As you’ve read right here in eTips, I travel the world looking for natural therapies that can help beat back some of the most devastating diseases that afflict my patients and readers.

But with as many exotic locales as I visit, my travels always take me back to China.

The East is thousands of years ahead of the West in terms of using nature’s bounty to KILL cancer, EXTINGUISH pain, and even SHARPEN your memory.

Now, the ancient Chinese secrets I usually share with you are comprised of herbs and acupuncture. But the latest study out of the land of “The Red Dragon” focuses on something else.

It caught my attention because it shows how there’s something you can do to reduce your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.

And the more you do it, the more you reduce your risk.

Of course, I already HAVE Parkinson’s disease. I’ve been managing it for over a dozen years.

And what the Chinese researchers found confirms what I’ve seen in my own experience: You’ve got to exercise.

In the study, “light” exercise didn’t do enough to write home about – so, I’m not talking about just walking. (Though JUST walking is better than NOT walking.)

In order for the physical activity to have an impact, it needed to be at least “moderate.” That usually means you break a sweat after 10 minutes… but you’re not so out of breath that you can’t talk.

A brisk walk would do the trick. So would mowing the lawn.

Gals, the researchers say that guys will benefit the most from this… and that you won’t see much benefit at all… but I wouldn’t take that too much to heart.
Exercise strengthens both your muscles AND your bones – and if you’ve got Parkinson’s disease, you need the strongest frame you can get.

Getting some activity – especially outside – can also boost your mood. And trust me, if anything can bring you down, it’s Parkinson’s.

But you don’t have to let it KEEP you down.

As I mentioned, walking briskly may be enough to kick Parkinson’s to the curb – but we’re heading into that time of year when stepping foot outside for a stroll might require wearing galoshes and carrying an umbrella.

You’ve got other options.

Try swimming at your local indoor pool… pedaling on a stationary bike… or even sparring in the boxing ring with a gentle partner.