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  1. [SCARY!] Just say “NO!” to this type of surgery

    Mainstream medicine has a new toy…

    And just like any child with a new toy, they want to play with it everywhere.

    For you, that’s bad news. Even the FDA has issued a warning to patients AND doctors about this latest experiment.

    This new toy is a robotic surgery. The idea is taking the knife, quite literally, out of the hands of surgeons.

    Mainstream medicine is doing its best to shove this new surgery down your throat. They’re trying to leapfrog the usual protocols and get it into surgery centers everywhere.

    But here’s the honest truth: surgery – whether this new robotic surgery or “traditional”—should always be used as a LAST RESORT!

    Robotic surgery as a cancer treatment

    Robotic surgery is currently in-use for some basic surgeries, but the FDA has not cleared it for cancer treatments.

    Yet mainstream medicine is practically on its hands and knees begging to get their robots in every cancer surgery. After all, each surgery costs TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars.

    They’re especially itching to use them for mastectomies.


    Because from 2005 to 2013, there was a 36 percent increase in mastectomies, and double mastectomies tripled.

    More alarming is many of these procedures were done “just in case.” Let me be perfectly clear: under no circumstances should you cut off a part of your body because you think you might get cancer – especially mastectomies. The science is stacked against them.

    There’s been no proof quality of life improves after getting a breast removed.

    If you do have breast cancer, try this first…

    Four natural ways to FIGHT BACK against breast cancer (No surgery required)

    The first way to attack cancer is to get your immune system humming.

    To do that, try exercising five times a week for 30 minutes at a time. All you need to do is elevate your heart level for that long – which you can achieve with walking… biking… gardening… or even cleaning your house!

    And since sleepis when your body repairs itself, you should be getting between seven and nine hours each night.

    What’s more, there are two key nutrients you can turn to: vitamin C and sulforaphane. Both are present in broccoli, but it’s difficult to get enough from diet alone.

    In one study, injecting 50 mg/kg of sulforaphane for two weeks cut down breast cancer tumor cells by 50 percent!

    And intravenous vitamin C has also shown the ability to obliterate cancer cells. Better yet, if it doesn’t outright kill them, it weakens cancer cells so they can be dealt with more effectively through mainstream treatments.

    All of these options can help you DITCH breast cancer without an unnecessary, risky surgery.

  2. The dangerous mistake you’re making with your mouthwash

    It’s so easy to wash away that dreaded morning breath with a bright blue liquid that leaves your mouth feeling “fresh.”

    But there’s a HIDDEN SIDE EFFECT in conventional mouthwashesone that leaves you WIDE OPEN to getting SICK!

    See, mouthwash works by killing bacteria. It only makes sense to put an antibacterial agent in it.

    But manufacturers have gotten it all wrong...

    They’re adding triclosan– a chemical that is known to cause SUPERBUGS.

    The problem with that is even though you’re not supposed to drink it, mouthwash inevitably makes it through your system via the mucosal membranes in your mouth or even down your esophagus.

    It’s unavoidable.

    And now, new research from Washington University in St. Louis shows triclosan allows more bacteria to survive – which helps it evolve resistances quicker.

    Ultimately, this leads to hardier strains of bacteria that can survive MOST antibacterial treatments.

    On other words, it may even be at the root cause of your UTI that just won’t go away…

    Or that sinus infection you just can’t seem to kick.

    So today, I’m going to let you in on a few natural remedies that give you the benefits of mouthwash—without letting your bacteria lift weights and put on superhero capes…

    Mouthwashes that actually WORK

    The key to having a clean-feeling mouth and non-offensive breath is still an anti-bacterial substance.

    But you need a natural solution – something that won’t allow bacteria to evolve into superbugs.

    Silver nanoparticles are among the most effective. If you have dentures, put a colloidal silver mouthwash at the top of your list. It’s been found to obliterate the three most common yeasts AND remove slimy biofilm.

    However, there aren’t many of these out there. You can find them on Amazon, some natural health stores, and niche sites like Etsy.

    Another option is to look for mouthwashes featuring tea tree oil and/or aloe vera. You’ll also find these on Etsy, but they’re far more prevalent on Amazon.

    Some even add peppermint essential oil so you get that minty fresh breath you love.

    If that’s still too difficult, reach for something you probably already have – coconut oil! Just swish it around your mouth for 30 seconds and spit it into your sink—it’s as easy as that!

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