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  1. The hormone that'll save your heart

    Why testosterone isn't just for men

    The moment I write the word "testosterone," I can sense all my female readers skipping ahead to the next story.

    Do so at your own risk because the so-called manly hormone isn't just for male sexual health and sports cheats. EVERYONE needs it -- and a new study proves what I've been saying all along: It's positively critical for heart health.

    Some 200 patients battling heart failure were given either testosterone supplementation (via patches, gels, or injections) or a placebo for between 12 weeks and a year.

    Those who got the hormones were able to walk 50 percent further -- 177 extra feet on average -- and had higher levels of oxygen in their bodies during a six-minute walking test when compared to those on the placebo.

    I realize that 177 feet may not sound like much if you've never suffered a serious heart problem before. But trust me, for someone recovering from heart failure it's a world of difference.

    It can be the difference between getting out and staying in. And who the heck wants to stay in?

    Although most of the patients in the study were men, researchers say it's pretty obvious the benefits extend to women.

    No kidding.

    I was prescribing testosterone supplementation for women probably before those researchers were even born, because the benefits in men and women alike go way beyond 177 extra feet of walking power.

    Just don't wait for the heart to fail to boost your own levels of the hormone -- because testosterone can help prevent heart problems from happening in the first place. Since testosterone also helps keep blood flowing, it can ward off strokes as well.

    And if you're a lady, here's a couple more reasons to make sure you've got enough: Testosterone can keep osteoporosis at bay and even prevent breast cancer.

    Women need levels between 50 and 100 nanograms per cc. Don't go any higher; this stuff will literally put hair on your chest if you do. Gents, you need about 10 times as much -- for your heart and, of course, "down there."

    A doc who knows his hormones can get you sorted out and back on track no matter if you're a man or a woman.

  2. Obesity kills sperm

    Obesity is like a natural contraceptive. Not only does it make you less attractive to the opposite sex, but men with bulging bellies also make less sperm.

    And in plenty of cases, they make none at all.

    It's been proven before, and now it's proven again as French researchers say their analysis of 14 studies shows that as waistlines grow, sperm counts shrink.

    Those 14 studies involved a combined 10,000 men -- men of different sizes and shapes, all of whom provided ejaculatory samples for comparison. (Side note: Pity the life of a poor research assistant.)

    They found that about a quarter of all men have low sperm counts, and that obese men are 42 percent more likely to be among them than normal-weight men.

    Even more frightening, the obese are 81 percent more likely to make no sperm at all.

    Overweight men, guys who haven't reached the obese zone yet, were 11 percent and 39 percent more likely than the normal weight guys to have low or no sperm -- but let's face reality here: If you're badly overweight, you're probably in no condition to be "doing it" anyway.

    All that huffing and puffing makes sex more work than pleasure, and possibly dangerous work at that. And that's even assuming you can get it up in the first place, because obesity kills erections.

    That's because extra body fat has the unique ability to turn testosterone into estrogen, and once that excess estrogen starts flowing through a man's body he may as well start knitting -- because he's not nearly as much of a man as he used to be.

    Want to avoid all that? Then lose the pounds now.

  3. Virginia is for mandates

    Parents have spoken loud and clear: They don't want dangerous HPV vaccinations forced on their daughters. Even the most ardent pro-vaccine moms and dads have been refusing Merck's Gardasil shot, and I say good for them.
  4. Little kids given gender-bending treatments

    Yet parents of kids going through some classic gender confusion are doing just that. Instead of shrugging, rolling their eyes, and letting it pass -- and it WILL pass -- they're not only encouraging it... they're letting the kid dress and live as the opposite gender.
  5. Sex, lies and... celery?

    The fastest way to ruin your sex life is with a vegan diet, and that's the truth. But the bunny-huggers at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want you to believe that beans, sprouts, and soy will turn you into some kind of sexual superhero.
  6. Don't trust new Gardasil 'study'

    You'd have to be on the Merck payroll to believe the company's dangerous HPV vaccine is actually safe. And sure enough, the latest study to make that claim was funded by none other than Merck itself.
  7. Older women still want sex

    Too old for sex??? No such thing -- yet that's what seniors are told every day, especially women.
  8. Beat menopause AND boost your sex life

    Take this "recent discovery" for example: A key adrenal hormone can help beat menopause and boost sexual wellbeing and satisfaction in women. That's great news...but it's certainly not new. I told you all about this hormone way back in July 2002 and again in February 2009.
  9. Jane Fonda's secret helper

    I wouldn't be caught dead reading Jane Fonda's new book -- but it sounds like she's ripped a page or two right out of mine. Hanoi Jane has been making headlines for admitting that the wild septuagenarian sex she's been bragging about was actually fueled by testosterone supplements.
  10. Off-label med linked to orgasm disorder

    The orgasm-robbing condition is called anorgasmia, and researchers say older patients who take gabapentin (aka Neurontin) may be getting hit with it at a much higher rate than ever reported -- in part because docs never bother to ask seniors about sexual side effects.

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