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  1. Big Dairy attacks mom and pop raw milk farmers

    Big Dairy attack on raw milk is udder-ly disgusting

    Every day, millions of American school kids place their hands over their hearts and pledge allegiance to a country that promotes "liberty and justice for all."

    And most of them don't need story time after that -- because they've already been fed a fairy tale.

    If you think there's any personal liberty left in this country... if you believe the scales of justice are weighed equally for all of us... here's something that will set you straight fast.

    Start selling raw milk.

    Farmers across America are having their rights trampled by government goons who raid their farms waving rifles and search warrants -- and they're ready to use either.

    These taxpaying farmers are being treated like terrorists by Uncle Sam -- and now the backstabbing group that's SUPPOSED to represent them wants to make it official.

    The National Milk Producers Federation is demanding that every last milk farm in America be exempt from new FDA security regulations designed to protect our food supply from terrorism -- except, of course, those mom-and-pop farmers selling raw milk.

    That's right. These "cow"ards want you to believe that somewhere in Northwest Pakistan, there's a Taliban commander with a name full of vowels and a head full of bad intentions.

    And he has his sights set squarely on Uncle Goober's Missouri raw milk farm, which would be lucky to sell 100 gallons a week.

    The NMPF claimed -- presumably with a straight face -- that raw milk is the PERFECT target for terrorists because it isn't pasteurized. Meanwhile, in a federal filing that contained more lies than a teenage gossip circle, these dairy dummies claimed your typical mega farm is locked down tighter than Fort Knox.

    And to believe that, all you have to do is forget every cheap wire cow fence you ever saw.

    Let me tell you something -- there's a reason al Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center and not some Wal-Mart in Skokie, IL. The fact is, raw milk makes up about 1% of all milk consumed in America today -- and even that's too much for these NMPF nutjobs, who've gotten rich off the big farm collectives and want to terrify you out of the benefits of raw milk.

    Uncle Sam has been attacking raw milk for years -- and he didn't come up with the idea himself. State milk boards are loaded with Big Dairy reps who want to put every last raw milk farmer out of business -- and now they want to saddle these small business with expensive security measures, while the folks responsible for 99% of America's milk get off scot free.

    Don't buy it for a second. Because the only true biohazard in the milk industry today is the pasteurized, homogenized garbage these clowns are selling by the gallon.

  2. Inspectors raid raw milk farm over healthy bacteria

    Raw milk farm closed for being too healthy?

    In late January, a group of jackbooted government thugs descended upon a small South Dakota farm, shutting down the operation and warning the state's citizens that the farmer was a grave threat to their lives.

    And it was all because of something he had in his barn.

    No, it wasn't a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher or a tub full of anthrax. It was a cow.

    And if that doesn't make a lick of sense to you, welcome to the nanny state's war against raw milk and the honest folks who sell it.

    The South Dakota Department of Agriculture finally admitted something the state's farmers could have told you for years -- they don't know what the hell they're doing. For an entire week in January, DOA closed Trever Gilkerson's Jerseydale Farms after his raw milk tested positive for listeria. And if you own a small business, you know how much one week closed can hurt.

    The state even issued a release encouraging the good people of South Dakota to stay far away from Gilkerson's farm, warning that his milk could cause everything from convulsions to miscarriages.

    The only problem was that these government boobs must have been absent the day they taught science in science class. Gilkerson's milk actually tested positive for listeria innocua, the strain of listeria that's good for you!

    And if these taxpayer-funded flunkies want to accuse raw milk of being loaded with beneficial bacteria and enzymes, all I can say is, "Guilty as charged!" As I've told you before, raw milk is a nutritional goldmine that can battle everything from allergies to digestive disorders.

    Don't spend another day swallowing Big Dairy's lies about raw milk. They may be working state health officials like puppets, but it's time for you to cut the strings. Check out my book The Raw Truth About Milk, and see how the best health of your life could be one delicious cold glass away.

  3. The real truth about raw milk's health benefits

    Raw milk opponents have hit the airwaves and newspapers with a fresh set of lies warning about bacteria levels in raw milk. So why hasn't a state that recently legalized raw milk seen a single illness reported? Get the real truth about how life-saving and delicious raw milk can wipe away disease and battle everything from allergies to autism!
  4. What's the best type of milk?

    A new study claims organic milk is better than regular milk. But if you're getting your milk at the supermarket, you're getting the wrong stuff.
  5. Harvard: Whole milk is better than skim

    Skim milk isn't better than whole milk at all -- and drinking it could actually lead to more hunger and weight gain, according to Harvard researchers.
  6. Allergy-free milk from lab-created cows

    A lab-created cow produces milk that even people with allergies may be able to drink -- but there's a much easier solution.
  7. The good bacteria that will keep you alive

    You might not think of bacteria as your friends -- but your stomach is crawling with microscopic critters that help keep you healthy.
  8. Raw milk can slash your risk of allergies

    A study finds that allergies are almost unknown among the Amish -- but the mainstream is afraid to admit that the reason for this lower risk is fresh raw milk.
  9. The raw truth behind milk 'outbreaks'

    The CDC just won't let up on its raw milk fearmongering -- and now, they've released a study that claims raw milk is behind "most dairy-related outbreaks."
  10. The double standard on food safety

    When raw milk is even suspected of containing bacteria -- even when no one has been sickened -- the feds trumpet it as proof positive that all fresh dairy everywhere is dangerous. It's pure nonsense, as I just told you.

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