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  1. Should you take this ED drug after a heart attack?

    No man wants to talk about erectile dysfunction 

    They’ll beat around the bush until their doctor gets the hints... 

    And forget talking to friends about it.  

    Because this is something you’ve enjoyed your whole adult life, and then one day, it’s no longer possible. The bedroom becomes a place of MISERY instead pleasure.  

    The problem is a lack of blood flow. It just doesn’t move around your body as easily as it used to.  

    And that’s a sign of a more serious problem hidden right under the surface.. 

    This lack of blood flow leads to something more sinister… more dangerous: You’re at a high risk of having a heart attack.  

    These two problems, Big Pharma believes, can be solved simply and simultaneously 

    But today I’m here to WARN YOU about their “easy” solution—and to offer up something better! 

    Should you take an ED drug for a heart attack? 

    There’s the 64-million-dollar question.  

    Big Pharma will emphatically tell you, “YES!” 

    After all, a study on sheep just found an erectile dysfunction drug called Tadalafil (aka Cialis)—which is in the same class as Viagra—can slow or even stop the progression of heart disease.  

    It sounds like good news... 

    Until the side effects are laid out:  

    • Dangerously low blood pressure 
    • Memory loss 
    • Fainting  
    • Loss of sight 
    • Shortness of breath 
    • GI issues including nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea 
    • Abnormal ejaculation 
    • And more... 

    They’re all symptoms you don’t want anywhere near the bedroom… or your health, in general.  

    So try this instead... 

    STOP heart failure at the source 

    In an interesting turn of fate, Viagra was originally intended as a drug for heart failure. Resolving ED was a side effect. ED is far more marketable. You know the rest of the story.  

    Here’s where Big Pharma didn’t get it 100 percent wrong...  

    The root of both is indeed blood pressure. As you get on in years, especially after 40, your levels of nitric oxide plummet. 

    This leads to high blood pressure… ED… and heart failure.  

    This happens because nitric oxide is responsible for helping blood flow to every single part of your body – even the extremities.  

    You can easily get nitric oxide from dark leafy greens like arugula and spinach. Beets are also a good source. 

    And, if you love dark chocolate, there’s good news for you.. 

    In a study, 30 grams of dark chocolate a day was found to increase nitric oxide levels and decrease systolic blood pressure.  

    Just be sure to limit yourself to 30 grams and get the highest cacao level you can find. Higher than 70 percent is best. 

  2. Attention men: The 30-day secret to GREAT sex

    OK, guys, here’s the plan…

    I want you to make dinner reservations with your wife for EXACTLY 30 days from now.

    Pick her favorite restaurant… you know, that place she’s always RAVING about.

    But make sure you’re home early…

    Because you BOTH have a long night of passionate, sheet-twisting romance ahead of you.

    And I’m dead serious…

    I’ve just launched the most powerful effective “male performance” supplement to EVER hit the market.

    It’s a unique formulation that can deliver a stronger sex drive, better erections, and MORE sex… in as little as 30 days FLAT.

    And today I’m letting my readers try it with NO risk.


    Let’s be honest – sex is important to ANY relationship, no matter your age.

    But I know that lots of guys are struggling to perform when they need to.

    That’s why I worked with my partners at Real Advantage Nutrients to develop a new breakthrough formula, AlphaRev X.

    You see, when you’re having trouble getting things going “down there,” it’s usually a problem of poor blood flow.

    And when you have poor blood flow, you’re not going to be able to perform (and LAST) in bed… no matter how hard you try.

    But AlphaRev X contains a special blend of L-citrulline, glutathione, and a rare red spinach extract – which have all been shown to send your levels of nitric oxide through the ROOF!

    You need nitric oxide to open blood vessels and stimulate blood flow – especially in your pants, where it counts.

    When the ingredients in AlphaRev X were put to the test, the results were INCREDIBLE.

    Guys reported stronger, firmer erections – and that they were having 50% more sex. And they were seeing results in as little as 30 days.

    I know how frustrating bedroom performance problems can be. But, trust me, AlphaRev X is the answer you’ve been looking for.

    In fact, I’m so CERTAIN is can transform your love life, that I’m making a special offer available to my readers today.

    I’m letting you try AlphaRev X absolutely RISK-FREEand at a BIG savings.

    If you’re not seeing HUGE results in the bedroom… in as little as 30 days… just send it back for a complete refund.

    I stand by AlphaRev X 100% -- and once you try it, you’ll see why.

    To claim your ZERO RISK bottle of AlphaRev X… and your special discount… just click here now. 

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  3. Shock wave therapy could treat erectile dysfunction

    A new ED treatment uses low-wave shock therapy to stimulate blood flow below your belt. But you don’t have to be zapped in the pants in order to make your bedroom time more electrifying. Here are some other options.
  4. Natural treatments boost sex drive for women

    Adjusting hormone levels and using herbal remedies can help women have a healthier sex drive and get more satisfaction out of sex.
  5. Sex can boost your brainpower

    Sex could help your brain to grow new cells in the region responsible for memory, according to new research.
  6. Sex can keep you alive

    Sex can help fight the diseases of aging and help keep you alive longer -- at least according to a study on fruit flies.
  7. New push for HPV shots is built on lies

    There's a new push to give kids a single HPV shot instead of the usual three-shot course -- but the truth is they don't need any HPV shots at all.
  8. Hormone crisis leads to early puberty

    Girls are going through puberty earlier than ever, and excess estrogen from excess weight is partly to blame.
  9. Natural movements as good as exercise

    Natural movements and active hobbies can slash your risk of death from heart problems every bit as much as exercise.
  10. Sex your way to fitness

    Sex is one of the best forms of exercise around, burning more calories than walking.

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