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  1. Ease prostatitis with better gum care

    Having an inflamed prostate can be so frustrating you feel like breaking out into a big ugly man cry.

    But I'm about to flip those sobs of frustration into tears of relief, because there's a quick and easy trick that can turn your prostate problems into a thing of the past.

    All you have to do is go into your bathroom, reach behind the mirror and pull out one of those packs of floss the dentist keeps sending you home with.

    You know... the ones you never even bother to open.

    Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to do anything weird with it. Just use it the way you're supposed to. Spend a minute or two after meals flossing, because it turns out cleaning up your gums can improve your prostate problems.

    I know that sounds like some kind of old wives' tale -- or I guess in this case an old husbands' tale -- but the latest research finds that clean gums can improve the symptoms of prostatitis nearly 80 percent of the time.

    In the study, 21 of 27 men with prostatitis who were treated for gum disease improved.

    Gum disease is inflammation of the gums. Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate. Yes, these are two parts of the body as different as can be -- but we know that inflammation in the gums doesn't stay there.

    The germs that cause gum inflammation can hitch a ride in your bloodstream (especially if you have bleeding gums) and cause inflammation just about everywhere else. And your prostate might actually be the least of your worries -- because gum disease has also been linked to heart attack, stroke, arthritis, Alzheimer's and more.

    That's a real line up of dastardly diseases right there, but you might be able to avoid them ALL just by taking better care of your mouth.

    Along with flossing, use an oral irrigator such as a Waterpik. And don't forget to take care of your teeth the Douglass way: skip the store-bought toothpastes (especially the ones with fluoride) and make your own by mixing baking soda with three percent hydrogen peroxide.

    Work the paste into your teeth and gums with your fingertips -- you don't even need a toothbrush -- and rinse with the peroxide.

    You'll have the whitest, brighter and strongest smile in town.

  2. How Big Pharma controls TV news

    If you'd have told me back in the 60's that I'd be applauding any member of the Kennedy clan I'd have stabbed you with my Goldwater pin.

    But here in 2015, I'm ready to give Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a pat on the back for using his family's money, power and influence to bring attention to Big Pharma's shady practices.

    He's been fighting tooth and nail against the forced vaccination laws being rammed into place in the People's Republic of California, speaking out publicly about the poisons hidden in each needle and the very real and permanent damage being done to America's kids.

    Kennedy has also shown how Big Pharma has manipulated the laws, including rules that make drug companies completely exempt from lawsuits over vaccinations.

    He's been holding public meetings... he's done interviews on the radio and online... he's even done the talk show circuit.

    But there's one place you haven't seen him: on the nightly T.V. news!

    And you know how the media just adores the Kennedys. If he'd been seen stepping out with some hot model, they would've been all over that story like flies buzzing around an outhouse

    But since he was speaking out against the drug industry, not a peep.

    Why? He said in an interview with Jesse Ventura that one network news president told him flat-out they can't do any negative stories on Big Pharma because the industry provides 70 percent of their non-election-year revenue.

    That might sound a little far-fetched at first, but it sure would explain a lot -- so I did some digging, and then I did some math.

    And believe it or not, his numbers add up.

    Pew Research Center says the total annual revenue for cable and broadcast news is $12.8 billion a year, with two-thirds of it coming from local TV. The rest is what the networks get, and that leaves them with a total of $4.2 billion.

    Going by Junior's numbers, 70 percent of that would be $2.9 billion.

    In 2012, Big Pharma spent $3.1 billion on direct-to-consumer advertising, and that's NOT including print ads. In other words, the bulk of that $3.1 billion went to TV ads.

    Yes, my friend, suddenly Kennedy's 70 percent figure isn't so far-fetched at all, is it?

    Of course, this is the same industry that gave us Lyin' Brian Williams and Little Georgie Stephanopo-fraud, so it's hardly surprising to find out that they and all their colleagues are paid Big Pharma shills.

    It's more evidence that you can't count on the "news" to deliver the news, but who needs those clowns anymore anyway?

    You have information at your fingertips, and the power to do your own research whenever you want thanks to the Internet.

    But most of all, you have ME, and I'll continue to deliver the truth directly to your mailbox.

  3. Fenugreek can boost women's sexual health

    There's no drug for women's sexual health, but you don't need one anyway. New research shows that an ancient herbal remedy called fenugreek can increase libido in women.
  4. Obamacare rates jump by up to 51 percent

    The new Obamacare rates are coming in, and they're going to be higher than ever -- with some jumping by as much as 51 percent.
  5. Alcohol is safe for the heart

    A new study claims alcohol can hurt the heart, but the study actually proved no such thing. REAL science shows moderate drinking can actually PROTECT your ticker.
  6. Power your muscle with fish oil

    We all lose muscle as we age, but there's a simple way to get it back. New research shows that fish oil can restore muscle and help you to regain strength.
  7. Parkinson's disease linked to depression

    Parkinson's disease doesn't strike out of the blue. It can be caused by other conditions, including depression. Beat depression, and you just might beat Parkinson's, too.
  8. Fish oil can restore cognitive flexibility

    Fish oil can help improve cognitive flexibility in seniors, or the ability to switch between mental tasks.
  9. Heart failure and depression are a deadly combination

    Heart failure is deadly enough on its own. But new research finds that when combined with depression, your death risk jumps by 500 percent.
  10. Metabolic syndrome strikes half of all seniors

    Metabolic syndrome is getting more common, with new research showing that half of all seniors now have the condition.

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