When your doctor writes a prescription, there’s an implicit understanding.  

You believe the drugs he puts you on are safe and have a good chance of working 

After all, that’s what clinical trials are for... that’s what the FDA is for... and so on. 

Everything is supposed to safeguard you against duds – and DANGEROUS medications.  

Yet the latest science is proving the most commonly prescribed diabetes drug is exactly what you least expect... 

A DUD that doesn’t work—and is dangerous! 

Don’t misplace your trust. There’s a tiny berry you can turn to that does everything this failed drug is supposed to do... 

Metformin’s giant failure 

Metformin is the most prescribed diabetes drug on the market. Doctors believe it’s the gold standard when it comes to blood sugar control.  

For mainstream medicine, that might be the case. But if you’ve been reading Health e-Tips for any time at all, you know that’s not true. There are at least A DOZEN better options and I’ll reveal one of my favorites soon.  

But first and foremost, metformin helps you control your blood sugar levels… “with proper diet and exercise.” Well, that alone should turn your diabetes around.  

Nevertheless, mainstream medicine believes the drug works. And they also thought since it can make your blood sugar levels drop, it can help you drop pounds as well.  

The theory is by lowering your blood sugar levels, metformin will lessen your insulin resistance – and you’ll lose weight.  

But this is one sleeping dog mainstream medicine should have let lie...  

Researchers tested metformin against a placebo in a 15-year study.  

And get this...

During the first 6 years, the placebo won out TWO to ONE!! 

Those in the placebo group lost at least 5 percent of their body weight. It was only after year 6 that any weight loss benefits were noticed.  

What’s more, there were FEWER diabetes incidents in people who lost 5 percent of their bodyweight in the first year! 

In other words, you’re better off not taking metformin and focusing on a healthy lifestyle.  

Or, you can take THIS and take your benefits a step higher... 

Grab this tiny, dark blue berry 

Since metformin is the “gold-standard,” it’s been tested against other promising solutions to diabetes – even this specific type of blueberry. 

The researchers put metformin to the test against Chinese blueberries. I’ll spoil the results for you. 

Metformin worked – in the sense that it reduced free radicals and helped a little bit with insulin secretion (as a diabetic, the less insulin you need, the better).  

Chinese blueberries, meanwhile, outperformed metformin in ALL ASPECTS. And it even lowered triglycerides and improved insulin secretion and effectiveness. 

The scientists found this is because of the BAE (blueberry anthocyanin extract). Simply put, all these benefits are due to the color of Chinese blueberries 

Now, you could locate Chinese blueberries at a grocery store and purchase them. But they’re not in season year-round.  

In this case, my preferred route is a Bilberry supplement as they are much easier to come by. Bilberry has the same anthocyanins as blueberries and has been shown in a separate study to lower blood sugar and decrease insulin resistance.