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  1. Shhh! Big Pharma won’t tell you about this POWERFUL cancer treatment

    There are few diseases worse than cancer.

    It’s easy to imagine why folks would turn to just about ANYTHING in order to get rid of it.

    You’re desperate so you’re willing to jump through whatever hoops necessary… do whatever your doctor tells you…

    Even if it means taking one...two...three...or even four drugs—each with their own nasty side effects and risks—at once.

    Now, don’t get me wrong. There are times when chemotherapy and other Big Pharma drugs make the most sense for your case.

    But be aware there may be something else out there...

    Something that’s MORE EFFECTIVE and LESS DANGEROUS.

    And you certainly won’t hear about it from greedy Big Pharma!

    Big Pharma’s latest cancer cure could leave you EVEN SICKER

    Your body is complex – and so is cancer. Sometimes it takes more than one approach to get your body back in shape.

    That’s understandable.

    It’s why mainstream medicine uses several chemotherapy drugs in its latest approach; some attack the cancer, and some help cover up those drugs’ side effects.

    This treatment is called R-CHOP. It’s an acronym for the names of the five cancer drugs involved.

    Sure, R-CHOP might be the best course in some cases.

    But it simply doesn’t make sense as a “go-to” cancer treatment...

    I always tell people… if a food, supplement, or other treatment is causing you to react poorly, STOP TAKING IT.

    That’s common sense. After all, why would you want to damage your body any further?

    And here we have a standard cancer therapy that uses more drugs to cancel out the side effects other drugs...

    Folks, there are other options out there!

    Don’t ignore this PROVEN natural cancer therapy

    Take a look at intravenous vitamin C (IVC).

    The National Institutes of Health have conducted successful studies on using IVC to treat cancer.

    And the University of Kansas Medical Center even publishes an IVC protocol that cancer doctors can use. (I’ve been using IVC to treat cancer patients at my own clinic for years and I’ve personally seen it save lives.)

    IVC shoots a high dose of vitamin C directly into your bloodstream. This allows it to seek out and attack cancer cells ASAP.

    Even better, there are virtually no downsides...

    High doses of IVC kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. That’s because, in high enough doses, vitamin C is broken down into hydrogen peroxide, which is toxic to cancer cells… but not to healthy cells.

    In other words, you’ll avoid the laundry list of life-threatening side effects from Big Pharma’s cancer drugs.

    Now, IVC isn’t guaranteed to destroy cancer—nothing is.

    But it’s proven to weaken cancer cells so they can be obliterated with another intervention.

    That means you can go on fewer risky drugs, and the drugs that you ARE on will work better.

    What’s more, IVC can help you AVOID ever getting cancer in the first place.

    Pretty incredible!

    Of course, determining which cancer treatment is right for you is a very personal choice. I say it’s always best to consider ALL options (much to Big Pharma’s dislike).

    I’d encourage you to speak with a holistic doctor and discuss your best course of treatment if you think IVC might be a good option for you.

  2. Ward off cognitive decline with blueberries

    Boost your gray matter with this blue fruit

    We all forget life's little details from time to time.

    As we age, however, these lapses in memory and focus can become a bit more troublesome.

    But British researchers have found that you can help keep your mind and memory sharp by making a delicious addition to your diet that's small… but mighty.

    According to a new study, you can improve your brain function and memory by eating blueberries!

    In the study, healthy seniors drank either concentrated blueberry juice (the equivalent of 8 ounces of fresh blueberries) or a placebo every day for three months.

    Based on their performance on cognitive tests at the end of the study, blueberry juice drinkers showed improvements in brain activity, brain function, and working memory – while the placebo group didn't improve significantly.

    This could be because, as MRI brain scans showed, blood flow to the brain significantly increased after the blueberry boost.

    If you’ve been reading my eTips (and my monthly Nutrition & Healing newsletter) for a while now, you know that our bodies NEED that blood to FLOW!

    Now, I should note that all participants in the study -- both the blueberry and placebo groups – had already been eating more than five fruits and vegetables each day as part of their normal diets.

    But there was something about blueberries in particular. So, if you're struggling with memory and focus, try adding blueberries into your daily meals.

    Pile blueberries into a bowl of Paleo (no-grain) granola at breakfast, toss them into a spinach salad at lunch, grab a handful with nuts as a snack, or top them with some Greek yogurt for dessert.

    You can also drink your blueberries! Blueberry juice has become widely available, though you’ll want to make sure there’s no added sugar. You may want to opt instead for blueberry powder or blueberry juice concentrate – like what was used in the new study – which are available at your local health food store.

    The only possible side effect? A blue tongue!

    To Your Health,

    Dr. Glenn S. Rothfeld, M.D.

    P.S. Studies have also shown that eating plenty of fruits and veggies can boost your brain volume – and if there’s one thing you don’t want to shrink as you get older, it’s your brain.

    I’ve found something else that can help put the brakes on that shrinkage – and I’ve included it in my latest breakthrough formula, NeuroBrin.

    We’ve hardly been able to keep up with the demand for it, but I’ve saved a few bottles just for you. Claim them right here.

  3. Reduce diabetes risk with berries

    The forbidden way to beat diabetes We're about 10 days away from the official start of autumn -- which means that you'll soon be swapping short sleeves for sweaters and flip-flops for boots. And as the bounty at the farmers market turns from peaches to pumpkins... and cherries to apples... it's time to say goodbye to those special summer flavors...
  4. Reverse brain shrinkage with this ‘neuro-boosting’ combo

    Give your aging brain superpowers with THIS It’s been summer blockbuster season at movie theaters across the country -- and that means that our “silver screens” have been filled with stories about guys and gals who woke up as superheroes after taking a blow to the head or falling into a vat of nuclear waste. It’s nice to escape from...
  5. Reverse brain shrinkage with this ‘neuro-boosting’ combo

    Give your aging brain superpowers with THIS It’s been summer blockbuster season at movie theaters across the country -- and that means that our “silver screens” have been filled with stories about guys and gals who woke up as superheroes after taking a blow to the head or falling into a vat of nuclear waste. It’s nice to escape from...
  6. Saunas improve brain power

    The spa secret that clears out the cobwebs It's been a long, hot summer. With month after month of record-breaking temperatures, everyone's been sweating it out from coast to coast. And now that fall is approaching... and the weather's beginning to cool down... the LAST thing you may want to do is sign up for something that gives those sweat...
  7. Slow macular degeneration by avoiding blue light

    Could your smartphone make you go BLIND? You use it to connect to your friends and family... navigate your way around town... and even read books and watch movies. If you're like most folks these days, your smartphone has become your constant companion. And the more games, texts, photos, and apps you've got on it, the longer you're likely to...
  8. Lose weight by cutting processed foods

    The surprising trick to losing weight effortlessly Whether you've been told to count calories, "points," or carbs, trying to shed pounds can often feel like a numbers game. If you want to lower your number on the scale, you've got to do the math about what you put in your mouth. Right? And on some popular diet plans, that means...
  9. Inactivity shrinks your brain and boosts dementia risk

    Could sitting around make your brain cells DIE? Use it or lose it. That old saying may sound trite -- but when it comes to staying spry as we age, nothing could be truer. You can't keep up your tennis game if you rarely play... or be the toast of the dance floor if you don't stay on your toes...
  10. Vitamin D repairs heart damage

    For heart health, let the sunshine in Call it Old Faithful. Vitamin D has been working its healing powers ever since the first rays of light came out of the sun. And with all we already know that D can do, it's clear that we've only begun to scratch the surface. This morning, I shared with you how folks who...

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