchill must be spinning in his grave!

    Researchers say the test will help your doctor determine whether your blood pressure treatment isn't working -- or whether you simply stopped taking your drugs. And if you buy that, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

    But I know you're not that gullible... you're a Daily Dose subscriber after all! I'm sure you can already see right through this Big Pharma smokescreen. These urine tests are simply the first step toward FORCING you to take your prescription medications, whether you want to or not. The mainstream has been dipping its toe into this water for years, with proposals like policing the depressed and mentally ill to be sure they're popping their pills.

    And these proposals are all about wealth, not health. The British study found that 25% of folks who had been prescribed blood pressure meds weren't taking them. That's a 25% hit right to Big Pharma's wallet, and you can bet those greedy drug company execs -- and their shareholders -- aren't taking that lying down.

    There are MILLIONS of people -- If you've been listening to me maybe you're even one of them -- who don't take their blood pressure meds, or stopped refilling their prescriptions a long time ago. And who could blame them? These poison pills like calcium channel blockers and ACE inhibitors could cause everything from dizziness to cancer, and there's a one-in-six chance they'll actually INCREASE your blood pressure!

    So next time your doc gets a hankering to swirl your pee under a microscope, tell him to stop snooping around and just ask whether you're taking your meds. Remind him that you trust him with your life -- and that trust is a two-way street.

  2. 'Safe' painkiller worsens asthma

    Asthma patients, if your doc is still telling you that acetaminophen is safe for your condition, it's time to switch docs and find one ready to join the rest of us here in the 21st century.

    It's anything but safe -- and if you've followed his advice and popped a Tylenol for pain, you may have already felt that telltale tightening in the chest that warns you to get the inhaler ready.

    It's not a coincidence... and it's not bad luck: Despite the advice dished out by doctors every day, acetaminophen has proven time and again that it may worsen asthma -- and in children, it may even CAUSE the disease.

    Now, sick of all the docs who haven't gotten that message, one physician is laying out the evidence in black-and-white -- like the recent study that found kids who take the drug just once a month have TRIPLE the asthma risk.

    Even kids who took the painkiller just once a year had a 60 percent higher rate of asthma -- and it's not just kids at risk here. Dr. John McBride writes in Pediatrics that other studies have found that adults who take this painkiller can quickly suffer the lung-robbing consequences.

    On the other hand, Dr. McBride suggests ibuprofen as a potential replacement, despite the fact that it can also worsen asthma -- especially in the estimated 20 percent of patients who are sensitive to NSAIDs.

    These aren't the only meds that can knock the wind out of your sails -- as I just told you, statins can dramatically worsen your symptoms, force you to use more meds and even cause you to lose sleep. (Read about it here.)

    Beta blockers and ACE inhibitors can also leave you feeling as if you've just been kicked in the chest by a donkey -- along with any number of other meds, which is why it's especially important for asthmatics to work with a doc who won't be quick with the prescription pad.

    My prescription: A naturopathic physician who can get you off the meds you don't need and even help you live without that inhaler.

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