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  1. Antidepressants can cause bone breaks in women

    One day, you're battling a broken heart. The next, you're crippled from a broken hip.

    Coincidence? Not if you were taking an antidepressant!

    If folks knew the truth about "happy" pills, they'd be downright enraged. These meds come with almost no measurable benefit, but pack more risks than a trip to Syria.

    Now, new research uncovers a brand-new risk -- and ladies, this one's aimed right at you, especially if you've been going through "the change."

    Menopause alone can speed the process of bone thinning. But the new study finds that when you add an antidepressant to the mix, your bones could snap like a twig.

    SSRI drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft and Lexapro -- some of the most popular meds on the planet, especially among menopausal women -- could increase your risk of a broken bone by 76 percent in the first year, according to the study.

    Make it past that year in one piece, and your risk is still there. At year two, it's 73 percent and by year five -- if you manage to make it that far -- the risk of a bone break is 67 percent higher.

    The study in Injury Prevention focused entirely on women going through menopause, but you can bet a plaster cast and a set of crutches that the risk doesn't magically vanish after "the change."

    The same low hormone levels that cause bone loss in the first place stay with you after menopause, and if these drugs are accelerating that process then the risk will remain.

    The irony is that those same low hormones are likely what's causing your mood problems -- and there's a solution so simple that you should smack your doctor on the back of his head for not offering it right out of the gate: hormone therapy.

    Despite what you may have heard from the sensationalist simps in the media, there are minimal risks from hormone therapy done responsibly, and if you choose bioidentical hormones from an experienced naturopathic physician.

  2. Mammograms proven to cause over-treatment

    Every time I see a rally of breast cancer "survivors" marching around with their pink ribbons and passing out "SAVE THE TA-TAS" bumper stickers, I feel downright awful for them.

    These women are survivors all right... but they're not just cancer survivors.

    They're fraud survivors too, but if you try to tell them that you better be able to run fast.

    They DON'T want to hear it, and nothing you say will convince them of the fact that nearly all of them were given aggressive treatments they never needed for tumors that never would've hurt them.

    They're too busy passing out fliers for mammograms, which is how this whole swindle begins.

    You've heard me say that plenty over the years. Now, the latest research proves it, and this new 10-year study isn't some out-there paper from the fringe. It comes from two of the nation's top universities, Harvard and Dartmouth, and was published in one of the most influential journals of all, JAMA Internal Medicine.

    The team did something that had never been done before, looking at cancer rates in counties across the nation -- comparing counties with aggressive mammogram programs where people are screened more frequently to those with fewer mammograms.

    If mammograms REALLY worked, then every single county with a higher rate of screenings should have a lower rate of cancer deaths years later, right?

    Well, that's not what happened at all.

    In fact, the death rate didn't budge despite the fact that a 10 percent rise in screening led to 16 percent more cancers diagnoses and 25 percent more small tumors found.

    The researchers say the study is proof of the "widespread overdiagnosis" of breast cancer thanks to frequent mammograms -- and you know the other side of that widespread overdiagnosis coin is widespread overtreatment.

    That means surgical butchery... toxic drugs... poisonous chemo... radiation... and all the stress, stress, stress, STRESS that comes with a cancer diagnosis.

    And it's all for nothing.

    The Pink Ribbon Mafia isn't backing down anytime soon. Even in the face of the new study, they've been out urging women to get mammograms anyway.

    They don't let the facts stand in their way.

    But if you really want to "SAVE THE TA-TAS," pass on the mammograms -- and while you're at it, ditch the pink ribbon, too.

  3. Low testosterone in new depression link

    Low testosterone can cause depression in men, with new research showing it can up the odds of mood disorders by nearly 2,000 percent.
  4. Prostate cancer still over-treated

    Prostate cancer often needs no treatment at all, but new research finds that in most cases it's getting treated anyway -- and lives are being ruined as a result.
  5. Michelle Obama brings daffy diet plan to Italy

    Michelle Obama isn't just trying to ruin lunch in America. She's now taking her act on the road and trying to ruin lunch around the world.
  6. Incontinence cured with bariatric surgery?

    New research claims incontinence can be cured with bariatric surgery. But the cure isn't surgery -- it's weight loss, and you can achieve that goal safely on your own.
  7. Memory loss can predict Alzheimer's disease

    Memory loss can supposedly predict Alzheimer's disease years ahead of time, according to a completely unsurprising new study.
  8. Orange juice can increase the risk of melanoma

    Put down the orange juice, because people who drink a daily glass of OJ have a higher risk of the deadliest form of skin cancer.
  9. Ease dry eyes with fish oil

    The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil can help ease your dry eyes, according to new research.
  10. Prostate cancer doesn't need surgery even after upgrade

    When prostate cancer is upgraded, most docs recommend surgery -- but new research shows you can hold out. And in some cases, the tumor might even be downgraded again.

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