Green tea is often seen as the ultimate health-boosting tea.

But this time, it’s taking a back seat...

Because a new study finds another type of tea has the power to SLASH your risk of developing breast cancer by 25 percent!

In fact, this “miracle” brew actually KILLS cancer cells in your body...

The health secret HIDDEN in tea leaves

Most types of tea all come from a single plan – Camellia sinensis. What we call it depends on how the leaf was treated; from when it was harvested to how it was dried.

For example, green tea uses leaves that are still green (no surprise there).

Other teas have different levels of oxidation. And oxidation lies at the heart of how tea makers achieve different flavors and tastes.

The oxidation (aka the process of browning tea leaves) starts off when a tea maker macerates the leaves. How the leaves are macerated, and how long they’re allowed to oxidize, gives us different types of tea!

Now, I know that’s usually a dirty word – oxidation. It’s usually associated with harmful free radicals harming our body, and is something to avoid.

But when it comes to oolong tea, oxidization is our friend!

A new study published in Anticancer Research tested green, oolong, black, and dark tea extracts for their cancer-fighting properties.

They found that out of the bunch, only green and oolong teas had any ability to kill cancer cells.

But oolong was best—the researchers found people who regularly consume oolong tea are 25% less likely to develop breast cancer.

The perfect cup of oolong

Oolong tea’s oxidation level is somewhere between green tea and black tea. The leaves are allowed to oxidize until they curl.

If you want to take advantage of its amazing cancer-fighting properties, make sure to buy ORGANIC to avoid any chemicals, pesticides and herbicides.

From there, the trick is to brew it for the correct amount of time...

Steeping oolong tea for too long can negatively affect the taste AND the beneficial compounds.

So set a timer and remember that three minutes is the perfect amount of time to steep to get all of oolong’s wonderful benefits.