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  1. Chinese plant dang shen relieves COPD symptoms

    "Poor man's" plant may bring fast COPD relief

    Just a walk to fetch the newspaper can leave you huffing and puffing like you just ran an Olympic marathon.

    But instead of a gold medal around your neck, you're strapping an oxygen mask to your face.

    You're spending nights on the couch because you can't bear to walk the stairs. Even that daily walk at the mall with friends has been scrapped... maybe for good... because doctors have told you that your chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) is incurable.

    They've even told you that the panting, wheezing and coughing is only going to get worse.

    Well, friend, it's time to stop feeling hopeless -- and to start feeling better. Because a massive new international study proves that a simple Asian plant could dramatically improve your breathing and send your stamina levels soaring.

    A joint research team from China and Australia analyzed 48 studies on dang shen, which has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries to treat everything from indigestion to high blood pressure.

    You may have heard dang shen called the "poor man's ginseng" because it comes from a plant that's abundant and easily harvested all across Asia. You can buy a full month's supply for pennies a day.

    And this is one case where you DON'T get what you pay for -- you get so much more.

    Researchers found that dang shen extract actually increased air volume better than conventional prescription drugs. And if you're lugging around a steroid inhaler or pills... which come with side effects ranging from heart palpitations to mood swings... that's the best news you've heard in a while.

    Even if you're not ready to ditch that trusty inhaler, dang shen can help. When volunteers took dang shen along with their prescription medications, they were able to walk longer and reported fewer "exacerbations."

    An "exacerbation" is another word for COPD hell. It's a period of days... or even weeks... when your symptoms worsen and there's nothing your doctor can do about it.

    COPD doesn't just take the air out of your lungs -- it takes the joy out of your life. It leaves you sitting on the sidelines during your golden years, when you should be taking that cruise with your spouse or playing with the grandkids.

    Talk with your doc about giving dang shen a try (you'll find it easily online or at health food stores) and see if it can help ease some of your COPD misery. It just may deliver the one thing every COPD patient has been waiting for.

    A breath of fresh air.

  2. Tree lichens may hold next great cancer cure

    Could this ugly tree growth hold the next great cancer cure?

    I have a friend who owned a parrot for years -- and it was a blast to come visit.

    At first.

    But before long, you realize this genius of the animal kingdom can only say two or three things -- like "pretty boy" or "hello" -- and he says them over...and over... and over again.

    And if that sounds like torture to you, steer clear of your local mainstream cancer doctor. Because he may have traded the green feathers for a white coat, but he still only knows three words.

    Cancer, radiation and surgery.

    Whether you have early-stage breast cancer, a prostate tumor -- or anything in between -- most doctors will be sizing you up for what Dr. Douglass calls the "Big 3" in no time.

    You deserve a cancer treatment that won't leave you with ugly scars or radioactive blood. Or how about a treatment that doesn't destroy healthy tissue right alongside cancer cells?

    If that sounds good to you, it's time to teach your doctor two new words that could improve your cancer care and maybe even save your life -- tree fungus.

    It sounds crazy, but researchers from BYU just wrapped up a major study analyzing the lichens that grow in tree fungus, and they think they may have stumbled upon the next great (and safe) cancer cure.

    Researchers studied the anti-cancer effects of 17 species of lichens from North America. If you remember from your high school science class, lichens are organisms that grow in those blotchy fungal patches you often see on the sides of trees.

    Well, lichens may not be easy on the eyes -- but they're awfully tough on cancer. Extracts from 14 of the 17 species killed cancer cells, and one species was like a cancer-seeking missile.

    Tuckermannopsis ciliaris, a lichen that flourishes throughout Appalachia, increased apoptosis -- a process that kills cancer cells -- by more than 700 percent. And it took just 48 hours.

    You're never going to hear about this in your typical cancer doctor's office. They avoid talking about natural cancer treatments the way a cat avoids a bath.

    But the truth is, lichens have been used in alternative medicine for centuries to treat everything from cancer to ulcers. Some lichen extracts like usnea are widely available online and at local health stores.

    When it comes to natural cancer treatments -- and cancer prevention -- you deserve to have all options on the table, not just the three most dangerous, toxic and expensive. If you're finding your cancer doctor's vocabulary a little limited, see if he recognizes these two words.

    Second opinion.

  3. Vitamin A may hold key to beating diabetes

    Have Cornell researchers discovered a vitamin cure for diabetes? Even a broken clock is right twice a day -- but I'm guessing if your clock was wrong 6 million times, it would be “time" for a new one. But when it comes to diabetes advice, that's exactly how often the mainstream has been wrong. A little more than 6 million times. You see, most doctors claim you can beat diabetes with salad and a gym membership. Eat right and exercise, and your blood sugar will fall into line. Continue reading →
  4. Boswellia serrata relieves stubborn knee arthritis pain

    Can this Indian tree bark fix your achy knee by golf season? If there's a movie with a better final scene than Casablanca, I haven't seen it. Who can forget Bogart and Bergman, standing in the evening fog... an airplane engine humming in the background... saying their final farewells? And if you think that's a sad goodbye, you ought to see what we guys go through when we put our golf clubs away for the winter. If you live in the Snow Belt like I do, I bet that driver and your trusty 7-iron have been beckoning from the garage since late October. Continue reading →
  5. Turn to zinc lozenges to conquer winter cold

    Escape head cold hell with this proven natural cure I've always said that there are two types of people -- and only two types -- who claim winter is their favorite season. Skiers and sadists.   Maybe it's because I don't like throwing my back out shoveling snow... or tumbling head over heels on icy steps... or losing feeling in my fingers and toes... but winter can't end fast enough for me. And the worst part is that at least once a winter, we all end up saddled with the hacking cough, stuffed-up sinuses, and throbbing noggin that come with a head cold. The next thing you know, you're going through tissues the way Liz Taylor went through husbands. Continue reading →
  6. "Lazarus plant" ashwagandha brings energy levels back from the dead

    Astonishing "Lazarus plant" brings energy levels back from the dead It's one of the most remarkable miracles of the Bible... a tale that has sparked wonder and awe among the world's faithful for thousands of years. In the tiny village of Bethany -- just a mile or so outside of Jerusalem --a man named Lazarus was brought back from the dead after four long days. To this day the name "Lazarus" has become synonymous with resurrection... rejuvenation... and being given a miraculous second chance at life. Continue reading →
  7. Flu shot doesn't work!

    CDC FINALLY admits to flu-shot failure The CDC has just issued one of its most startling confessions ever: The flu shot DOESN'T WORK. The agency says this year's dominant strain has mutated to evade the vaccine they've been pushing on everyone all season long. More than half the viruses tested by the CDC are strains NOT covered by the shot. Many of them are a version of the H3N2 strain, which has proven to be deadlier than most in the past. That's right, the vaccine is LESS effective, and the flu is MORE deadly. Continue reading →
  8. Sham federal study attacks vitamin D checks

    Federal government trying to con you out of vitamin D My mother always told me that if you don't have something good to say, don't say anything at all. And mom isn't going to be too proud of what I'm going to do next. But our government has just launched a foolish... dangerous... completely incompetent... potentially life-threatening assault on natural vitamins and supplements. They've practically declared war on your ability to steer clear of bone loss, diabetes and even cancer. And you need to know about it now. Continue reading →
  9. Marriage problems can lead to heart problem

    Happy wife, happy heart? You see it in the papers all the time: Someone dies after a longtime marriage, and his or her spouse goes months or even days later. "He died of a broken heart," they always say. Well, friend, that may be true... but if you think the loss of a beloved spouse is bad for the heart, you should see what the constant, nagging presence of a less-than-supportive partner will do your ticker. I've warned you before how bad marriages lead to bad health. Now, new research shows how a critical or demanding spouse can lead directly to heart disease. Continue reading →
  10. Powerful Mediterranean plant soothes away stress and depression

    You can't even turn on the radio these days without hearing some chipper holiday carol. Santa has been waving, chuckling and ho-ho-ho-ing at the local mall since early November. If you didn't know any better, you'd think EVERYONE was happy during the holiday season. But if you're suffering from depression or seasonal affective disorder, you know that's not the case. The holiday blues can leave you chained to your couch, skipping the holiday party circuit and nixing shopping dates with friends. If you want relief fast... and don't want to wait months for Big Pharma's dangerous prescription antidepressants to kick in... a safe, natural solution may be sitting right under your nose. Literally. Continue reading →

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