If Hillary Clinton were president, I'd say there was a conspiracy at hand – a conspiracy to change the few remaining men in this country into tree-hugging, rainbow-wearing fruitcakes.

Conspiracy or no, there's still an all-out assault on the male population. Men are exposed to estrogen at every turn, from birth to the grave — and we're only just beginning to feel the effects. From low sperm counts, to increased testicular cancers, to increased numbers of homosexuals, men are fighting a losing battle.

I've already warned you about soy and BPA. Now, there's another chemical to avoid at all costs.

The latest research links phthalates, a common chemical found in plastics, to abnormal breasts in boys – a "budding" problem today. (Heck, some of these feminized little lads should be fitted for training bras!)

When researchers compared 40 boys with abnormal breast growth to 21 boys without the condition, they found that the boys with boobs had between 2.8 and 25 times the levels of phthalates than those with normal flat chests.

Because phthalates soften plastics, they're in everything from shower curtains to plastic wrap to food containers. They're also used to stabilize scents — which means you find them in fragrance-based products like perfume and shampoo.

So what should you do? For starters, the less plastic you use, the better. Whenever you can, stick to products that come in glass containers. And if you're eating food from the perimeter of your grocery store, you won't have to worry as much about the chemicals from the cans and jars.

If you stop purchasing products that contain phthalates, the manufacturers will take notice. BPA is a perfect example of that.

Even though the FDA has refused to regulate this cancer- causing, estrogen-mimicking toxin, more and more manufacturers are voluntarily doing away with it — not because they care about your health, but because they're focused on the bottom line.

But does it really matter why? For you, the end result is the same.