You feel the urge to go... but you dread the burn that's about to follow.

When you've got a urinary tract infection (UTI), "relieving yourself" can be practically unbearable.

When nasty bacteria that find their way into your plumbing, it causes a nasty sting. Used to be, you could get some relief from antibiotics that could easily wipe out these bad critters.

But the overuse of antibiotics has led to the rise of "superbugs" that are resistant to our most powerful drugs, which means that docs are running out of options to treat some UTIs -- especially "complicated" ones that involve secondary infections.

That's why the mainstream is hailing the FDA's recent approval of a new and potent "super drug" that promises a big breakthrough in beating complicated UTIs.

It's an intravenous antibiotic called "plazomicin" -- and sure, it may be a lifesaver when nothing else under the sun has worked for your UTI.

But make no mistake: There's nothing "super" about it.

First off, handing docs yet ANOTHER antibiotic… one that could open the door to even more drug-resistant superbugs… just doubles down on the same failing strategy.

What's more, the FDA has slapped plazomicin with enough "black-box" warnings to send chills up and down your spine – including ones for damage to your kidneys and a terrifying condition called neuromuscular blockade, which can lead to paralysis.

How about that for an eye-popping $1,000 per day?!

And that's in addition to the risk of deadly diarrhea that comes along with taking any antibiotic.

No wonder the FDA only recommends it as a "last-resort" treatment!

But that's merely a recommendation -- so there's nothing to stop docs from prescribing it however and whenever they want.

Who's to say that they won't pull out this "big gun" right away?

Now, as I've shared with you before, prevention is the best medicine when it comes to UTIs.

Taking probiotics and drinking (unsweetened) cranberry juice or taking a cranberry extract supplement can help promote a favorable balance of bacteria in your bladder that keeps nasty bugs from gaining a foothold.

But if you've already gotten a UTI, don't reach for an antibiotic first -- because you may be able to beat it with a natural sugar called D-mannose.

D-mannose is derived from cranberries, but the supplement form is 25 to 50 times more powerful than those cranberry juices you can get at the supermarket.

Studies have shown that D-mannose can wipe out UTIs caused by E. coli -- which is the bacterial strain responsible for 90 percent of UTIs -- just as effectively as antibiotics, but with almost NO side effects.

You can pick some up at your local health food store or online.

Take 2,000 mg four to five times daily until symptoms disappear... and continue at that dose for another two days to ensure those little buggers are gone.

And if it turns out you do need antibiotics, make sure you choose a “last resort” only after you’ve exhausted all other available options – especially natural ones!