I don’t need to tell you that we have a diabetes EPIDEMIC in America right now.  

But here’s the truth… we don’t even KNOW how bad the problem’s become.  

There are AT LEAST 7 million people living with diabetes right now who have NEVER been diagnosed.  

And YOU could be one of them.  

They call diabetes a “silent” disease -- because the early symptoms are easy to miss 

But diabetes DOES have warning signs – and spotting them early (and getting your diabetes under control) can literally be a matter of life and death.  


People with type 1 diabetes (about 5% of all diabetes diagnoses) need to take insulin every day because their bodies were born without the ability to produce enough.  

But type 2 diabetes – about 95% of all diagnoses -- develops slowly over time. It can be the result of genetics, lack of exercise, unhealthy meal choices, obesity, toxins, or a combination of these factors.  

Years before getting diabetes, your fasting blood sugar and body mass index rise. If you have a fasting blood sugar above 95mg/dL or a BMI over 24, that’s a RED FLAG.  

You can try to start lowering those right away!   

I recommend considering a Paleo diet (low in carbohydrates) and taking berberine for better blood sugar control and weight loss.  

Once blood sugar control becomes a problem, additionally look for these symptoms:  

  1. Urination: having to go to the bathroom and feeling rushed (urgency), especially at night.  
  1. Tiredness: fatigue and not having enough energy.  
  1. Brain fog: feeling like you are slightly drunk and “hung over.”  
  1. Thirsty, hungry: you can never seem to get enough to eat and drink.  
  1. Rapid weight loss: weight loss for no identifiable reason. 
  1. Easy infections: if you seem especially prone to infection, or it takes a long time to get over one.  

If you’re showing signs of type 2 diabetes, speak to your doctor right away so you can get it under control.  

The sooner you control your diabetes, the less you need to worry about complications like heart disease… vision loss… and even amputations.