Here’s the problem with diabetes: It’s never just one disease.

Diabetes comes with lots of complications: heart problems… vision loss… poor circulation… and even diabetic neuropathy.
And that last one can absolutely take over your life.

If you’re suffering from neuropathy, a type of diabetes-related nerve damage, you know all too well how the pain, burning, and tingling -- especially in your limbs – never seems to let up.

And most mainstream doctors don’t have a CLUE how to treat it.

Docs have gotten so desperate for something – anything – to work for neuropathy that they’ve even tried using dangerous anti-seizure medications.

That’s absolutely CRAZY – especially when there’s a tried-and-true solution that can help relieve even the worst diabetic nerve pain.

And it doesn’t require ANY prescription drugs.

New research out of Korea has found that electroacupuncture delivers enormous relief to patients with diabetic neuropathy.

Electroacupuncture is like the traditional acupuncture that’s been used since ancient times, but it comes with a new twist: a light electrical current is applied to the needles.

For the study, researchers gave patients with diabetic neuropathy either electroacupuncture or no treatment. After eight weeks of treatment, more than 80 percent of the acupuncture group reported improvements in quality of life.

Sounds good, right?

Well, it gets even better – because MANY patients saw their pain levels cut by at least HALF.

Acupuncture is effective against neuropathy because it stimulates nerves and helps reduce inflammation. And even though it uses needles, it’s not painful. (I promise.)

If you’ve been reading my eTips for a while now, you know that in addition to being a medical doctor, I’ve been practicing medical acupuncture for decades.

And I wish more doctors would wake up to the benefits of acupuncture… and offer it as a service at their own practices!

I’ve seen acupuncture change lives, especially for people with debilitating pain issues (including nerve pain).

But I’ll be honest with you -- there are lots of people out there who call themselves “acupuncturists” but have very little medical training.

If you’re interested in acupuncture, I strongly recommend you use a licensed medical acupuncturist.

You can find one at the website for the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture at