There’s something about this change of season.

Maybe it’s the memories of “back to school”… or maybe it’s just the cooler temperatures… but when fall hits, you get that ol’ pep in your step.

But if you’ve got diabetes, you may find it hard to put one foot in front of the other as your blood sugar levels rise and fall, bob and weave, and send you on a wild goose chase of those “optimal” numbers.

Don’t despair – because there’s a way to turn back the clock on your blood sugar woes. And it’ll make you feel like a kid again.

In more ways than one!

In a study published in the Journal of Dairy Science, researchers found that drinking milk with breakfast can slash blood sugar levels.

And that’s true even if you pour it all over a bowl of sugar-bomb cereal (though I wouldn’t recommend it).

Here’s the kicker: Milk’s ability to NEUTRALIZE and REVERSE the sugar spikes that come with diabetes lasted for hours.

In the study, the participants saw the effects of milk past lunchtime!

Now, this was just plain ol’ milk from a cow, just like what you grew up drinking – not one of those special “milks” that they squeeze out of plants.

But the researchers did find that adding some protein to the milk helped KEEP the blood sugar levels low even longer.

They bulked up the protein content by adding whey -- but why eat protein powder when you can fry up some organic bacon and eggs?

A high-protein breakfast can help offset an occasional bowl of cereal, but I’ve found that cutting out carbs (especially processed ones) entirely by going Paleo is enough to turn back time and get the powerful metabolism you once had in your youth.

In fact, you might see your diabetes DISAPPEAR entirely – which means you’ll be able to STOP the drugs, STOP the finger pricks, STOP the doctor visits, and (much to your relief) STOP all of the nagging from your doc and your spouse!

If you don’t like drinking milk plain, you can pour it liberally into your coffee (or tea, like the Brits do).

Just don’t use this as an excuse to indulge in a milkshake!