Part of my purpose as an integrative doctor is to tell it like it is… and call each thing by its right name. (Thank you, Doctor Zhivago.)

So, let’s stop calling opioid drugs like oxycodone and fentanyl “painkillers” – because that’s not really right.

Instead, let’s start calling them what they REALLY are – just plain ol’ KILLERS.

These meds are not only highly addictive… but they also wreak havoc on your organs… and they’re killing 42,000 Americans a year.

That’s like one death every 12 minutes.

But if you needed ANOTHER reason to stay off of opioids, there’s some new research you’ll want to see.

It turns out that opioids can absolutely DESTROY your love life.

In a new study out of Denmark, long-term opioid users were 81 percent more likely to say that they’d lost their “mojo.”

And about HALF of them hadn’t “done it” in the past year.

A YEAR without a roll in the hay? No, thanks!

Maybe the worst part is that you don’t have to spend MONTHS or even YEARS on opioids for these drugs to take a toll on your libido.

Even short-term opioid users reported that they’d lost interest in lovemaking.

And that’s not terribly surprising. Opioids interfere with nerve function, and they can make you feel like a zombie.

When you start popping these pills, a bedroom romp is probably the LAST thing on your mind.

And even if you do manage to rally and “get down to business”… it’s more likely than not that you won’t get no satisfaction.

For some, the loss of desire and ability to “finish” is a fate worse than death. It can certainly make you feel less alive.

But here’s the kicker: Most people who are taking opioids DON’T need to be on the drugs at all!

Research has consistently found that the majority of opioid prescriptions are completely unnecessary.

And a Dartmouth study found that even after surgery, opioids are prescribed TWICE as often as they should be.

But you don’t have to sacrifice your health – or your va-va-voom – to relieve pain.

Supplements like curcumin have been found to decrease inflammation AS WELL AS some prescription drugs.

And I use acupuncture in my clinic all the time to help relieve my patients’ chronic pain.

Always explore your options before accepting an opioid prescription.

Because once you swallow that first pill, you’re heading down a very dangerous road.