Here’s a situation that’s become fairly common:

You have a cold… a UTI… or some other sickness.

You take your medicine… gobble up gallons of chicken noodle soup… or whatever other remedy you try…

And a few weeks later, IT COMES RIGHT BACK – like it never left at all.

Sound familiar?

Well, the latest research reveals something SINISTER about this kind of RECURRING ILLNESS.

Keep reading – you’ll need to know this if you ever hope to kick the sickness out FOR GOOD!

THIS is what’s keeping you down

Now, the medical community has known for decades that there are dormant bacteria “persister” cells that linger from infections in your body.

Persister cells were thought to be dormant, inactive bacteria that “lie low” in your body. Ironically, they hang out in macrophages—our immune cells that protect us against infections.

But the new study revealed these persister cells are actually MUCH more insidious than previously thought...

While they’re “in hiding,” they’re actually not dormant at all; they’re actively WEAKENING our macrophages.

In other words, persister cells chip away at our ability to fight off infections FROM WITHIN!

Once you’re finally able to kick your illness, these unwanted guests could have:

  • Created a much more favorable environment for another bout of the same infection
  • Have already created a completely new infection from a different bacteria or virus

Now, let’s talk about how you can put these sneaky intruders at a DISADVANTAGE...

Upgrade your immune system’s assault team

The best place to start is by focusing on pumping up the nutrients you’re deficient in.

Zinc and selenium and notoriously missing from most diets. Adding just 30mg of zinc a day can significantly increase your body’s T-cells – the killing machines that destroy infections.

Selenium works in a similar fashion. It also increases your body’s T-cells, but also helps produce macrophages – your immune system’s clean-up force.

If you want a bit of added insurance, add intravenous vitamin C (IVC).

IVC is a proven immune-boosting POWERHOUSE; it’ll work far better than vitamin C in supplement form. Speak to your holistic doctor about adding it into your regimen!