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  1. Seniors commonly deficient in essential vitamins

    Did you take your vitamins this morning?

    It's hard to believe we're living in the year 2018.

    And if you're like me -- old enough to remember a time when the 21st century sounded far-off (and "far-out") -- that means that you've got decades of memories under your belt.

    You're RICH in experience... but no matter how far science has advanced, you may still be LACKING in a few key vitamins!

    According to a new pair of studies, that's because as the years pass, you could enter a "danger zone" for deficiency in the all-important vitamins D, B12, and K.

    In the first study, which came out of Germany, researchers drew blood samples from over 1,000 older adults and analyzed them for levels of vitamin D and B12.

    It turned out that 1 in 4 participants wasn't getting enough vitamin B12, which is essential for everything from nerve function to brain health to your body's formation of red blood cells.

    And when it came to vitamin D, the outlook was even grimmer: Over HALF of the participants lacked enough D, which is crucial for strong bones, a sturdy immune system, and even blood sugar control.

    In the second study, out of the Netherlands, researchers analyzed the blood levels of over 4,000 people for another bone-strengthening nutrient: vitamin K.

    Half of the older folks in the study lacked enough K, as did those with conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease.

    What's more, after following the participants for 10 years, researchers also found that those who were deficient in vitamin K were more likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

    In fact, they were more likely to die from any other cause, too!

    That may be because vitamin K plays a role in keeping your arteries flexible and preventing the "calcification" that can stiffen them.

    Now, it's true that adopting a healthy approach to eating like the Paleo diet -- which includes nutrient-dense foods like meat, egg yolks, and leafy greens -- can supply a steady stream of these essential vitamins.

    But as we age, your body can struggle to absorb nutrients from your food and -- in the case of vitamin D (a.k.a. the "sunshine" vitamin) -- even from sunlight.

    Luckily, all you may need to do to get what you're lacking is take a good daily multivitamin.

    But since "mainstream" recommendations of how much of these vitamins you need are often WAY too low, talk to a doc who's well-versed in integrative medicine about the right dosages for you.

    You don't want your levels to just squeak by at the bare minimum. You want them to be OPTIMUM!

    And if you've got a vitamin B12 deficiency, the best way to correct it may actually be to get injections, which I've used on hundreds of patients.

  2. Mulberries may protect against Alzheimer's

    A good reason to go 'round the mulberry bush

    Life is full of little details -- and sometimes, they slip through your fingers.

    It's called being human!

    And as we age, everyone has a few more of these "mental hiccups."

    But if it's getting harder and harder to keep a grasp on everything from appointments... to directions... to anniversaries... then it could signal the onset of something more serious.

    It could be Alzheimer's.

    Unfortunately, there's not a pill in the world that can keep Alzheimer's at bay. But according to a new study, there's a natural way to help ensure that those "brain burps" don't progress into this mind-robbing disease.

    And if you're a fan of dark, juicy berries, you're going to love this.

    It's none other than the mulberry!

    In the study out of South Korea, researchers isolated 10 active compounds from mulberries (Morinda officinalis) and tested them for activity against some of the brain chemicals that are associated with Alzheimer's.

    Now, we don't know what EXACTLY causes Alzheimer's, but we DO know that the brains of Alzheimer's patients commonly contain too much of certain harmful substances that conspire to form the "plaques" and "tangles" we typically see in the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

    In the study, it turned out that the active compounds in mulberry extract inhibited ALL of these brain substances! Knocked them right out, in fact.

    That means mulberries may shield your gray matter from the brain changes that put you on a path toward losing your precious memories.

    And that's not all, because the dark reddish-purple berries are also loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants and have been shown in previous studies to prevent bone loss... reduce oxidative stress... and even lower cholesterol.

    So, pop some mulberries in your mouth to keep your brain AND your body in tip-top shape.

    The season for fresh mulberries runs from about June to August -- and they're delicious in salads or atop Greek yogurt.

    But you can also enjoy them year-round by blending frozen mulberries into smoothies or snacking on a handful of dried mulberries with some nuts.

    You can even find mulberry extract in supplement form at your local health food store or online.

    Just resist the temptation to eat your mulberries in pies and cobblers -- because the grains and sugars in these treats can kick up inflammatory processes that "cancel out" the positive effects of the berry on your gray matter.

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