One thing the mainstream loves to say is that they’re “beating” cancer. 

Let me shed some light on that… they’re LYING. 

More people around the world will die of cancer this year than ANY year before. That’s a FACT.  

So why are they lying?  

Because despite all of their “early detection” … despite all of their slash-and-burn treatments like chemotherapy and radiation…  the main cause of cancer is something that mainstream medicine has absolutely no control over. 

But guess what – you do. And doing so could save your life… 

I’m talking about being overweight… carrying around those stubborn extra pounds.  

Obesity is growing at the same clip as cancer rates – and that’s no coincidence. Thirteen different cancers are linked directly with excess body weight including breast cancer, colon cancer, and deadly pancreatic cancer. 

In fact, a dropping cancer rate does apply in one case: people with normal or low body weights. This group DOES enjoy a reduced rate of cancer today. 

So what’s really sending cancer rates soaring could be our expanding waistlines! 

Here’s what you need to know… 

Why cancer is a “battle of the bulge” 

Obesity increases your cancer risk in several ways. It increases inflammation throughout your body. It also weakens your immune system. And these two things give cancer its ideal environment, making tumors grow and spread. 

Worse, excess body fat screws up your hormones and shoots up your insulin levels. Both of which activate cancer growth. 

That’s why fighting cancer is really a “Battle of the Bulge.” And getting rid of that spare tire could save your life. 

One of most effective and SIMPLE ways to lose weight and keep it off is with the Paleo diet (a.k.a. the “caveman” diet). Sticking to clean foods like fresh meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts is the best way to fuel your body.  

An added perk to eating enough fruits and vegetables is that you automatically get plenty of vitamin C.  

Vitamin C has been shown to prevent cancer. Even better, in high enough doses, vitamin C KILLS cancer cells.   

Stick to the Paleo diet, and you’ll watch the weight fall off. That’s what I’ve seen with my own patients.  

And you’ll be lowering your cancer risk in the bargain.