Mainstream medicine has a tried-and-true formula for diagnosing and treating prostate cancer.

And nearly every part of it is RIDICULOUS.

It all starts with a notoriously unreliable PSA test.

Then you may get sent off for a painful biopsy you don’t need.

And God help you if you actually HAVE cancer – they’ll push you into radiation and surgery that could leave you in adult diapers and wreck your sex life FOREVER.

Preventing and beating prostate cancer shouldn’t be so hard… and now it doesn’t have to be.

Because researchers have discovered a highly effective way to LOWER your PSA levels … SHRINK tumors… and even KILL cancer cells, long before prostate cancer has a chance to hurt you.

All you need is the simple mineral boron.

Recent studies have confirmed that this tiny mineral fights prostate cancer in two different ways.

First, it lowers high PSA levels by as much as 89 percent.

While rising PSA levels don’t always indicate cancer (infections or a swollen prostate can cause your PSA to spike), they’re still a reason for concern.

Second, studies have shown that boron can shrink prostate tumors by up to 38%!

Basically, boron selectively kills cancer cells, while leaving healthy tissue alone.

That’s the OPPOSITE of what you get from treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, which destroy everything they touch.

What’s interesting is that researchers initially stumbled upon the powers of boron while studying groundwater.

They found that people who had higher levels of boron in their water were 64 percent less likely to get prostate cancer.

And that’s not all boron does. It’s essential for bone health, the immune system, and brain function.  In fact, getting enough boron can stave off arthritis and osteoarthritis. It’s a mighty little mineral.

But there’s one problem with boron. It’s hard to get enough in your diet. And too little boron may be one of the reasons why rates of deadly prostate cancer are climbing.

While some foods contain boron - including avocados, chickpeas, and hazelnuts - it’s not enough.

You want 2-3 mg every day to prevent, treat and beat prostate cancer. Your best bet is to buy a quality supplement.