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  1. A shot at a long life

    A shot at a long life

    By all accounts, the comedian George Burns had a great life. He lived to be 100 and spent his golden years eating junk food, smoking cheap cigars, drinking martinis, and playing bridge. I'm not too sure about the rest of it, but it looks like old George was on to something with his evening nightcaps. Researchers in England have confirmed that reasonable alcohol consumption can prolong your life.

    Doctors at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that alcohol consumption reduced the death rate in England and Wales by about 2 percent more than would be expected in a non-drinking population. (I didn't even know there was such a thing.) This is an impressive statistical finding. Of course, as with any piece of good news, this one comes with a quid pro quo. The benefits of drinking only favor men 55 years old or older and women 65 years or older.

    Don't get too enthusiastic about this. Three ounces of liquor a day would be pushing the limit of sobriety for most men. And women are more sensitive to alcohol than men, so ladies, you should limit yourselves to one glass of wine at lunch and two full glasses at dinner, maximum.

  2. Don't let the flu bugs bite

    Don't let the flu bugs bite

    A healthy immune system is more important now than ever before, particularly as we enter the cold and flu season. New research suggests that immune protection can be found in a simple, unexpected source, the elderberry.

    A study was conducted using a product made of black elderberry extract, called Sambucol, to determine its effect on the production of cytokines, which are small proteins that stimulate the immune system. Sambucol is believed to have antiviral effects, especially against different strains of the influenza virus.

    Results showed Sambucol to be effective against 10 different strains of the virus. It also reduced the length of illness down to just three or four days.

    Sambucol is available in the United States from several distributors such as Nature's Way. You can reach them at (801)489-1500 or www.naturesway.com.

  3. B to be heart disease free

    A study done at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine has finally caught on to the truth about hormones and heart disease; that "women should not use estrogen replacement therapy as an effective treatment for heart disease."
  4. Dieting? Not so fast!

    Starvation is not healthy and it promotes a bulimic pattern that can get you into serious trouble.
  5. Mammograms: Pressing the issue

    "It seems clear that the widespread use of a marketing approach to telling women about mammography screening has led to an exaggerated idea of the method's effectiveness."
  6. Now is that OB or SOB?

    Doctors who ignore their patients' requests and refusals and force them into procedures they don't want, and many times don't need.
  7. A dangerous squeeze

    For many years, I have been saying that people are misled by the false paradigm of "early detection of cancer leads to a cure." This mantra has been especially touted for breast cancer, with women being urged to get mammograms early and often.

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