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  1. SCARY! Blood pressure drugs make dementia risk SKYROCKET

    Did you know that when the American Heart Association came out with new blood pressure guidelines nearly two years ago, nearly everyone was put on the “at risk” list?

    The agency says these lower numbers can save lives.

    But I’ll let you in on a little secret…

    Drug companies have influenced the new cholesterol guidelines SO MUCH that it’s becoming very obvious the system is RIGGED!

    Conventional doctors feel FORCED to put their patients on a statin, for fear of looking like a “bad doctor.”

    In fact, the situation has gotten so bad my patients are telling me their doctors practically GUILT them into taking a statin.

    Even worse...there’s absolutely no proof that high cholesterol even CAUSES heart disease!

    And now, new research has linked hypertension drugs with dementia…

    That’s right; the drugs you may not even need could be DESTROYING your BRAIN.

    Today, you’ll see this scary new research—and I’ll help you get OFF those meds once and for all...

    Blood pressure drugs are DANGEROUS

    High blood pressure (over 140) has been implicated in dementia. So it makes sense your doctor would want you to drop your blood pressure levels to protect both your heart and mind.

    But mainstream doctors simply don’t yet realize truth about hypertension drugs.

    They’re too constrained by Big Pharma…and they haven’t been following the evidence piling up against these meds.

    The latest studies, published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medicine Association), reveal blood pressure levels below 120 are actually MORE problematic than those between 130 and 140.

    It turns out folks with blood pressure under 120 had less brain mass!

    A separate study showed people with hypertension in middle age followed by hypotension later (less than 90) had a significant jump in dementia risk.

    Now, the point here isn't to scare you about lowering your blood pressure…

    It’s just that these studies are PROOF POSITIVE mainstream medicine is going about it ALL WRONG.

    You see, it's only during intense treatments—like with blood pressure lowering medications—that this happens.

    Normotensive (people with "normal" blood pressure levels) don't experience this higher risk of dementia. I'll tell you how to do this in a moment...

    But first, you need to know which drugs can cause your blood pressure drop to BRAIN-KILLING levels.

    Statins are the obvious drug as their purpose is to lower your blood pressure. But there are others that can TANK your blood pressure such as:

    • Diuretics
    • Alpha blockers
    • Beta blockers
    • Drugs for Parkinson's disease
    • Tricyclic antidepressants, including doxepin (Silenor) and imipramine (Tofranil)
    • Drugs for erectile dysfunction

    While you're on these drugs, monitor your blood pressure carefully.

    Or—better yet—try these methods to get off them completely…

    How to get OFF hypertension drugs

    There's a specific vitamin you are probably deficient in if you have hypertension: B9, or folate.

    In a study involving over 20,000 participants, folks who took folate had a significantly less chance of having a stroke compared to those that didn't.

    Now, you can find B9 in B vitamin complexes and multivitamins. But you'll often find it listed as folic acid.

    Folic acid is the synthetic form. It's difficult for you to absorb, so it's almost worthless.

    If you're looking at a label, "folate" is what you want to see. However, it's BEST to get B9 from foods like dark, leafy greens. You'll also get plenty of other nutrients, including fiber, that can help restore your blood pressure to a normal level.

    And remember, the “Big Two” to getting off hypertension drugs naturally are always going to be diet and exercise.

    Exercise, even something as simple as walking 30 minutes a day, can relieve the tension in your veins; so can eating a diet devoid of processed foods and sugar (like the Paleo diet).

  2. Don’t wait on Big Pharma for an Alzheimer’s cure—do THIS right now!

    If only there was a pill that could REVERSE Alzheimer's...

    Something that required almost no effort on your part. 

    Big Pharma would be driving cash to the bank in semi-trucks.

    But there's no such pill. 

    No matter how hard they try, drug companies just can't seem to crack the code.

    And now, researchers may have just discovered why even the most promising AD drugs fail.

    I’ll break it down for you today—and I’ll show you why you DON’T NEED to depend on a mainstream miracle to stop Alzheimer’s. 

    You can take matters into your own hands, RIGHT NOW, with my three BRAIN-SAVING steps…

    Why mainstream’s AD drugs are DOOMED from the START

    Big Pharma has been losing BILLIONS of dollars trying to find a cure for Alzheimer's. 

    Earlier this year, though, they finally thought they'd found it…

    In animal trials, the drug worked perfectly. Their brains returned to normal, and memories along with it.

    Once it got to human trials, though, the balloon POPPED. 

    The drug that showed so much promise failed miserably -- so much so they shut down the trial before it completed.

    Researchers at the University of Buffalo believe it has everything to do with your genes. 

    When digging into the genotypes of people with Alzheimer's, they found 75 PERCENT of people have a gene that make all these promising drugs fail.

    In other words—these drugs are DOOMED from the start!

    So instead of waiting around for some miracle cure, it’s time to take your brain health into your OWN HANDS…

    3 steps to STOP Alzheimer's disease in its tracks

    While Big Pharma can't figure out how to stop Alzheimer's, you can take action on the areas that are KNOWN to cause the disease...

    No. 1: Get on the Paleo Diet

    Processed foods and sugars make for a SLOW BRAIN. Not to mention, too much sugar can lead to diabetes… which can lead to Alzheimer's.

    But by adopting the diet your ancestors ate, you'll be able to put a muzzle on your Alzheimer’s risk…and slash your risk for a laundry list of other terrible conditions! 

    The diet itself is pretty simple. You eat only the foods your ancestors ate. So the boxes full of chemistry set foods should be REMOVED from your diet! The same goes for simple carbs like rice, bread, and pasta that shoot your blood sugar levels into the sky.

    Focus on eating plenty of lean meat, vegetables, seeds, nuts, healthy oils, and fruit. 

    No. 2: Have fun with friends

    Study after study has confirmed the more you use your brain, the less likely you are to lose it. 

    Now, that can be anything from Sudoku to crossword puzzles to cross-stitch. 

    What's important is that you're USING your brain… and not doing an unengaged activity like watching TV.

    Studies also show that spending times with friends can increase your happiness and help prevent memory decline. So having a game night every week is one of the easiest ways to ditch Alzheimer's.

    No. 3: Spice it up with curcumin

    Curcumin is the active component of the Indian spice, turmeric.

    One study showed 18 months of taking curcumin can make all the difference... 

    Not only were their brains cleaner, participants also performed 28 percent BETTER on a memory test. 

    You don't have to take much either… 

    Participants only took 90 mg of curcumin every day—which you can find almost anywhere for pennies a day.

    Just be sure your curcumin supplement also contains piperine, or black pepper extract, to ensure you're getting the most out of it!

  3. Beware THIS Alzheimer’s red flag

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    It’s one of the most ancient trees on earth… it can live to be 1,000 years old… and it could help YOU live a longer and healthier life. I’m talking about ginkgo biloba. The fan-shaped leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for everything from aiding memory to fighting depression. And now...

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