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  1. Should the feds know more about your child than you do?

    Should the feds know more about your child than you do?

    If you think parents have a right and an obligation to know about their children's health, think again. The Health and Human Services Department is working to "clarify" the laws (which they created without your vote in the first place) concerning your right to see your children's medical records.

    Current federal regulations require a minor's consent before mommy and daddy can see junior's medical records. The Secretary of Health and Human Services wants to amend the regulations to allow parents to access these records without their children's consent - but only IF the provider agrees.

    And you know what THAT means - if there is anything in the record that would incriminate your child in what the medical provider considers to be your "overly moralistic" view - an STD, for instance, or a clandestine visit to the abortionist - you'll most likely never see the record. You see, "Der Kommissars" at Health and Human Services see themselves as the protector of the child's "rights." Evidently, you as a parent have no rights. This isn't privacy - it's lunacy!

    To avoid having to make any real decision, the feds may ultimately leave the matter in the hands of the individual states. This is where things go from bad to downright ridiculous. For example, some states require parental consent before a minor may have her virginal and pristine ears pierced. Yet these same states restrict the parent's access to their child's records concerning contraception, abortion, or STDs. Ludicrous, isn't it?

    Planes, veins, and altitude deals

    Last month, a British rugby player filed suit against an Australian airline after a blood clot that formed in his legs during an extended flight moved into his lungs and became life threatening. This is not an isolated occurrence, either. In the United States, the press has dubbed this alarming incidence of high-altitude blood clotting - with consequent embolism and (often) death - as "Economy-Class Syndrome." However, distinguished professors of medicine in England report that the risk is the same no matter what kind of deal you got on your seat. (They didn't correlate the incidence of embolism with buttock size, but maybe they should have.)

    About 143 patients have DIED from deep vein thrombosis (the technical term for what happened to the rugby-playing plaintiff) in the hospitals around Britain's Gatwick Airport alone. Most of these cases occur after long-haul flights. The problem is a serious one - and not only in England, but worldwide.

    According to a report in the London Telegraph, airlines are supposed to encourage passengers to move about the cabin. But the more time you spend out of your seat (or unbuckled in your seat) the more likely you are to experience permanent paralysis or death if a sudden downdraft propels you straight up into the ceiling - it can happen in a heartbeat. Besides, all that foot traffic will make it impossible for the flight attendants to cart out those vodka martinis I love so much.

    The solution is simple: Learn how to exercise in your seat. Wiggle your toes. Flex your ankles, knees and thighs. Tense and relax your thighs and calves. Scrunch your butt-cheeks together. Easy, huh? So why didn't the airlines think of this, instead of recommending in-flight, middle-of-the-aisle jumping jacks? Perhaps the effects of thrombosis have deprived their brains of oxygen

  2. Bee propolis one, urologists zero

    Bee propolis one, urologists zero

    In the next issue of Real Health, I'm going to tell you all about an herbal treatment for benign prostate enlargement that performs better than the most common prescription. Of course, the pharmaceutical industry is working to ensure that doctors continue to dispense the prescription. You might think this is just one isolated case - our RESPONSIBLE medical community would NEVER push a prescription down our throats when an herbal supplement performs better, right? Hmmm

    A recent study compared a popular prescription drug, Zovirax, to an herbal supplement available in most health food stores, bee propolis. (Bee propolis is a waxy substance collected by honeybees.) Ninety men and women were randomly divided into three equally sized groups and treated with propolis, acyclovir (Zovirax) or placebo ointments. The results were impressive and heavily in favor of bee propolis. The outbreaks of 80 percent of people in the propolis group were completely healed in just 10 days, compared with only 4 percent in the acyclovir group and 40 percent in the placebo group.

    So how many urologists (the docs that treat most venereal diseases) do you suppose will not prescribe bee propolis instead of Zovirax? Probably only those with herpes themselves

    A shot in the dark

    In 1993, the NIH began an experiment on seven volunteers with hepatitis B. Everyone is eager to find a cure for this deadly disease, which kills millions. Before it was all said and done, four of the subjects had died of liver and kidney failure, prompting a Washington Post reporter covering the study to describe the disease as "maddeningly untreatable."

    But hepatitis B is NOT "maddeningly untreatable." In treating AIDS patients over ten years ago, I found that those with hepatitis B infection responded without exception to UV light therapy (photoluminescence). Keep in mind that these were patients with severely damaged immune systems, yet they consistently responded to UV light therapy. Yet this is rarely offered as an option in traditional medicine.

    So what's going on here? Why aren't they using a therapy that can save millions of lives, safely and cheaply? It's because of a strange blindness in the scientific mind that goes back throughout history, one that's mysterious and downright bizarre. Scientists-especially in medicine-have been mesmerized by what they think they know. Their cage of certitude is almost impenetrable, to the detriment of us all.

    By the way, one of the more imbecilic medical assaults on the American people in recent years is the drive to immunize children against hepatitis B. Assuming that the vaccine even works, your six-year-old child is not at risk. Transmission is through sex and intravenous drug use. These children are in more danger from the shot than from the disease.

  3. They must ALL be nuts!

    The Annals of Internal Medicine that patients be screened for depression during the PCP's annual medical exam. Are people still doing THAT? Won't they ever learn that if they feel well it's best to avoid doctors?
  4. Grab your gun-- before your doctor does

    There is a small coalition of doctors who are using medicine to hide their REAL political agenda - gun control.
  5. Vegetarians looking for carnivore converts

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    Young people in Asia have turned away from their vegetarian roots and have teamed up with decadent Westerners to eat dead animals…. Preventive bypass surgery may cause you to have a stroke.

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