It seems like EVERYONE is talking about immunotherapy for cancer these days.

Two of the doctors behind it just won the Nobel Prize… and it’s being called the cancer “breakthrough” of the century.

But here’s the problem…

Because it works with your immune system, mainstream medicine wants you to think that immunotherapy is as safe and natural as butterfly kisses and mom’s apple pie.

And that’s a total crock of nonsense.

Immunotherapy still uses DRUGS, which are about as far from natural as you can get.

And those DRUGS come with some pretty serious side effects – including one that could kill you.

It’s called treatment-associated hyperprogressive disease (HPD). HPD is a new phenomenon associated ONLY with immunotherapy where tumor growth actually speeds up.

And not by a little bit. HPD can increase your tumor growth by over 50%.

Now, new research shows just how dangerous immunotherapy and HPD can be for lung cancer patients.

The study, published in JAMA Oncology, showed that lung cancer patients who received immunotherapy drugs had 13.8 percent more HPD.

And their survival rates went through the floor – a measly 3.4 MONTHS for those who had HPD.

That’s absolutely PITIFUL!

The truth is, your immune system fights cancer all the time. And you don’t need some dangerous drug to facilitate that process.

Mushroom extracts like AHCC help boost your immune system naturally, and have been shown to help your body recognize and destroy cancer cells.

And as far as natural cancer treatments go, I’m a huge supporter of intravenous vitamin C (IVC).

High-dose vitamin C actually helps create hydrogen peroxide in your body, which is toxic to cancer cells.

The science behind IVC is so solid that the University of Kansas Medical Center has even published a protocol that doctors can use.

And unlike immunotherapy drugs, you don’t have to worry that vitamin C could end up killing you.