1. This joint is jumpin'

    This joint is jumpin'

    I couldn't believe what I was reading in the Lancet, the world's best medical journal!

    The truly momentous finding of studies done at the University of Liege, Belgium, was that the combination of perfectly safe over-the-counter nutritional products, glucosamine sulfate (a synthetic version of one of the body's natural cartilage-builders) and chondroitin, not only relieved the pain of the condition (unlike the expensive and unsafe prescription products, which do little) but, on X-ray, revealed healing, that is, a reversal of the calcification of the joints.

    "This provides reasonably compelling evidence that [glucosamine] improves the disease," said Dr. Jack Klippel, medical director of the American Arthritis Foundation. "This will lead to greater acceptance of glucosamine as a reasonable and safe treatment for osteoarthritis."

    By the age of 70, almost everyone has osteoarthritis to some extent. Osteoarthritis is a painful degenerative joint disease that affects the small joints in the fingers, knees, hips, and back. The neck may also be affected, which can be severely debilitating. This form of arthritis is characterized by much less inflammation and swelling of the joints than rheumatoid arthritis but with more calcification. It is often worse than it appears on examination, but rarely as bad as rheumatoid arthritis.

    We'll see if the rheumatologists get the message. (I can see the headline now: HEALTH FOOD STORES DRIVING RHEUMATOLOGISTS OUT OF BUSINESS. And the subhead: "Joint specialists urge the FDA to make arthritis herbals prescription-only -- for the safety and welfare of the patients.")

    Look for more on arthritis pain relief in the October issue of Real Health.

    A shot in the arm for common sense

    It's high time vaccinologists were held accountable for their horrendous record of death and maiming. The three greatest vaccination scandals, which should have been enough to have brought about the hanging of a pediatrician or a public health official from every lamp post in America, has caused hardly a ripple.

    You may have heard about the near mutiny in the military, primarily (and ironically) in the officer ranks, over the anthrax vaccine. At the risk of court marshal, personnel were refusing to submit to the shots, even after a direct order, which is the ultimate military weapon for compliance. It got so serious that the military and federal vaccine officials suddenly discovered that they had "run out" of vaccine! This is the closest that we have come to an armed revolt over the vaccine issue.

    Another vaccine disaster is the brain tumor epidemic now raging here and worldwide. For years, American children were injected with a polio vaccine contaminated by a monkey disease called Simian Virus 40 (SV 40). This virus was known to cause brain tumors in experimental animals. But, for years, the doctors continued to give the vaccine to children even though they knew it was contaminated.

    The only way the commissariat in Washington can prevent a national mutiny is by their control of the press. The American press keeps a tight lid on the vaccine scandals because the discovery of these crimes by the people could completely discredit the government as well as American medicine.

    Be careful and ask questions. A little bit of research into a doctor-prescribed vaccination can go a long way in protecting your health.

  2. Zap! Your food is safe

    Zap! Your food is safe

    You hear a lot about food safety during the warmer months. Although not widely used, irradiation is the most effective way to protect almost all foods. Even the FDA and the Department of Agriculture approve, but most consumers are still uneasy. If you ask the average consumer his opinion, he will most likely answer that "It kills a lot of good things along with the bad things." I agree with that, and you must decide for yourself if it is worth the trade-off for the benefits of irradiation. These benefits include less illness (if that indeed is proved to be true); less spoilage, which means longer shelf life; and, consequently, cheaper food.

    Of course, there are some problems with irradiation. If irradiated food is subsequently mishandled, and that is usually the source of the problem, and becomes contaminated with a disease-causing organism, the food will lack the competing beneficial organisms that could otherwise inhibit its growth. This is comparable to the situation in your intestine. There are trillions of bacteria in your gut, but they are friendly agents when in that environment. If you were to irradiate your gut, you would kill these organisms and there would be a foreign invasion that would probably kill you. Another problem with irradiation is that unscrupulous operators may take spoiled food, bought very cheaply, irradiate it, and resell it as fresh.

    It's not an easy decision, and you should have a choice.

    Until food irradiation becomes more common, hydrogen peroxide is an excellent rinse for fruits and vegetables. Use the drug-store/supermarket variety, which contains 3 percent. Soak the fruits and vegetables for 20 minutes (scrub vegetables, such as potatoes, with a brush and then do the soak), rinse, and cook. Cooked or raw, the food will not taste like peroxide.

    If you store all fresh meats in the freezer for 24 hours, any parasites will be killed. Although presence of parasites is very rare in U.S. meat, it can happen.

    Needled by the government, again!

    A friend of mine owns a small restaurant in Florida. He told me recently that the state is seriously considering mandatory hepatitis A vaccinations for all restaurant workers.

    This is another one of those situations where the drug industry and the government, this time state government, are attempting to violate your body with an injection that is unproven and unnecessary. At $85 a shot, their motivation is obvious.

    Hepatitis A is a benign liver inflammation caught from fecal/oral transmission, meaning from people with unclean habits. Restaurants are blamed for most cases but that is hard to prove since the incubation period is about 30 days. Most people can't remember what or where they ate last week, much less a month ago.

    Although the word "hepatitis" strikes fear into the heart of any informed person, hepatitis A is completely benign. There is no carrier state; there is no chronic infection potential; it is a mild disease; you will be completely well in a week to 10 days and then have lifetime immunity. There is no treatment because there is nothing to treat. By the time the diagnosis is made, assuming you were even sick enough to go to a doctor, you are well.

    What next? An injection for halitosis? A shot for B.O.? Why don't they make a vaccine that will make us immune from bureaucratic meddlers?

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