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Autopsy proves aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s

Hard-headed fluoride nuts unleash Alzheimer’s

Maybe they’re too stupid to understand the science… maybe they’ve spent too many years swallowing every lie these namby pamby dentists can invent about the benefits of water fluoridation… but let me tell you something I’ve learned from decades or arguing with the pro-fluoride crowd.

They have heads so hard, they could knock a buffalo on his arse.

And now, it looks like a brilliant British researcher has discovered why. It turns out these misguided public health nuts have been coating their brains in thick layers of a dangerous, rock-hard metal for years.

They’re not brainwashed — they’re brain poisoned. And if you don’t want to end up like them, you need to pay a visit to your local hardware store and buy the most heavy duty water filter you can find.

A Keene University scientist has finally proven what I’ve been telling you, and anyone else who would listen, for years — toxic levels of aluminum may be the cause of MILLIONS of cases of brain-rotting Alzheimer’s disease around the world.

And it’s all thanks to the fluoride poison that municipal morons are dumping into your water.

It’s been years since a breakthrough study on mice linked aluminum to Alzheimer’s, but the buffoons at the American Dental Association have tried to argue there’s no evidence that aluminum destroys human brains.

But Dr. Chris Exley has found the smoking gun after an autopsy on a 66-year-old man who died of Alzheimer’s revealed that his brain was SWIMMING in toxic levels of aluminum. The man, who suffered from depression and headaches for years before Alzheimer’s set in, spent his career working in a factory where aluminum dust was everywhere.

But if you think you’re safe from the ravages of aluminum, sitting at your kitchen table or behind a desk in a cushy office, think again. Aluminum is all around us, from our food packaging to our cosmetics, and study after study PROVES that fluoride essentially turns your brain into an aluminum sponge.

You see, fluoride forces your body to absorb hazardous aluminum it would otherwise discard, and the lion’s share of this neurotoxin ends up right in your brain. It’s no wonder studies have shown that water fluoridation can actually lower your IQ!

Fluoride is so worthless that our government refuses to define it as an essential nutrient, and too much fluoride in your water can actually rot your teeth right to their roots.

Dumb and toothless is no way to go through life — but I can’t think of two better words to describe the local politicians who keep fluoridating your water. It may be a long time before these hard-headed fools stand up to the ADA and ban fluoridation, but you can get fluoride out of your life forever, starting today.

The cure costs about $20 and screws right onto your tap.

Dental Association recommends brain-rotting fluoride for babies

Dental dummies forcing fluoride on toddlers

We’ve all done it. You stand there watching your baby or grandbaby sleeping in his crib at night, and you start dreaming of what he might become one day. Maybe an architect… or a novelist… or even the world’s greatest doctor (hey, SOMEONE needs to follow in my footsteps).

Well, you might want to set your expectations a tad lower… in fact, throw “ditch digger” on the list. Because a group of crazy dentists are aiming to make your kid dumber than a box of rocks — starting the day he turns three years old!

The tooth tyrants at the American Dental Association just released a new set of guidelines that recommends using brain-rotting fluoride toothpaste on three-year old babies. Yes, they want to poison your kid just to protect a set of teeth that are going to fall out of his head anyway!

It’s been said that dentists are just want-to-be MDs that didn’t get into medical school. While I can’t swear if that’s true or not, it does look like they don’t want YOUR kid getting in. After all, a major study from Harvard University linked fluoride consumption with lower IQs.

But, heck, if your kid is regularly exposed to fluoride and manages to reach high school graduation, consider yourself lucky. Because another Ivy League study proved that exposing kids to fluoride could trigger a deadly form of bone cancer!

Give your child or grandchild a gift that will last a lifetime — don’t let him within 100 feet of fluoridated water or toothpaste. Because when your kiddo brushes those chompers, you shouldn’t have to worry that his intelligence… and his future… are going right down the drain with the waste water.

Fluoridated water could be attacking your thyroid

Go from flabby and fatigued to FABULOUS with this thyroid secret

You know who can write a “Z” faster than Zorro? A doctor writing a prescription for Zoloft.

These mainstream docs are handing out so many prescriptions for happy pills, you’d think we’d all be tap dancing on the tables by now. So why are we fatter, sicker, and more depressed than ever?

The answer could be much simpler than you think — and it’s flowing right out of your faucet, and being served up on your dinner plate daily. Now you already know how I feel about fluoride, after all I’ve been warning you about its dangers for years now. But the potential for damage from these invasive chemicals runs even deeper than you might imagine.

You see, from our fluoride-laced drinking water to the dangerous additives dumped into our food supply, your thyroid… your body’s energy center that helps control everything from your weight to your mood… is under CONSTANT ATTACK!

Every single day you’re rubbing elbows with literally DOZENS of chemicals that could be sabotaging your thyroid, interfering with iodine absorption, and leaving you with all the get-up-and-go of a tranquilized snail. It’s time to give your thyroid the support it needs — and it turns out it couldn’t be easier.

My colleague and associate Dr. Mark Stengler has just introduced a revolutionary new supplement called Thyroid Performance Plus, that I believe will turn the mainstream medical community on its ear. In fact, this stuff is so good it could essentially work like jumper cables for your long-suffering thyroid.

Thyroid Performance Plus provides your thyroid with the trace minerals and natural ingredients it needs to stay in tip-top shape. Next, ditch the sugar and carbs — and stay off your rear end by doing something active that you enjoy — and you’ve got the perfect thyroid-supporting combo.

And having a healthy thyroid means that before you know it you could be saying goodbye to a few extra pounds, as your mood bounces back into the happy zone, and you start zipping through your day like a caffeinated rabbit.

When it comes to your health, you know I’m as serious as a heart attack. I don’t do ANY doctor favors. If I wasn’t absolutely certain that Dr. Stengler’s Thyroid Performance Plus could help get you off the couch and back into the game, I’d be the first to tell you — and you’d better believe I’d tell the good doc, too.

But let’s face it, our beaten down sluggish thyroids are turning us into a nation of fat, sexless sloths, and I’m convinced Dr. Stengler has found the solution.

Give Thyroid Performance Plus a chance today, and if you don’t like it you can get every penny back through Dr. Stengler’s “Anytime Guarantee.” You’ve got nothing to lose, except perhaps that bulging belly and lack of energy. Click here to learn more.

U.S. water flunks contamination tests

U.S. tap water overflowing with chemicals

Forget skydiving, rock climbing and knife tossing — if you like risk, just turn on your tap, fill your glass and drink up.

Your drinking water is loaded with so many dangerous chemicals that you’d have to be reckless, foolish or just plain suicidal to drink it. And now, a new government survey finds at least 21 dangerous chemicals in the water in at least a third of the nation.

The tests found an antidepressant, pesticide, herbicide, two different solvents, a toxic bone-rotting metal and 11 types of perfluorinated compounds — including the PFOS and PFOA proven to cause thyroid disease, cancer, ulcerative colitis and more, specifically when ingested in the amounts found in drinking water.

Yet of all the chemicals found in those samples, only three are governed by U.S. drinking water standards. The rest — including those perfluorinated compounds — could be in your water in any amount right now, and your water would be considered “safe.”

Ready for the most stunning part? These toxins weren’t found in untreated well water from a shantytown outside a chemical waste plant. They were found in treated water — water most people assume is clean and safe.

Well, you know what happens when you assume, right?

Believe it or not, this new study barely breaks the surface — because hundreds of other dangerous chemicals are routinely found in U.S. tap water, including rocket fuel, gender-bending hormones, cocaine, antibiotics and more (and don’t even get me started on the junk dumped in ON PURPOSE, including chlorine and fluoride).

It’s enough to make you want to give up water. Believe it or not, you can do it — I haven’t had a sip in years, and I haven’t dried up yet.

For a less radical solution, invest in a reverse osmosis water filter, the only filtration system that will remove all the drugs, chemicals, hormones and more. You can pick one up in a hardware store for a few hundred bucks — and if you’re handy, you can install it yourself.

Just be sure to place the filter where the water enters your home so that every faucet is protected.

I’m not done with water yet. Keep reading!

Cocoa vs. fluoride

Cocoa-based toothpaste works better than fluoride

Who needs fluoride when you’ve got cocoa?

Yes, cocoa — the main ingredient in chocolate. On its own, cocoa is a powerful protector of both the brain and heart. And now, new research shows how a compound inside cocoa can protect and strengthen teeth better than brain-rotting, cancer-causing, bone-cracking fluoride.

In just one week of twice-a-day brushing, a fluoride-free toothpaste containing the cocoa compound theobromine was able to repair damage to sensitive teeth. And in just a few days, it managed to completely seal up dentinal tubules, according to the study.

That’s the part of the tooth that gets exposed after years of wear and tear, leaving you with sensitive and even painful teeth — but the cocoa-paste managed to not only close it up, but it did so far better than several leading fluoride-based toothpastes.

Now, I’m thrilled to hear about fluoride-free options for dental care. Fluoride is actually a toxic waste byproduct that can make you dumber (which is why the authorities LOVE to put it in water) and has been linked to a long list of major diseases.

And for all that risk, it’s not even very good at protecting teeth. In fact, it could actually DAMAGE your teeth.

That said, the new study was funded by the makers of the cocoa-powered toothpaste, so you have to take it with a grain of salt (or a hunk of chocolate if you prefer).

Plus, the cocoa toothpaste sure ain’t cheap — and that’s if you can even find it at all.

So let me give you a better option — a proven way to protect your teeth for just pennies a day: baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

Use a small amount of each to form a paste, and then work it into your teeth and gums (you don’t even need a toothbrush). Rinse with the peroxide, don’t forget to floss and you’ll have the cleanest, strongest, whitest teeth in town.

Water standards sink to new lows

Toxic chemical waste product allowed in water

If you’re not filtering your water yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for — because you’re drinking poison, cooking with poison and bathing in poison.

From coast to coast, U.S. water is filthier than a Third World cesspool, and new “standards” out of California show just how bad your water is right now.

The state is proposing limits on hexavalent chromium, aka chromium-6, aka the cancer-causing chemical waste byproduct featured in the “Erin Brokovich” film — and their proposed limits are a full 500 TIMES HIGHER than what the EPA considers safe.

California says reaching the EPA’s level is just not economically feasible.

That’s right, folks… once again, your safety takes a back seat to moolah, and don’t rest easy if you’re not sipping the chromium-6-rich California water — because odds are, your own drinking water is just as bad.

It might even be worse.

While California’s proposed standard is crazy high, it’s actually the first and only state to propose any standard at all. That means the chromium-6 levels where you live could be off the charts — and unless Erin comes to visit, you won’t know until it’s too late.

And chromium is just one of the hundreds of chemicals in your water.

Some of it, like chlorine and fluoride, are dumped in on purpose. Others, like hormone drugs and birth controls pills, are supposedly in there by accident.

And let’s not forget the chemical waste byproducts, rocket fuel, metals and more that routinely turn up in high levels in U.S. tap water.

Don’t count on the government — federal, state or local — to protect you. As you see in California, they can’t (or won’t).

That means you need to protect yourself with the only filtration system that can keep EVERYTHING out. It’s called reverse osmosis, and it’s available at any home improvement store for a couple hundred bucks.

If you’re handy you can install it yourself.

Just be sure to place it where the water enters your home, not just in the kitchen, so that every tap and faucet is protected.

Fluoride no help for thinning bones

Bad to the bone!

Fluoride… for bone health?

I’d laugh if the idea weren’t so irresponsible, because fluoride is about as good for your bone health as a loan shark after you’ve missed a payment.

The science is so clear on the bone-crunching risks of fluoride that even plenty of mainstream docs won’t go near this stuff anymore. But for those who haven’t gotten the message, a new study confirms — yet again — that it’s absolutely 100 percent ineffective for senior women suffering from osteopenia.

That’s a bone-thinning condition that can lead to breaks, fractures, and even the far more serious osteoporosis.

In the new study, 180 postmenopausal women were hoodwinked into taking either one of three daily fluoride doses — 2.5 mg, 5 mg, or 10 mg — or, for the lucky ones, a placebo.

One year later, the women who ingested this poison had zip to show for it. Tests on bone mineral density in the hip and lumbar spine and tests of overall bone mineral density found no differences at all between women given the toxic supplements and women given the placebo.


Now, it’s one thing to simply fail to protect bone. But like I said earlier, fluoride can actually snap ’em like twigs. In the new study, there were zero fractures in the placebo group — but FIVE spread out among the fluoride groups.

And fluoride can do more than just break your bones. It’s been linked to bone cancer and about a billion other risks — up to and including making people DUMB.

Maybe that’s why the authorities are so eager to dump it into your water.

If there’s fluoride in your own water, there are two steps you need to take right now. First, install a reverse osmosis filter, which can remove fluoride and all the other common contaminants — including drugs, hormones, and chemical waste.

And second, contact your elected officials and tell them under no uncertain terms that you want the fluoride OUT.

I’m not done with bone health yet. Keep reading!

Chemicals in your water increase the risk of reactions to food

Chlorinated water could cause food allergies

Ever wonder why your tap water smells like a swimming pool? It’s because it’s treated the same way — with chlorine.

You already know you shouldn’t drink that pool water, but most people won’t even think twice about drinking tap water when it positively reeks of the same chemical.

Well, it’s time to think twice. This stuff is toxic. It was once used as a chemical weapon and new research shows it could even be responsible for at least some of the rise in food allergies in recent years.

In one new study, researchers collected urine samples from 10,000 Americans — think of how much fun that must’ve been! — and found that people with the highest levels of dichlorophenols were up to 80 percent more likely to have a food allergy than those with the lowest.

Dichlorophenols are basically chlorine. And most people aren’t just getting dosed with it — they’re getting DOUBLE, TRIPLE, and QUADRUPLE dosed, even if they never dip a toe in the swimming pool.

Like I said, this stuff is intentionally dumped into your drinking water in the name of safety (ha!). But it’s also a common ingredient in pesticides and weed killers. You could get exposed on the golf course, in the park, or even when you bite into an apple or pear.

And let’s not forget that many of the same chlorine-based pesticides and weedkillers sprayed on fields, farms, orchards, and golf courses seep through the ground and into the water supply. (And no, water treatment plants can’t filter it all out.)

But listen, chlorine and other pesticide residues may actually be some of the better ingredients in U.S. drinking water, and that’s not sarcasm. Our taps are overflowing with everything from fluoride to fecal matter, and I’m not even sure which is worse.

Probably the fluoride.

U.S. water also routinely tests positive for trace levels of legal and illegal drugs, hormones, chemical waste, rocket fuel, and more. And some of these nasty chemicals that have been found floating in your tap water have even been linked to Alzheimer’s and cancer. To learn more about this and other truths behind the mainstream agenda click here.

But the only way to get 100 percent clean water is with a reverse osmosis water filter. They’re available at your local hardware store — just be sure to install it where the water supply enters your home so every faucet is protected.

And for more on how these creepy chemicals can hurt you, keep reading.

There’s poop in your tap water!

How your drinking water can make you violently ill

You don’t have to travel to Mexico to experience the misery of Montezuma’s revenge. Thanks to substandard U.S. drinking water, you can get it without even leaving your home.

Right now, there are filthy fecal germs and other nasty bacteria flowing from your faucet — so many, that ordinary tap water is responsible for 1.1 million cases of the squirts, pukes, and worse every year, according to new research.

That’s a fifth of all stomach illnesses in the United States… caused by our drinking water.

In the new study, researchers installed powerful UV light systems in the water treatment plants of 14 communities in an attempt to kill at least some of these bugs.

They shouldn’t have even wasted their time — because after two years of this, the number of germs flowing from faucets in homes didn’t change a drop. And that’s because most of the nasty poo germs are getting into the water AFTER it’s been treated.

Thanks to some genius planning generations ago, our water pipes often run side-by-side with sewer pipes. Today, they’re both leaky and old — and one little pressure change can cause the germs leaking from the potty pipes to get sucked right into the ones that go to your kitchen sink.

Next thing you know, there’s poop in your soup.

And that’s not even the scary part. Ready for it? Are you sure?

The illnesses caused by those germs — all 1.1 million of them — are just a drop in the toilet. They represent only the immediate and obvious sicknesses caused by fecal filth other bacteria in the water.

The rest of the problems aren’t nearly as immediate or obvious.

Along with those stomach-churning poo bugs, your water contains sex-change hormones, legal and illegal drugs, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals such as rocket fuel, and more.

The amounts are small and might not hurt you right away. But drink it, cook with it, and bathe in it every day, and you’re bound to suffer in the long run.

The only way to protect yourself and your family is to buy a reverse osmosis water filter. You’ll find them in most hardware stores — just make sure you install yours where the water supply enters the home, so every tap and faucet is protected.

Your tap water could kill you

Death in a cup

And you still think your tap water is safe?

If the poisons, drugs and chemical contaminants that routinely turn up in US drinking water aren’t enough to scare you, consider this: Your water could contain brain-eating microorganisms.

Sounds like something out of a horror movie, and I’m sure some Hollywood hotshot is cranking out a script right now. But that’s the frightening reality in American homes today after two people in Louisiana were killed by brain-eating amoeba that came right out of their own faucets.

Both victims were using neti pots for nasal irrigation. That’s when you send water up one nostril and out the other to help clear out snot and other junk.

But in this case, what went in was a lot worse than what was already there. Specifically, the Naegleria fowleri amoeba that had been quietly lurking in the water and waiting for just the right chance to eat some brains.

Like I said, this is horror-movie stuff. But at least it’s pretty rare.

The REAL scares come when you see what’s turning up in water routinely from coast to coast — including poisons they readily admit they’re putting in it, like fluoride and chlorine, supposedly to protect you.

But that’s only the beginning. Drugs known to make people sterile and stupid are showing up in water samples, and I’m not entirely convinced it’s an accident.

And still other junk is flowing from your tap because water treatment plants simply can’t keep them out. Drugs both legal and illegal including cocaine, dangerous chemicals such as rocket fuel, and more have all been found in the water that millions of Americans drink every single day — including water in major metropolitan areas.

There are two ways to protect yourself and your family. The extreme way is to simply stop drinking water.

I don’t drink the stuff myself, so I’m living proof it can be done.

If you can’t go that far, then you MUST install a reverse osmosis filter — the only system that keeps out everything but the H, the 2, and the O. Install it where the water enters your home to make sure that every single tap is protected.