1. The dangerous mistake you’re making with your mouthwash

    It’s so easy to wash away that dreaded morning breath with a bright blue liquid that leaves your mouth feeling “fresh.”

    But there’s a HIDDEN SIDE EFFECT in conventional mouthwashesone that leaves you WIDE OPEN to getting SICK!

    See, mouthwash works by killing bacteria. It only makes sense to put an antibacterial agent in it.

    But manufacturers have gotten it all wrong...

    They’re adding triclosan– a chemical that is known to cause SUPERBUGS.

    The problem with that is even though you’re not supposed to drink it, mouthwash inevitably makes it through your system via the mucosal membranes in your mouth or even down your esophagus.

    It’s unavoidable.

    And now, new research from Washington University in St. Louis shows triclosan allows more bacteria to survive – which helps it evolve resistances quicker.

    Ultimately, this leads to hardier strains of bacteria that can survive MOST antibacterial treatments.

    On other words, it may even be at the root cause of your UTI that just won’t go away…

    Or that sinus infection you just can’t seem to kick.

    So today, I’m going to let you in on a few natural remedies that give you the benefits of mouthwash—without letting your bacteria lift weights and put on superhero capes…

    Mouthwashes that actually WORK

    The key to having a clean-feeling mouth and non-offensive breath is still an anti-bacterial substance.

    But you need a natural solution – something that won’t allow bacteria to evolve into superbugs.

    Silver nanoparticles are among the most effective. If you have dentures, put a colloidal silver mouthwash at the top of your list. It’s been found to obliterate the three most common yeasts AND remove slimy biofilm.

    However, there aren’t many of these out there. You can find them on Amazon, some natural health stores, and niche sites like Etsy.

    Another option is to look for mouthwashes featuring tea tree oil and/or aloe vera. You’ll also find these on Etsy, but they’re far more prevalent on Amazon.

    Some even add peppermint essential oil so you get that minty fresh breath you love.

    If that’s still too difficult, reach for something you probably already have – coconut oil! Just swish it around your mouth for 30 seconds and spit it into your sink—it’s as easy as that!

  2. Autopsy proves aluminum is linked to Alzheimer's

    Hard-headed fluoride nuts unleash Alzheimer's

    Maybe they're too stupid to understand the science... maybe they've spent too many years swallowing every lie these namby pamby dentists can invent about the benefits of water fluoridation... but let me tell you something I've learned from decades or arguing with the pro-fluoride crowd.

    They have heads so hard, they could knock a buffalo on his arse.

    And now, it looks like a brilliant British researcher has discovered why. It turns out these misguided public health nuts have been coating their brains in thick layers of a dangerous, rock-hard metal for years.

    They're not brainwashed -- they're brain poisoned. And if you don't want to end up like them, you need to pay a visit to your local hardware store and buy the most heavy duty water filter you can find.

    A Keene University scientist has finally proven what I've been telling you, and anyone else who would listen, for years -- toxic levels of aluminum may be the cause of MILLIONS of cases of brain-rotting Alzheimer's disease around the world.

    And it's all thanks to the fluoride poison that municipal morons are dumping into your water.

    It's been years since a breakthrough study on mice linked aluminum to Alzheimer's, but the buffoons at the American Dental Association have tried to argue there's no evidence that aluminum destroys human brains.

    But Dr. Chris Exley has found the smoking gun after an autopsy on a 66-year-old man who died of Alzheimer's revealed that his brain was SWIMMING in toxic levels of aluminum. The man, who suffered from depression and headaches for years before Alzheimer's set in, spent his career working in a factory where aluminum dust was everywhere.

    But if you think you're safe from the ravages of aluminum, sitting at your kitchen table or behind a desk in a cushy office, think again. Aluminum is all around us, from our food packaging to our cosmetics, and study after study PROVES that fluoride essentially turns your brain into an aluminum sponge.

    You see, fluoride forces your body to absorb hazardous aluminum it would otherwise discard, and the lion's share of this neurotoxin ends up right in your brain. It's no wonder studies have shown that water fluoridation can actually lower your IQ!

    Fluoride is so worthless that our government refuses to define it as an essential nutrient, and too much fluoride in your water can actually rot your teeth right to their roots.

    Dumb and toothless is no way to go through life -- but I can't think of two better words to describe the local politicians who keep fluoridating your water. It may be a long time before these hard-headed fools stand up to the ADA and ban fluoridation, but you can get fluoride out of your life forever, starting today.

    The cure costs about $20 and screws right onto your tap.

  3. Dental Association recommends brain-rotting fluoride for babies

    The American Dental Association (ADA) has issued guidelines promoting fluoride, a toxin that's been linked to lower IQ, to kids as young as three years old.
  4. U.S. water flunks contamination tests

    U.S. drinking water is loaded with unregulated chemical contaminants, according to a recent government survey.
  5. Cocoa vs. fluoride

    A secret ingredient in cocoa can protect teeth better than fluoride.
  6. Water standards sink to new lows

    California's new standards for toxic chromium-6 are 500 times higher than the EPA's safe limit. Think that's bad? Other states have no chromium-6 standards at all!
  7. Fluoride no help for thinning bones

    Fluoride is known to break bones, not save them -- so it's no surprise that a new study finds it can't help women with the bone-thinning condition osteopenia.
  8. Chemicals in your water increase the risk of reactions to food

    Why do so many people have food allergies? It may not be what we eat -- it could be what we drink. A new study links chemicals in tap water to the condition.
  9. There's poop in your tap water!

    U.S. drinking water standards have sunk to a new low, with fecal bacteria and other bugs now responsible for more than 1.1 million illnesses every year.
  10. Your tap water could kill you

    A brain-eating amoeba turning up in US tap water is responsible for at least two deaths in Louisiana.

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