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  1. The Dental Hygiene Business is Booming

    The Dental Hygiene Business is Booming

    Smile and say "hydrogen peroxide"

    Periodontitis isn't pretty. It involves infection and subsequent rotting of the gums around the teeth. Obviously, no one wants this sort of thing to occur, which is why the dental hygiene business is booming.

    Oral care products are everywhere: You've probably seen all sorts of fancy toothpastes and mouthwashes on the shelves of your local supermarket, all of them promising (at least by implication) to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

    Many brands now boast "baking soda and peroxide" as added ingredients. But why spend over three dollars on a tube of toothpaste when you can get the same, if not better, results from using the real things?

    The procedure couldn't be easier: A mixture of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is rubbed into the gums two or three times a day. And, on its own, 3 percent H202 is the most effective mouthwash available.

    Mouthing off about junk medicine,
    William Campbell Douglass II, MD

  2. CCB's May Increase Cardiovascular Events

    CCB's MayIncrease Cardiovascular Events

    The hypertension shell game

    Twenty-five years ago, doctors were all excited about a new class of drugs for treating high blood pressure. Beta-blockers had failed them, so they needed a new miracle. They got it in the form of calcium channel blockers (CCBs), which were an instant hit.

    Now, nine studies have shown that the miracle CCBs don't work any better than the older, less expensive drugs.

    CCBs were no match for the older drugs (diuretics, ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers) when it came to reducing cardiovascular events. Compared to patients taking the old drugs, those taking CCBs were about 26 percent more likely to have a heart attack and 25 percent more likely to experience congestive heart failure than those patients on the older and cheaper drugs.

    As one researcher put it, the lack of cardiac benefits among CCB users suggests that lowering blood pressure alone is not enough to prevent heart attacks and other complications.

    As I've said before, lowering blood pressure with drugs is a dangerous and irrational business. After 75 years of drug therapy for hypertension, we STILL don't know the cause of the disease, or even what the disease is.

    So another old doctor's tale, "controlling blood pressure prevents heart disease," goes into the historical trash bag. However, if you are currently taking a CCB, don't abruptly stop taking it, work with your doctor. The drug thinks it owns your body, and sudden cessation will make for a nasty business. It can be deadly.

    Itching to tell you the truth,
    William Campbell Douglass II, MD

  3. A New Psoriasis "Wonder Drug"

    A year later, a new psoriasis "wonder drug," under the brand name Temovate was put on the market, and, presto, it wasn't dangerous at all (so they say).
  4. Peppers Aren't Toxic at All

    When I was a kid, I heard all sorts of horror stories about what hot peppers could do to you from burning a hole through your stomach to giving you an ulcer. Contrary to those wild tales, peppers aren't toxic at all.
  5. Cocaine Provides Back Pain Solution

    The procedure involves placing a Q-tip soaked in a 10 percent cocaine solution up the nose so that it rests against the SP ganglion, located behind the back surface of the inner nasal cavity.
  6. None of the really smart or talented kids go into medicine any more

    Dr. Mark Baldree commented that his daughter's college counselors noted how competitive engineering and business schools are. When he asked her about pre-med she told him: None of the really smart or talented kids go into medicine any more.
  7. Dying Patients are still not getting relief from their pain

    A few months ago, I read an article in USA Today, which revealed that dying patients are still not getting relief from their pain. A coalition of health-care groups, called Last Acts, has released a very discouraging study involving all 50 states:
  8. Low Vitamin C, Increases Risk of Cataract Formation

    If you're still not convinced that you need more vitamin C than the puny doses recommended by the so-called government experts, perhaps the following will help bring you to your senses.
  9. Avoiding Nitrous Oxide at All Cost

    Not too many years ago, most health "authorities" considered nitrous oxide (NO) to be a toxin and recommended that it be avoided at all cost.
  10. Should we be drinking coffee?

    We're always hearing about how we shouldn't be drinking coffee (usually without any other explanation…you'd think it was rocket fuel or something). What coffee needs, I have always thought, is a good shtick, like being a miracle cure for this or that.

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