The constant pain… the stiffness… the swollen, disfigured joints.

When you’re suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, it can feel like your body is betraying you.

And here’s the truth: It is.

Your overactive immune system is attacking your joints faster than your body can repair itself!

So, what does mainstream medicine do to treat rheumatoid arthritis?

It loads you up with drugs that practically shut down your immune system… and leave you a sitting duck for serious infections and even tuberculosis.

Fortunately, there’s a better answer for controlling rheumatoid arthritis symptoms.

And it’s probably sitting in your spice rack.

A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that cinnamon extract can dramatically lower inflammation in RA patients.

And that’s a big deal, because it’s actually the inflammation – caused by your over-active immune system – that is responsible for most of your joint pain and discomfort.

Researchers found that folks who took cinnamon supplements had less-severe disease symptoms… fewer tender and swollen joints… and lower levels of C-reactive protein, a major marker for inflammation.

Now, of course, anytime there’s good news about a natural supplement, the drug companies and mainstream media do everything they can to discredit it.

I actually saw an article -- in a major health publication -- where the reporter interviewed a bunch of PHARMACISTS about the cinnamon research.

That’s right, people who SELL DRUGS FOR A LIVING were asked whether you should stop taking THEIR drugs and use cinnamon instead.

Do I even need to tell you what they said?

This is why we can’t get our health news from the mainstream media – the same folks who accept MILLIONS in advertising from drug companies.

So, here are the facts you need to know.

This was NOT the first study to prove that cinnamon can be effective against rheumatoid arthritis. An animal study out of India five years ago found the SAME THING.

And studies on cinnamon and inflammation go back DECADES.

Cinnamon is incredibly versatile as a spice AND as a health supplement – it even helps control your blood sugar!

But the best thing about cinnamon?

Well, that just may be the price, because you can get a month’s supply cinnamon supplements at just about any online or local vitamin shop… for less than $10.

If you’re struggling to control your rheumatoid arthritis, it’s well worth a try.