1. Government to throw poor smokers on the streets

    Missouri smokers' rights in flames

    Remember when all you needed to hold your pack of smokes was a shirt pocket? Now, with cigarette prices hitting $10 in some states, you're better off keeping them under lock and key.

    With greedy politicians taxing the tar out of cigarettes, you've probably felt too poor to smoke for years. And that's right where our nanny state government wants you.

    Because in cities across America, Big Brother is rolling out a dangerous social experiment in his pathetic war on tobacco -- and America's poorest families are about to become collateral damage.

    Kansas City has become the latest city to threaten to throw low-income families out on the street for smoking in government subsidized housing. The 40% of subsidized housing residents who smoke have until July 1 to quit -- or they'll be trading their warm, cozy apartments for a park bench and a garbage can fire.

    No matter how you feel about subsidized housing, remember that we're talking about senior citizens (many of them vets!) and families with kids here, and they could be weeks from homelessness, because in this propaganda-filled, anti-tobacco country we're living in, only non-smokers have rights.

    What's next, friend? Brainwashed bureaucrats sifting through trash cans, on the hunt for ashes? Tobacco sniffing dogs patrolling apartment hallways? Meanwhile, we're depriving Americans of healthy tobacco, like fresh cigars, that can keep your brain sharp and even ward off painful joint replacement surgery.

    But the health benefits of smoking are beside the point. This is about personal liberty. This is about your freedom to make an adult choice IN YOUR OWN HOME!

    And more and more, it's about your rights going up in smoke.

  2. Government pushes major retailers to stop selling tobacco

    Big Government thugs harassing tobacco retailers

    It's 3 a.m. and you're waiting in an alley in a long trench coat. Suddenly, a dark figure steps out of the shadows, presses a small package firmly in your hands, and quickly disappears.

    No, he didn't hand you a baggie of heroin. It wasn't a stolen handgun either.

    It was a pack of Marlboros! And if that sounds crazy to you... if you don't think you should have to sneak around like a criminal to exercise your RIGHT to smoke... you'd better start making noise before it's too late.

    More than two dozen states have sent official letters to pharmacy retailers Rite Aid, Walgreen, Kroger, Safeway and Walmart asking them to stop selling tobacco forever. These same Big Government thugs who have been attacking your right to light up for years now want to tell PRIVATE businesses what they can sell.

    And it's all because these nanny-state liberals smell blood in the water. A few weeks back, CVS caved to their pressure and announced it would pull tobacco products next year. Their CEO even hopped on his soapbox and claimed tobacco was no longer compatible with the chain's health focus.

    Oh please spare me. If there's ever a Hypocrite Olympics, CVS will take home the gold. This is the same company that offers coupons and money-back rebates on hard alcohol... the same company that has made BILLIONS hawking prescription drugs that have been linked to the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

    And you can bet your bottom dollar that you'll still be able to stroll into any CVS store across America and buy all the vodka, Oxycontin, and super-sized bags of candy you can carry.

    Uncle Sam's move to yank tobacco out of pharmacies doesn't have a darned thing to do with your health. It's a groin shot to the entire tobacco industry that will threaten its very right to exist.

    Tobacco companies sell $2 billion worth of their product every year through CVS -- and you'd better believe that's a drop in the bucket next to Walmart.

    Listen, I'd rather put a toilet-handle in my mouth than a cigarette, because who wants to smoke burning paper? And don't even get me started on the chemicals you could be sucking down. But I DO smoke delicious all-tobacco cigars every single day, and the tobacco and nicotine help me fight everything from heart disease to cognitive decline.

    But that's entirely beside the point, isn't it? Because, in this country of all places, you ought to be able to follow the old maxim "smoke 'em if you got 'em" without worrying about some government goon looking over your shoulder while you do.

    So the next time you're in one of these pharmacy retailers Big Government is targeting, walk right up to the counter and buy your tobacco product of choice. And make sure you let the manager know that the day they stop doing business with tobacco companies, they're done doing business with you, too.

  3. Second-hand smoking study belongs in the ash can

    The anti-smoking crowd is blowing pure smoke with a new "study" claiming your parents' second-hand smoke could thicken your arteries decades later.
  4. Longer (and better) living through tobacco

    Can you really add years to your life by lighting up? While anti-tobacco activists are crowing about global smoking rates, they're refusing to admit that countries that out-smoke us outlive us, too.
  5. Government's war on tobacco goes one step further

    The feds are finally admitting that they want to wipe out every last tobacco product from sea to shining sea. But here's something they won't tell you -- a daily dose of tobacco can ward off Alzheimer's and keep your joints limber and pain-free!
  6. Nicotine-laced vegetables slash Parkinson's risk

    Nicotine can lower your risk of Parkinson's disease, and tobacco isn't the only way to get it. Some vegetables also contain nicotine.
  7. Nicotine grows new blood cells

    In studies on mice, nicotine helped to release the adult stem cells needed for new blood vessel growth.
  8. New Nanny State assault on smokers

    Under a new Nanny State plan in Oregon, smokers would have to see a doctor to get a prescription for tobacco.
  9. A license to smoke?

    Under a new proposal from the 'health police,' smokers would be required to get a license that would allow them to smoke and limit their cigarette purchases.
  10. The real story behind Chantix safety

    A new study claims the antismoking drug Chantix is safe -- but don't believe it. It's one of the most dangerous meds ever approved.

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