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  1. Glutathione may help prevent dementia

    Can moo juice banish senior moments? Only if you drink the right kind

    Milk might do a body good, but it does a brain even better -- because a key component of farm-fresh moo juice has the power to fight oxidative stress in your noggin and keep dementia at bay.

    But don't head out to Sam's Club to stock up on giant jugs of milk just yet, because there's a HUGE catch here, which I'll get to in a moment.

    First, a groundbreaking new study finds that milk drinkers have higher levels of glutathione in the brain. The more you drink, the higher your levels, according to brain scans of 60 older adults.

    If you're like most people, you've never heard of glutathione.

    It's time to get acquainted, because glutathione is the "master antioxidant" that can fight off the damage of oxidative stress and free radicals -- and there's no part of your body more vulnerable to that damage than your brain.

    The more oxidative stress, the more likely you can expect to battle conditions such as cognitive decline and all that comes with it, including the downward spiral that leads to Alzheimer's disease.

    But as the study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows, you just might be able to prevent it by drinking more milk.

    The secret's something Little Miss Muffet could tell you all about: whey. Milk has whey, and whey is rich in cysteine, an amino acid your liver converts to glutathione and sends to your brain to fight aging.

    Ready for the catch? It's a doozy: Little Miss Muffet wouldn't be caught dead getting her whey from supermarket milk... because it's actually a lousy source of the stuff.

    The heat-treating, nutrition-robbing, life-killing pasteurization process burns off the whey, leaving precious little behind. And the higher temperatures of the "ultra" pasteurization process used to give longer shelf lives to pricier organics wipes it out almost completely.

    So if you REALLY want to boost your glutathione and protect your brain, forget what's on sale at the supermarket this week and drink only real milk -- milk so fresh you can almost hear the "moo" of the cow your "moo juice" came from.

    Farm-fresh RAW milk is the best source of the amino acids your liver can convert to glutathione, and one of the best natural sources of brain-friendly fats around.

    The powers-that-be have fought for years to keep this stuff away from you, but I'm happy to report that they are losing the battle -- because raw milk is more widely available now than it's been in years.

    Just do a simple online search and odds are you can find a responsible raw milk producer near you.

    With big moos for your brain,

    William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

  2. Homeopathy regulation under discussion in DC

    Beware the FDAs hidden agenda to hogtie homeopathy

    Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door. But make a safer and more effective remedy, and you'll find someone else beating at your door: an FDA goon squad ready to shut you down!

    The feds have a long history of coming down fast and hard on anyone who upends the status quo. And now, they're getting ready to bring the hammer down on homeopathy.

    Millions of Americans have found out first-hand that natural homeopathic remedies are better, cheaper, safer and more effective than Big Pharma's overpriced snake oil -- and if you don't think that's driving them bonkers in D.C., just take a look at what happened at the FDA offices last month.

    They spent TWO FULL DAYS publicly wringing their greasy little hands over homeopathy, holding a series of meetings they claimed were triggered by "safety concerns."

    That news alone triggered my BS meter -- because while I've heard plenty about homeopathy, pro and con, the one thing nearly everyone agrees on is that the remedies are as safe as mother's milk.

    As it turns out, the stuffed suits at the FDA had to dredge up something that happened SIX YEARS AGO to illustrate their "safety concerns."

    Back in 2009, some folks who took the Zicam cold remedy lost their sense of smell -- but get this: The Zicam formula sold at the time was NOT a true homeopathic remedy in ANY sense of the word.

    Homeopathic remedies are heavily diluted – which is why critics try to argue that they're mostly water.

    The Zicam formula sold at the time was 10 percent zinc. That's not homeopathy -- that's a zinc supplement, and a very potent one at that. Regulating homeopathy over the Zicam incident would be like regulating airplanes over a boating accident.

    Yet that's exactly what the feds are up to.

    They want you to believe homeopathy is some kind of Wild West and they need a badge to bring order. But this is just another blatant D.C. powergrab, because the feds ALREADY have all the power they need to ensure the safety of homeopathic remedies.

    Don't believe me? There's a lengthy document on the FDA's own website that spells out all the rules that makers of homeopathic remedies must follow.

    So don't fall for FDA fear-mongering. Homeopathic remedies won't work for everything, but they WILL work for many things -- and if you think you could benefit, go ahead and give them a try (while you still can!).

  3. Coffee can fight breast cancer

    Keep the coffee coming for better breast health Isn't it funny how often the stuff they keep swearing is "bad" for us turns out to be good? The same nicotine the know-it-alls claim causes cancer is now being looked at as the next great cure for brain diseases. The booze that was once flat-out banned by a Constitutional amendment can prevent heart disease, dementia and more. And the caffeine you've been told to limit or even avoid altogether just might be one of the most potent cancer-fighters around, especially for women. That's right, ladies. Pour yourself a big mug of hot fresh coffee, because new research confirms that coffee in general, and caffeine in particular, has the power to save your ta-tas. Continue reading →
  4. New mammogram guidelines are flat-out wrong

    Paranoid push for MORE mammograms puts women in danger In all my years of medical practice, the only disease I couldn't treat was hypochondria. We all have hypochondriacs in our lives, and I saw plenty in my office -- folks who thought every sniffle was pneumonia and every cough needed a chest X-ray. And I had to tell lots of these folks that no doctor worth his salt orders dangerous and expensive tests based on nothing but paranoia. That's just common sense. But when it comes to breast cancer, our government is asking thousands of doctors to toss logic right out the window. New guidelines say women can get radiation-packed mammograms pretty much whenever they want... even when they're NOT medically necessary! Continue reading →
  5. L. rhamnosus keeps your gut balanced

    Meet the powerful commander of your gut's bacterial army Ateeeeeen-hut! It doesn't matter how long it's been since you left the service. Could've been 40, 50, 60 years ago or more -- but when you hear it, your muscles twitch almost involuntarily and you're ready to fall in (and if you don't move fast enough, you know the sarge is going to have you drop and give him 20). You know how raw some recruits are. They can't scratch an itch on their rear ends without an order and a map. The bacteria in your gut are like that. They're disorderly, undisciplined and practically hopeless -- hardly the microscopic warriors you need to help you win the fight against chronic disease. They need a drill sergeant who can make them fall in -- they need a tough commanding officer to tell them where to go and what to do. Continue reading →
  6. Medical testing trend leads to over-treatment

    New billionaire-backed testing trend could get you killed There are plenty of things you deserve as a patient: respect, quality care, and better magazines in the waiting room. What you don't deserve is the "frog treatment." That's when you're poked and prodded in every way you can imagine -- plus a few you can't -- like a frog in high-school biology class. But obnoxious billionaire super-brat Mark Cuban wants you to get tested 'til you're ready to croak. He's urging folks to submit to just about every screening imaginable -- and to get tested for everything, every three months. He says there's no such thing as too much information, and that may be true... when it comes to investing. I can't touch the guy's credentials in that department. Continue reading →
  7. Proton pump inhibitors

    Heartburn meds in terrifying new kidney failure risk Memorial Day is just around the corner, and I hope you're planning a big bash to officially ring in summer. Fire up the grill, put the beer on ice and have some baseball on the radio while the buddies come over to BS. Does it get any better than that? But whether it's the sauerkraut on a hotdog... the big tray of baked beans that always shows up... or Cousin Jeb's "mystery meat" chili, someone's bound to get a visit from the acid monster. And that's when what should be one of the best days of the year can quickly turn into one of the worst -- because that's when you reach for a drug that promises quick relief. Does it work? Does it ever! There's a reason proton pump inhibitors are so popular, and that's because they can scare off the acid the way Liz Taylor scared off husbands. Continue reading →
  8. Supermarket shrimp are crawling with bacteria

    BACTERIA WARNING: Don't eat the shrimp! If you love shrimp, I'm about to spoil your gumbo -- because whatever image you have about where they come from is flat-out wrong. They're not pulled out of pristine Gulf waters by Forrest Gump and his pals. They're not even pulled from oil-soaked Gulf waters by Louisiana fisherman, toweled clean and shipped to your supermarket. No, friend, it's much worse than that. Most of today's shrimp aren't fresh, they're frozen. They're raised in a filthy chemical stew in Southeast Asia -- and the shrimp they're freezing and sending to your supermarket are coated in something that sure ain't cocktail sauce. Continue reading →
  9. Apnea linked to dementia

    Could your snoring be causing brain damage? Docs used to think the biggest long-term risk linked to snoring was a bad back -- caused when your wife evicts you from the bedroom and you're forced to sleep on the sofa. Today, we know better. We know that sleeping on the sofa is the least of your worries -- because loud...
  10. BPA damages fertility for three generations

    Study: BPA chemical is a three generation fertility bomb BPA isn't just a poison. It's a curse -- and like any curse of old, this one gets passed down from generation to generation. Yes, my friend, a little exposure today won't just hurt YOU tomorrow. It could hurt your kids… and even your grandkids, because the latest research reveals this...

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