Mainstream medicine is going hog wild over immunotherapy.  

They’ll tell you it’s a NATURAL cancer treatment… one that that supposedly “turns on” your immune system to fight the disease.   

It’s so hot, the scientists who discovered it recently won the Nobel Prize!  

Yup, it’s the beginning of a new, gentler era of cancer treatments… 

Not so fast. 

There’s an UGLY secret about immunotherapy that cancer patients aren’t being told.  

It may not cure your cancer at all… and it could make it WORSE than ever.  

Rocket fuel for tumors 

What the mainstream DOESN’T mention is that immunotherapy uses toxic drugs. Toxic drugs made by Big Pharma.  

And in this case, a toxic drug that SPEEDS UP tumor growth by a shocking 50 percent! 

That’s right. Immunotherapy can be like ROCKET FUEL for your tumors.  

If you’re a regular reader of e-Tips, you’ve heard of this before. It’s called treatment-associated hyperprogressive disease (HPD), and it’s a brand-spanking-new side effect that only comes with immunotherapy.  

Studies are showing that immunotherapy can backfire and actually speed up your cancer growth.  

Now, how does a “natural” treatment make cancer worse?  

It doesn’t. Only destructive, toxic treatments work that way.  

Let’s face it, your body has the ability to kill cancer cells on its own. That’s why many people never develop cancer.  

But if you do get a cancer diagnosis, you CAN harness your body’s immune system to kill cancer cells. And you CAN do it naturally. 

I’m talking about intravenous vitamin C (IVC).  

IVC gives you 300 to 400 times more vitamin C than oral intake. And these high doses of vitamin C go right into your bloodstream to work like immune-boosting, cancer-seeking smart bombs 

That’s because, in high doses, vitamin C breaks down into hydrogen peroxide.  

Hydrogen peroxide is toxic to cancer cells; it kills them while leaving your normal cells alone. And there’s ZERO chance of IVC making your tumors grow.  

IVC is scientifically proven. Many studies out of the National Institutes of Health have shown the IVC works successfully to treat cancer. There are even IVC protocols for doctors.  

I’ve been using IVC in my clinic for ages… and it’s produced more success stories than I can count.  

If you’re fighting cancer, you deserve to know your options. Make sure you talk to a local integrative physician who can educate you about IVC.