Folks, I've mentioned this a thousand times if I've written about it a half dozen...

Blood pressure medications are WORTHLESS!

These drugs have been linked to:

  • Increase risk of DEATH in people with diabetes
  • Increased risk of BONE FRACTURES
  • Recurrent BREAST CANCER
  • And more.

Oh, and not to mention the recalls we've seen over the past year because so many have contained cancer-causing chemicals.

And now, there’s yet ANOTHER reason to avoid them...

Your one-way ticket to the hospital

The hospital is NOT where you want to end up...

I don’t have to tell you it's no fun sitting on a bed while a doctor takes your vitals and says you've just had a heart attack.

Yet, if you're given a blood pressure lowering medication, you're likely to find yourself there—again... and again...

Now, some doctors will tell you the “fix” is for you to go on antihypertensive drugs; that they are your only option for getting your blood pressure back in the right range.

But recent research shows you should NOT DO THIS AT ALL!

You see, folks who got a prescription for an antihypertensive drug AFTER being released from the hospital were more likely to:

  • Suffer a SERIOUS adverse event

Adding insult to injury, after one year of taking blood pressure-lowering medications, no benefit was seen compared to folks who didn't!

And here’s the real clincher...

There are natural solutions that work BETTER than these worthless antihypertensive drugs!

You can SLASH your blood pressure—naturally

Of course, the best way to lower your blood pressure is with diet and exercise. Walking 20 minutes a day and ditching processed foods and sugars can do WONDERS for your health.

Those should always be the first places you turn.

But there's a SECRET to high blood pressure levels most doctors won't tell you. It has everything to do with WHY the problem is occurring in the first place...

It involves three extremely important components produced naturally in your body—certain vitamins, a certain gas, and a certain amino acid:

  1. Three B vitamins are responsible for maintaining your blood pressure levels: folic acid, B6 and B12.

They work by lowering levels of an amino acid called homocysteine. Homocysteine has been correlated with increased artery stiffness, leading to hypertension.

  1. Another player in the blood pressure game is nitric oxide (NO). It’s a gas produced in your body, naturally, that helps RELAX your blood vessels...

Like many other processes in your body, NO becomes more difficult to produce the older you get.

The result is stressed blood vessels that cause high blood pressure.

  1. And finally, an amino acid called L-arginine is able to aid those stressed blood vessels.

Separately, these three components can help take your blood pressure down a notch.

But when scientists gave them to seniors all at the same time, they found their blood pressure levels dropped dramatically -- to the tune of 6 mmHg in just 90 days.

Compare THAT to the antihypertensive meds that didn't do ANYTHING after an entire year, and it really goes to show just how worthless blood pressure-lowering drugs truly are!