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  1. L-carnitine may reduce autism risk in kids

    Popular supplement may help slash autism risk

    It’s an emotional swing that can be so sudden and shocking that it will practically give you whiplash.

    You experience all the excitement and joy of adding a new baby or grandbaby to your family. And then, maybe just a year or two down the road, a doctor hits you with the news.

    The poor child has been diagnosed with autism.

    Autism rates have been skyrocketing over the past few decades, and the mainstream has barely done a thing about it. That’s because for years most doctors saw autism as something you deal with AFTER the fact – instead of trying to prevent it.

    But all that may be starting to change, thanks to some new research out of Texas A&M University. Because a new study proves that supplementing with a popular amino acid during pregnancy may actually stop autism before it develops.

    You see, autism has been linked to a genetic defect that can cause a serious deficiency in l-carnitine. You’ve probably heard a bit about the importance of l-carnitine for muscle and heart health – but it’s also essential for babies’ developing brains.

    In fact, in their study done on mice, researchers found that supplementing with l-carnitine during pregnancy may be able to offset deficiencies and help babies’ brains develop normally.

    And this isn’t the first study showing that l-carnitine can be a useful tool for fighting autism. Previous research found that regular l-carnitine supplements can help improve behavioral problems in autistic kids.

    The good news is that you can get plenty of l-carnitine in your diet from foods we all love, like meat and eggs.

    But supplementing with l-carnitine may be an easy way to help protect a developing baby from a debilitating condition like autism – before it’s too late.*

    *Reminder: Pregnant women should always discuss any supplements they’re taking with their doctors.

  2. HRT helps women fight off dementia

    Protect your precious memories with hormone replacement therapy

    Have you ever walked into the garage or kitchen – and then completely forgot why you went there in the first place?

    Or just wandered aimlessly around the parking lot after you couldn’t remember where you left your car?

    These little brain hiccups can be absolutely terrifying as we get older. We start to worry about dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and even losing our independence.

    If you want to do everything you can to protect your brain, there’s a simple therapy that can keep you mentally sharp and preserve your memories.

    And the sooner you get started, the better.

    New research out of Norway shows that starting a hormone replacement regimen can help increase the size of important parts of your brain and protect you against the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

    According to the study, women who took estrogen supplements before the start of menopause and for at least three years had better-preserved structure of the brain’s hippocampus region.

    That’s the part of the brain that stores memory and keeps you clear-headed and balanced. In Alzheimer’s, the hippocampus becomes damaged and causes memory loss and disorientation.

    The scientists found that women who underwent HRT therapy had hippocampus sizes that were 2 to 3 percent larger than the women who did not have the treatment.

    And, believe it or not, that’s enough to make a real difference.

    Now here’s the caveat: Some hormone replacement therapy CAN be bad for you. But those are the synthetic hormones sold by Big Pharma, produced from the urine of pregnant horses, and administered in doses that are 1,000 times more than your body can handle!

    That’s why I recommend natural bioidentical hormones to safely replace what your body lost. You see, bioidentical hormones closely copy nature by using natural molecules that match up with the receptors already found in your body, and in concentrations that your body would normally produce.

    If you’re interested in getting your hormone levels checked and replaced, the best way is to find a competent doctor who is skilled in natural medicine and can customize your therapy to match the needs of your body.

    To find a physician who is skilled in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, contact the American College for Advancement of Medicine at <ahref=”http://www.acam.org/”>www.acam.org or call their toll free number at 1-800-532-3688.

  3. Doctors oppose FDA closure of their uterine cancer chop shops

    Special interests are fighting back a year after the FDA stood up for women and discouraged the use of uterine cancer-spreading power morcellators.
  4. False-positive breast cancer tests put women at higher risks

    Mammograms don’t make any sense for you or your loved ones. But they make perfect sense for the cancer industry.
  5. Birth control pills may up cancer risk 310%!

    Some women taking birth control pills with high doses of estrogen saw their cancer risk triple.
  6. Stem cells cure incontinence without surgery

    Ladies were able to stop the embarrassing drips and dribbles and cure their urinary incontinence for good.
  7. Double mastectomy only boosts survival rate 1%

    Has some mainstream doc told you a double mastectomy could save your life? There's a 99% chance he's DEAD WRONG.
  8. Mammogram costs (and dangers) skyrocketing

    That annual mammogram is costing 42% more -- but all you're getting is more danger and less benefit in the bargain.
  9. Messed-up moms taking pregnancy tests in bars

    Alaska is stocking bar bathrooms with pregnancy tests in a desperate bid to keep knocked-up moms from drinking.
  10. Wacko scientists argue for tanning addiction

    Researchers say they have scientific evidence of indoor tanning addiction -- but the solution is still to "just say no."

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