[Discovered] Kitchen spice REVERSES Parkinson’s

I have been knee deep in the latest research on Parkinson’s ever since I was diagnosed over a decade ago.

It’s allowed me to help control my own illness—and share my findings with patients who are also struggling with it.

That’s why I’m happy to share GOOD news today with Parkinson’s sufferers…

Because recent research has just uncovered a kitchen spice that can “snatch” your body back from Parkinson’s grip.

Here’s what I mean...

Popular spice provides new treatment

The secret is cinnamon.

The highly delicious spice has been used for thousands of years to treat everything from sore throats to arthritis.

In the groundbreaking study out of Illinois, scientists have discovered the power of cinnamon may go far beyond tickling our taste buds...

Researchers found that this popular spice was able to substantially reverse AND protect against Parkinson’s disease-like symptoms in mice.

The theory is, cinnamaldehyde – the chemical that gives cinnamon its famous color and flavor – is metabolized to sodium benzoate in the liver.

And sodium benzoate can enter the brain, acting as an antioxidant – potentially reducing oxidative stress – a major contributor of Parkinson’s.

Sure, this study was done on mice.

But with such a simple and tasty cure that could actually REVERSE Parkinson’s symptoms, I’m certainly not gonna sit around and wait years to see if the results are the same in humans.

Do everything you can to limit your exposure to toxins… get plenty of exercise… eliminate processed foods from your diet…

…And start including cinnamon into your daily regime!

The most effective daily dose is typically 1-6 grams per day.

You can include cinnamon in your diet by sprinkling it in your tea, coffee, shakes, or smoothies. Or you can also use it as a flavoring agent while cooking and baking.

Just make sure to only buy Ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamonum verum) instead of Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamonum cassia) ...

The researchers in the study found it to be much purer—meaning, you’ll see more benefit!