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  1. Boost your libido with this easy fix

    Give yourself a lift with testosterone shots

    You want to know what separates the boys from the girls? It's testosterone -- and our national strategic reserves of this critical "manly hormone" are running lower than ever.

    This shortage has led to a generation of wimpy, weepy, girlie-men -- and, let's face facts here, most of these "ladettes" are probably perfectly happy prancing around because they never knew what it was like to be a real man in the first place.

    Well, ignorance is bliss -- for them.

    For REAL men, however, the libido problems that accompany even normal dips in testosterone can be the ultimate humiliation -- but you don't have to sit there and let nature take her toll.

    You can get your mojo back and improve your overall health at the same time -- and all you need is a boost in the very same testosterone that's been leaking out of you.

    In one new study of men with low testosterone, 64 percent suffered from libido problems at the start -- but after a series of five hormone injections, that number plunged to just 10 percent.

    With success like that, it's easy to see why these men also enjoyed big-time improvements in mood, too. I bet you couldn't wipe the smiles off their faces!

    And if that's not enough, they also had significant boosts in overall fitness levels as well as the ability to concentrate -- and even shaved an average of an inch off the old waistline.

    The new study was on men who were clinically deficient in testosterone, but the researchers believe they'd see similar results in men who are merely on the low side of normal.

    Isn't this what I've been saying all along here?

    Don't wait for yet another study to prove me right on this, men. If you're past middle age, your testosterone levels are falling each year. It's just a fact of life -- and by the time you reach your golden years, you're literally half the man you used to be.

    A naturopathic physician can check your levels and top you off with a series of injections of your own. I suggest one of the experienced members of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

  2. How soy ruins sex

    Veg-heavy diet won't lead to hot monkey love

    A bunch of monkeys had sex after eating some leaves that are similar to soy, and PETA is ready to turn tofu into the next Viagra.

    But eating greens won't turn you into the Hulk in bed. In fact, a plant-based diet like the one given to these monkeys is more likely to turn you into Batman's girly sidekick.

    That's because soy and soy-like plants -- including the one given to monkeys in the new study -- are rich in estrogen, a female sex hormone that can make human men fat, lazy, and weak where it counts.

    And it didn't do the monkeys any favors, either.

    See, the veg-heads stopped reading right after the part where it said the monkeys were seen having more sex. But the research didn't end there -- because it turns out these creatures picked up a couple of other habits.

    First, they stopped grooming themselves. And second, they got more aggressive, and engaged in more chasing and more fighting.

    In other words, they were dirty, angry, and violent. In humans, that might lead to more sex all right -- in prison!

    This is a best-case scenario, mind you -- because other studies on primates have found even more problems with plant-based estrogens. Monkeys that eat the stuff have shown isolation, anxiety, less physical contact, and reproductive problems.

    Think it's any better in humans? Just take a look around. There's soy in practically everything these days, and men are less able to "do it" than ever -- which is why sex meds are such hot sellers.

    But forget those dangerous penis pills. If you want a better sex life, there are foods that can help -- they're just not vegetables. Start by eliminating soy and other plant forms of estrogen from your diet completely.

    Then, boost your intake of the proteins and minerals found in meats and seafood, especially shellfish (there's a reason oysters have been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries).

    And if you're still having problems getting busy in the bedroom, you may be deficient in testosterone. You don't need drugs -- just a naturopathic physician who knows how to handle hormone supplementation.

    I recommend an experienced member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

  3. Boys are going through puberty earlier

    Boys are going through puberty earlier than ever -- and thanks to estrogen everywhere, they're practically turning into girls as a result.
  4. Safe Gardasil? Don't bet on it!

    A new study claims the HPV vaccine Gardasil is safe -- but it ignores thousands of reports of serious problems on file with the feds.
  5. Sex can help you think better

    People think better when they think about sex, according to a new study.
  6. How big bellies lead to big sex problems

    Men with big bellies have double and even triple the risk of sexual problems and urinary troubles of men with normal waistlines, a new study finds.
  7. Weight loss can boost testosterone levels

    It's the easiest way yet to boost your testosterone: lose weight. A new study finds men can increase their levels of this hormone by dropping the extra pounds.
  8. Sex mineral zinc can help men and women in the bedroom

    Zinc can help boost the sex lives of men and women alike by improving both erectile function and vaginal lubrication.
  9. CPAP masks can cure erectile dysfunction

    It's the strangest ‘cure' for erectile dysfunction yet: The breathing mask used to treat apnea can also boost sex power in men with the sleep disorder.
  10. Testosterone helps with weight loss, blood pressure & blood sugar levels

    Getting old doesn't have to stink: A new study confirms that boosting testosterone levels can help older men lose weight and gain control of blood sugar levels.

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