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Government to throw poor smokers on the streets

Missouri smokers’ rights in flames

Remember when all you needed to hold your pack of smokes was a shirt pocket? Now, with cigarette prices hitting $10 in some states, you’re better off keeping them under lock and key.

With greedy politicians taxing the tar out of cigarettes, you’ve probably felt too poor to smoke for years. And that’s right where our nanny state government wants you.

Because in cities across America, Big Brother is rolling out a dangerous social experiment in his pathetic war on tobacco — and America’s poorest families are about to become collateral damage.

Kansas City has become the latest city to threaten to throw low-income families out on the street for smoking in government subsidized housing. The 40% of subsidized housing residents who smoke have until July 1 to quit — or they’ll be trading their warm, cozy apartments for a park bench and a garbage can fire.

No matter how you feel about subsidized housing, remember that we’re talking about senior citizens (many of them vets!) and families with kids here, and they could be weeks from homelessness, because in this propaganda-filled, anti-tobacco country we’re living in, only non-smokers have rights.

What’s next, friend? Brainwashed bureaucrats sifting through trash cans, on the hunt for ashes? Tobacco sniffing dogs patrolling apartment hallways? Meanwhile, we’re depriving Americans of healthy tobacco, like fresh cigars, that can keep your brain sharp and even ward off painful joint replacement surgery.

But the health benefits of smoking are beside the point. This is about personal liberty. This is about your freedom to make an adult choice IN YOUR OWN HOME!

And more and more, it’s about your rights going up in smoke.

Government pushes major retailers to stop selling tobacco

Big Government thugs harassing tobacco retailers

It’s 3 a.m. and you’re waiting in an alley in a long trench coat. Suddenly, a dark figure steps out of the shadows, presses a small package firmly in your hands, and quickly disappears.

No, he didn’t hand you a baggie of heroin. It wasn’t a stolen handgun either.

It was a pack of Marlboros! And if that sounds crazy to you… if you don’t think you should have to sneak around like a criminal to exercise your RIGHT to smoke… you’d better start making noise before it’s too late.

More than two dozen states have sent official letters to pharmacy retailers Rite Aid, Walgreen, Kroger, Safeway and Walmart asking them to stop selling tobacco forever. These same Big Government thugs who have been attacking your right to light up for years now want to tell PRIVATE businesses what they can sell.

And it’s all because these nanny-state liberals smell blood in the water. A few weeks back, CVS caved to their pressure and announced it would pull tobacco products next year. Their CEO even hopped on his soapbox and claimed tobacco was no longer compatible with the chain’s health focus.

Oh please spare me. If there’s ever a Hypocrite Olympics, CVS will take home the gold. This is the same company that offers coupons and money-back rebates on hard alcohol… the same company that has made BILLIONS hawking prescription drugs that have been linked to the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll still be able to stroll into any CVS store across America and buy all the vodka, Oxycontin, and super-sized bags of candy you can carry.

Uncle Sam’s move to yank tobacco out of pharmacies doesn’t have a darned thing to do with your health. It’s a groin shot to the entire tobacco industry that will threaten its very right to exist.

Tobacco companies sell $2 billion worth of their product every year through CVS — and you’d better believe that’s a drop in the bucket next to Walmart.

Listen, I’d rather put a toilet-handle in my mouth than a cigarette, because who wants to smoke burning paper? And don’t even get me started on the chemicals you could be sucking down. But I DO smoke delicious all-tobacco cigars every single day, and the tobacco and nicotine help me fight everything from heart disease to cognitive decline.

But that’s entirely beside the point, isn’t it? Because, in this country of all places, you ought to be able to follow the old maxim “smoke ’em if you got ’em” without worrying about some government goon looking over your shoulder while you do.

So the next time you’re in one of these pharmacy retailers Big Government is targeting, walk right up to the counter and buy your tobacco product of choice. And make sure you let the manager know that the day they stop doing business with tobacco companies, they’re done doing business with you, too.

Second-hand smoking study belongs in the ash can

Good science goes up in smoke

For a group of freedom haters who won’t be happy until they’ve wiped every last tobacco product off the face of planet earth, there’s one thing I can’t help noticing about anti-tobacco activists.

They sure blow a lot of smoke.

These professional whiners have used decades of lies and manipulated science to convince half the poor saps in this country that if they catch so much as a whiff of tobacco smoke, they’re headed straight for a chemo drip.

But now these fume fighters have sunk to a new low.

In a study that would be more at home in a comedy show than a medical journal, a group of scientists claim that kids who grow up in homes where both parents smoke may experience a slight thickening of their artery walls — DECADES LATER!

They want us to believe that the Virginia Slim your mom smoked at the dinner table when you were a kid turned into a time bomb hiding inside your body, waiting to explode 40 years down the road. Are you kidding me?

Is there ANY problem that these nonsense-peddlers won’t stoop to blaming on smoking? Suffering with a broken heart? Have a headache from your neighbor’s dog barking too loud? Blame the Marlboro Man!

Face it, your arteries aren’t thickening because mom and dad smoked — they’re thickening because you eat garbage! And that makes perfect sense to everyone except the nutjobs who look at the world through tobacco-tinted glasses.

So the next time you light up and one of these crazies gives you a dirty look, relax — the smoke coming out of your mouth doesn’t smell half as bad as the crap coming out of theirs.

Smoke ’em if you got ’em,

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

Longer (and better) living through tobacco

Decades of anti-tobacco lies go up in smoke

French may be the language of love, but it’s how it’s spoken that’s gets me hot and bothered — between long puffs of delicious, sweet-smelling tobacco. The French adore their smokes, and it’s a proven fact that the average Parisian gal can sing the national anthem backwards without the cigarette falling out of her mouth.

That’s irresistible to me, but share that opinion with anyone in the American mainstream and they’ll have you fitted for a straightjacket faster than you can say “Excusez-moi.” That’s because these anti-tobacco nutjobs are hell bent on taking their war on smoking global — and if you want proof, just check out the ridiculous media reaction to a recent report on global smoking rates.

The World Health Organization released a study on smoking rates by country, and the predictable anti-tobacco media bomb exploded worldwide. These brain dead reporters saved most of their venom for France, where about one-third of adults smoke — that’s about twice the smoking rate in the good old U.S. of A.

Oh, the outcry! Media outlets around the world blasted the French government for not stepping in, and even wondered if the “rebellious” French have a secret death wish! You would have thought the streets of Bordeaux were littered with the bodies of cancer-stricken mimes, coughing up chunks of baguette into their berets.

I haven’t seen the world so worried about France since the SS were goose stepping through the Arc de Triomphe!

But here’s something those raving reporters forgot to mention, and that the average health nut would rather bite off his own tongue than admit. The French outlive us on average by THREE YEARS! That’s right, these French are puffing away like coal-powered freight trains, and their life expectancy is three years longer than ours.

And that’s no anomaly. The U.S. is 35th in the world for life expectancy, and 86% of the countries that outlive us smoke more than we do. That’s a FACT, but don’t sit around waiting for the brainwashed media to admit it.

You can fool the media, and you can fool the population — but you can’t fool science and Mother Nature. And the science has shown us again and again that the nicotine in tobacco can help keep your brain sharp and could even help you ward off painful joint surgeries that are often the first step towards the grave for many older folks.

I’ve been smoking pure tobacco cigars for years, and I recommend them to anyone who will listen. If you want to keep your body and brain humming along well into your golden years, follow this short prescription, courtesy of the French.

Puff away, s’il vous plait.

Government’s war on tobacco goes one step further

Uncle Sam is blowing smoke in the war on tobacco

Uncle Sam has made it clearer than ever that he won’t rest until he’s wiped out every last tobacco product from sea to shining sea. And once he does, life won’t be worth living any more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just announced that the smoking rate in America has plunged to an anemic 18% — one of the lowest rates in the developed world.

And this is what they wanted, right? They’ve taxed the bejeezus out of tobacco until you practically need a credit check to buy a pack of Lucky Strikes. They slashed the smoking rate by nearly 60% in a generation, slashing THOUSANDS of American jobs right along with it.

But, like a rookie poker player, Uncle Sam has shown all his cards. He’s come right out and admitted he wants to eliminate your right to smoke entirely. During the same week the CDC data was released, Obama’s health secretary called for renewed attacks on the tobacco industry, saying she wanted the next generation to be completely “tobacco free.”

You know, as in a smoking rate of zero. Maybe she should tell that to her boss, who spent his first term puffing away in the Oval Office. Meanwhile, anti-tobacco activists are calling for even higher taxes on tobacco. Get ready for that $20 pack of smokes!

Remember when those nanny-state anti-tobacco activists swore that they weren’t going after your right to smoke? Remember how they swore all they cared about was seven-year-old, pigtailed Suzie and her right to go out to eat without seeing a grown man smoking eight tables away?

Well, you know what that was? Let me give you a hint — it starts with bull and ends with pucky.

But you can’t even point that out these days without some leftist lecturing you about the dangers of smoking. Well, tell your hippy friends to put down their trail mix, and dig in to every major study on tobacco over the past 60 years (as I have). When they’re done they’ll have to call me and every smoker they know to apologize.

The fact is, tobacco is one of the healthiest plants to ever sprout from God’s great green Earth. Did you know that tobacco may help you ward off Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s? Or that it could even help keep you from needing a joint replacement?

But you won’t hear that from Uncle Sam or the anti-tobacco groups spending MILLIONS on taking yet another one of your rights away. But you’ll hear it right here, because there are only two things you’ll ever find me lobbying for — truth and sanity.

Nicotine-laced vegetables slash Parkinson’s risk

Peppers and tomatoes are good for the brain

Want to see your doctor dance? Ask him how you can slash your risk of Parkinson’s disease.

He’ll dance around the question like Fred Astaire!

That’s because he knows the answer — he knows the name of the one substance that’s proven to protect the brain from this life-wrecking disease — but there’s not a chance in heck he’ll say it out loud.

That’s because the substance is nicotine. Yes, THAT nicotine — the kind found in tobacco.

Of course, researchers are like your doctor — they’d rather not talk about that, either, so they focus on just about everything else.

In one new study, researchers looked at the role of diet in Parkinson’s and found that vegetables overall won’t do much to lower your risk. But some veggies did offer some mild protection, like peppers and tomatoes.

Turns out all of the veggies that lowered the risk were part of the Solanaceae family.

Want to know what else is part of the Solanaceae family? Tobacco!

Peppers and tomatoes don’t have nearly as much nicotine as tobacco, so they of course don’t provide nearly as much protection. If you want that, you’re going to have to ignore your doctor’s howls and light one up.

I recommend a quality cigar after meals. Take the smoke into your mouth, not into your lungs (real cigar aficionados make like Slick Willie and don’t inhale) and your cheeks will absorb all the healthy compounds.

Along with lowering your risk of Parkinson’s, a healthy tobacco habit can protect against dementia, heart disease, and even some forms of cancer.

Not what you’ve heard? Of course it isn’t — but it’s TRUE, and I’ve got the politically incorrect science to back me up. Click here to learn how you can get all the details.

Nicotine grows new blood cells

Another benefit of smoking

Have a wound that won’t heal? Pain that won’t go away? Want to get some blood flowing to the parts of the body that need it most?

Then light up!

A new study on mice shows that nicotine — yes THAT nicotine — can help grow the new blood vessels needed to relieve all those conditions and more by stimulating the release of critical adult stem cells.

These are the EPC cells that are released into the bloodstream from bone marrow… a process that, when it happens naturally, can take months or even years in humans.

But in the study on mice, it happened after just two weeks of nicotine use.

This could have enormous implications for human health for any condition that requires new blood vessel growth — if only someone had the guts to actually turn these experiments on mice into studies on humans.

I’ll bet you a quality cigar that you won’t see that anytime soon.

Nope… that just wouldn’t be politically correct.

Fact is, tobacco in general and nicotine in particular have been wrongly demonized. Nicotine has been shown to help the brain and fight dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

It may also relieve arthritis, help protect the heart, and possibly even PREVENT some cancers.

Any negative health effects due to smoking — if there even are any — are more likely to be caused by the chemicals added to cigarettes by Big Tobacco, not the tobacco itself. That’s why the best way to get your healthy nicotine fix is by smoking a natural quality cigar each day.

Don’t inhale; your cheeks will absorb everything you need.

I know that might sound downright suicidal if you’ve been raised on the anti-tobacco propaganda machine of recent generations — but I’ve got the forbidden science to back me up on this, and you can read all about how to get your hands on the tobacco truth right here.

New Nanny State assault on smokers

Oregon wants to turn tobacco into prescription drugs

Prescription cigarettes????

Sounds crazy, but the latest Nanny State assault on innocent smokers is a push to turn tobacco into a Schedule III controlled substance in Oregon. That would make it illegal to possess or distribute tobacco without a doctor’s prescription.

But if you think that’s going to cut down on cigarette use, you must be smoking something other than tobacco.

All the plan will REALLY do is burden society in the places we can least afford it: medicine and police.

Already, it’s next to impossible to get a doctor’s appointment in many places — something that will get WORSE as Obamacare kicks in. But if you think it’s hard now, wait ’til you have to wait in line behind a bunch of smokers who need to renew their prescriptions.

Of course, smokers won’t want to wait in those lines either — especially if they know there’s a chance their doctor will say no (as you can bet plenty of them will, especially if they want to keep their jobs).

So enter the new black market — and if you think doctors are overworked, wait ’til you see what that does to police forces.

But the real problem with this latest Nanny State nonsense isn’t police or doctors, and it’s not just the fact that they’re making it harder for you to get your smokes.

It’s that once you get a prescription for cigarettes, you’ll be placed in some government database. They will know your name and where you live. They will know that you smoke, and even how much you smoke.

And yes, that information can and will come back to haunt you in the Nanny State.

If you live in Oregon, whether you smoke or not, make sure your lawmakers know you’re against this and every other intrusion on your personal rights. And if you don’t live in Oregon, be vigilant — because you can bet Nanny Staters everywhere are already cooking up their own prescription tobacco schemes.

PS: You won’t hear this from the Nanny State, but did you know that tobacco use can actually be healthy? That’s right… HEALTHY! For more on how to get the full uncensored science on how tobacco can protect the brain, improve the heart, and even PREVENT cancer, read this.

A license to smoke?

Big Brother’s new plan to watch smokers

The health police are at it again — and smokers, you can already guess who they’re after.

It’s always you, isn’t it?

For once, they’re not after yet another tax, and they’re not even looking to place new limits on the places where you can light up. How could they at this point? Some people can’t even smoke in their own homes anymore!

But don’t exhale yet… because the newest proposal is the most sinister yet. It doesn’t regulate the tobacco itself. It regulates YOU!

Under the plan being pushed by two tobacco-hating “experts” in PLoS Medicine, smokers would have to apply to the government for a license to exist.

We’re not just talking about a slip of paper or an ID card here. They want smokers to carry a high-tech “smart” card that would track when and where you buy smokes and then cut you off when you reach your government-designated limit.

You know what that’ll do, right? It won’t stop a committed smoker from smoking — it’ll just create a huge black market for tobacco products.

And don’t think for a minute that it ends there. Once you get a government file with your name on it, you can bet your official state-recognized status as a smoker can and will be used against you in everything from housing to employment to insurance.

Don’t kick back and relax if you’re not a smoker yourself, because if Big Brother gets away with this now, they’ll come after your habits next. You can bet New York’s nanny mayor, Mike Bloomberg, is already wondering if he can require licenses and smart cards for the purchase of soda, salt, and fatty foods.

So the time to act is now. When you hear of proposals like this one — whether it’s today, tomorrow or next year — don’t waste time. Speak up, and let Big Brother know you’re watching HIM.

PS: Tobacco is demonized, but did you know it could actually be GOOD for you? It’s true! Tobacco can actually help protect the heart and brain and may even PREVENT some forms of cancer — and I’ve got the forbidden science that proves it right here.

The real story behind Chantix safety

Antismoking drug is still the most dangerous way to quit

Forget everything you’ve heard about Chantix, the drug given to “reprogram” smokers. Forget the notorious link to suicide, violence, or both. You can even forget the tabloid headlines over the Pennsylvania murder-suicide blamed on the drug.

What’s an occasional murder-suicide between friends anyway?

So forget all that, because researchers want you to know this drug is perfectly safe — so safe that even depressed people can take it.

Well… as long as they’re not TOO depressed!

You see, the new study of 525 depressed people given either Chantix or a placebo found no difference in any major psychiatric scores — including scores used to measure risks of suicide, anxiety, impulsiveness, and depression.

But it actually EXCLUDED the very people who have the highest risk in the first place by eliminating anyone who already showed even a hint of a suicidal thought.

Nice trick… and that’s not mentioned in the glowing media coverage of the study, so of course depressed people who really are at risk for suicide might think the drug is safe for them.

And that could be the last mistake they ever make.

For my money, the study doesn’t even prove the suicide risk for everyone else isn’t real because it’s too small to pick up on rare risks. But just because a risk is rare doesn’t mean it’s not real.

So here’s the REAL deal on Chantix: People who take this drug are EIGHT TIMES more likely to attempt or succeed at suicide or battle major depression than smokers who try any other anti-smoking treatment, according to one major analysis.


That same analysis found Chantix involved in 90 percent of all suicides among people trying to quit over a 12-year period –and get this: The drug was only on the market for four of those years.

Do you really want to take your chances with numbers like those? Of course not — so I’ve got a better option.

Don’t let the fake coughs, dirty looks, and outright bullying get to you. If you want to smoke, puff away. Despite what you’ve heard there are actual health benefits to tobacco — and I’m not just blowing smoke. For more details about the “forbidden science” the PC crowd is trying to cover up, read this.