Diet and food safety

  1. Watch out! Hidden food additive is WRECKING your gut

    Gluten has been the ire for the rising number of folks with Celiac disease for some time now. And for good reason.

    The extreme pain…


    Extra trips to the bathroom…

    Plus being out of commission for DAYS following just a little exposure.

    All because the protein—found in wheat, barley, and rye—causes your immune system to OVER-REACT and ATTACK your gut.

    This intolerance can be silent; it can evade blood tests and disguise itself as other ailments.

    So often, the only way to really tell if you have celiac disease is to eliminate gluten ENTIRELY from your diet and see if your symptoms improve.

    But even THAT might not be good enough anymore...

    Because now, there’s a HIDDEN FOOD ADDITIVE that is causing the same DAMAGE as gluten for those with celiac.

    Not only that, if you don’t currently suffer from celiac... this additive could TRIGGER IT!

    Today, we’ll EXPOSE this lurking danger. Then, I’ll show you how you can protect yourself.

    The chemical hiding in your food

    Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder where gluten TRIGGERS the immune system to attack the gut.

    That all said, nobody knows for sure what causes it—until now...

    A new study published in early January finds a direct correlation between an increase in the use of food additives and the rise of celiac.

    It suggests a common food additive—an enzyme called “microbial transglutaminase”—could both CAUSE and TRIGGER these autoimmune attacks.

    Researchers believe it can make celiac even worse...

    It breaks down gluten into its most gut-irritating components. It’s even been proven through bloodwork!

    Getting around this secret additive

    There’s only ONE way to avoid this hidden food additive: DON’T CONSUME baked goods you haven’t made yourself.

    There’s an easy way to accomplish this. Even better...

    • Once you start you won’t even crave those foods.
    • Plus, you’ll naturally heal your gut and become far healthier overall.

    It’s called the Paleo Diet. I’ve recommended it countless times. Regardless of who starts this diet, it’s proven beneficial every single time.

    It’s super easy to follow. All you do is eat anything your ancestors would have eaten—meat, fish, vegetables, nuts and seeds… and occasionally, fruit—in that order.

    Notice the lack of gluten-containing products. There AREN’T any!

    But if you still want to indulge in a baked good every now and then, there are plenty of much healthier alternatives like coconut and almond flour.

  2. This summer berry is a blood flow hero

    It's a sure sign that we're in the waning weeks of summer: The store shelves are crammed with back-to-school stuff!

    And as the season begins to wind down, you want to grab every chance you get to enjoy not only warm-weather relaxation… but also the delicious summer produce that's still overflowing at the market.

    Juicy berries are stars of the season -- and according to a new study, there’s one kind of sweet treat you don't want to miss at its peak.

    I’m talking about raspberries.

    As it turns out, these bright-red berries can help you "relax" in one place that really counts: your blood vessels!

    In the study published in the Archives of Biochemistry and Physics, researchers tested the blood vessel function of a group of healthy adults and then randomly assigned them to drink either a frozen raspberry beverage or a control beverage with no raspberries.

    Two hours later, when the researchers re-tested the participants' blood vessel function, they found that those who drank the raspberry beverage had IMPROVED "flow-mediated dilation" (FMD), a sign that their blood vessels had relaxed.

    Those who drank the control beverage, on the other hand, saw no FMD improvement.

    And the raspberry drinkers' blood vessel relaxation was still going strong 24 hours later!

    Now, as I've shared with you before, you want your blood vessels to be relaxed as possible -- because when they're stiff and constricted, blood can't gush freely to every nook and cranny.

    And that lack of blood flow can deprive your heart and brain of nutrient-rich blood, setting you up for cardiovascular disease... and even cognitive decline.

    The theory is that raspberries can help relax your blood vessels because they're loaded with ellagic acid, a compound that’s known to support vascular health.

    Sure enough, those who drank the raspberry beverage in the study had higher levels of ellagic acid in their blood and urine than those who didn't drink any raspberries.

    Plus, raspberries are packed with vitamin C, which has also been proven to boost blood vessel function , not to mention fortify your immune system and protect your eye health.

    And the benefits of raspberries don't stop there. Previous studies have shown that they can ease inflammation ....... slash your risk of stroke ... and even beat back cancer .

    Even though they're at their sweetest and juiciest in summer, you can find raspberries in most grocery stores year-round.

    They're delicious on their own, but you can also get the "mouth feel" of an icy dessert by stirring crushed raspberries into Greek yogurt or blending frozen raspberries into smoothies.

    Just stay away from raspberry-flavored ice cream, sorbet, and popsicles -- because these sugar bombs won't do your blood vessels a "lick" of good.

    And whenever possible, buy organic berries to keep toxic pesticides OUT of your system.

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