There’s nothing like a juicy, perfectly charred piece of meat for dinner, is there?

And if you’re like me (and half of Americans are), Labor Day’s passing won’t stop you from grilling!

But whether you’re a year-round grilling master or a summertime BBQ champ, there’s a trick to cooking your tri-tip or rib rack that you need to know before firing up the grill again.
It’s not just delicious.

If you do it right – and I’ll share how in a moment – you may just save your own life.

That’s right – saved by meat! What could be better than that?

Unfortunately, there are plenty of folks who don’t know this trick – and instead of being SAVED by their steak, they’re getting SABOTAGED.

A new study out of England shows that if you use charcoal and wood to prepare your protein, you’re putting yourself in the crosshairs for deadly heart disease.

Now, the risk is over the long term. The risk of cardiovascular death was 12 percent higher in 30-year grillers than in novice grill masters with just 10 years or less with the tongs.

Now, we’ve known that air pollution wreaks havoc inside your body by ramping up inflammation and oxidative stress. But until now, we hadn’t PROVED the link to killer cardiovascular disease.

But unlike many other types of environmental pollutions, this one is COMPLETELY under your control, which means that you can SAVE your HEART by doing one simple thing.

Don’t worry – I’m not going to tell you to give up your grilling.

Just swap out your fuel.

In the study, those who switched to clean fuels like gas or electric saw their risk plummet – and the longer they went “clean” with their fuels, the more their risk dropped.

And it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf – because this holds true even if you’ve grilled with wood or charcoal for years.

And while you’re at it, stick with organic cuts from animals that haven’t been treated with hormones or antibiotics.

No matter how clean your fuel is, it won’t offset the damage of junk meat!