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  1. This potent natural remedy SKYROCKETS colon cancer survival

    Colon cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancers in the United States...and the third most common 

    But there’s a simple addition that can drastically help put the odds in your favor... 

    It’s a POTENT would-be cure that’s been at the heart of a heated debate. 

    Now, a new study pits mainstream medicine’s recommendation against what holistic doctors endorse 

    I’ll give you my take today—and you’ll leave with a way to proclaim VICTORY over this nasty disease.  

    Claim victory with daily vitamin D  

    Officially, colon cancer is the second leading cause of death due to cancer. That’s why it’s so important to overcome this disease.  

    Your chances at survival increase dramatically if you’re diagnosed early.  

    But a lead researcher at the Yale Cancer Center felt there has to be a backup plan. That’s where this latest study comes in…  

    It’s the comparison of the “suggested” daily value of vitamin D… and 4,000 IU per day.  

    Now, it should be noted the IoM, Institute of Medicine, recently upgraded their suggested daily value to 600 IU for adults everyone between one and 70. At 71, it gets bumped up to 800 IU.  

    Either way, the trial sought to see if an increased dose of vitamin D could lead to a higher survival rate.  

    The study discovered the suggested daily dose isn’t anywhere near the correct level...  

    Patients with colon cancer taking 4,000 IUs of daily vitamin D had a 36 percent less risk of death and/or disease progression 

    Even worse for the lower vitamin D group, their vitamin D levels weren’t affected AT ALL – meaning taking 400 IUs of vitamin D does absolutely nothing for your health! 

    Four thousand IUs can be difficult to get from sunshine alone, so it’s best to take a vitamin D supplement; it also helps you keep track of exactly how much you’re getting. 

    And if you want to take a shot at a “mega dose” of D to beat back colon cancer, make sure to do so in the care of a doctor.   

  2. “Too old”?  Crystal clear vision is easier than you think

    Poor vision and old age go together like peanut butter and jelly—you almost never get one without the other.  

    Many consider it the most important sense.  

    You can get by with hearing aids…but once you get cataracts and your vision gets bad enough, the lights are out.  

    In fact, cataracts are the No. 1 cause of blindnessand you’re at a high risk the second you turn 40 

    These are simple facts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t TAKE ACTION. 

    By doing just two things, you can give yourself a good chance of having crystal clear vision until the day you die.  

    Leave cataracts in the dust 

    An international study just revealed you can SLASH your risk of cataracts by an astounding 50 percent if you just eat colorful fruits and vegetables 

    That means eagle-eyed vision and no need for surgery… just by eating better!  

    Any of them in your diet will help, so long as you regularly consume these types of food; however, the researchers found the following are the absolute BEST for cataract prevention—so really try to work them in: 

    • Citrus fruits (limes and lemons are better than oranges) 
    • Tomatoes 
    • Carrots
    • Dark leafy greens 

    But there’s one more item you need to mind: your blood sugar 

    There’s overwhelming support for a link between high blood sugar levels and cataracts.  

    So the first key is to DITCH all processed food and minimize your sugar intake 

    The ONLY sugar you should be getting comes from fruits, vegetables, and natural sweeteners like honey – in moderation, of course.  

    And for some extra insurance, take a bilberry supplement...  

    Bilberry contains anthocyanins (antioxidants from the berry’s color) that can lower blood sugar, help prevent damage to your retina, AND protect against cataracts!  

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