With summer in full swing, it can be so hot and steamy outside that you feel like you've taken a trip to the tropics.

Only… there's no tropical beach at your doorstep to help you cool off.

But even if there isn't a palm tree in sight, there's another "tropical" way to beat the heat that you can find right in your local produce aisle -- and it just so happens to be naturally sweet and delicious.

I'm talking about juicy, refreshing mangos!

And according to a new study, mangos won't just take the edge off the summer heat -- they can also bring down your blood pressure.

In the study, researchers from the University of California, Davis, assigned a group of healthy postmenopausal women to eat two cups of mangos daily for two weeks and monitored their BP closely.

They found that each time the women ate mangos, their BP was significantly LOWER than it had been at baseline.

And it didn't take long for the mangos to have this effect -- they lowered the participants' BP just TWO HOURS after the women ate them.

Imagine shaving some points off your BP in the time it takes to catch a movie at the multiplex!

What's more, eating mangos also lowered the women's "pulse pressure," which is the difference between your systolic ("top") and diastolic ("bottom") numbers.

And that's a good thing -- because we know that high pulse pressure is a risk factor for everything from heart attack and a-fib .

This makes perfect sense to me, as mangos are rich in two nutrients that are known to be natural BP regulators: potassium and a polyphenol called quercetin.

Plus, the benefits of mangos don't stop there. They're loaded with vitamin C that boosts your immunity... vitamin A that helps protect your precious eyesight ... and fiber that helps lower your blood sugar .

No wonder mangos are called the "king of fruits " in many countries around the world!

So, whether your BP is a little on the high side or you just want a health-boosting way to beat the heat, add some of this golden fruit to your meals.

You can toss fresh mango into fruit salads or green salads... dice it into chutneys and salsas... or blend frozen mango chunks into icy smoothies. Some cultures even add it to savory dishes, like Indian rice and Hawaiian poke.

Mangos are currently in season, so they're now at their sweetest and juiciest -- and since National Mango Day is coming up July 22 , there's no better time to enjoy this tropical treat.

I also recommend supplementing with quercetin to maintain BP at a healthy level (especially since you don’t want to consume too much potassium by eating all the mangos you want). Of course, you should check with your doc before starting up on any new regimen – even one as delicious as eating mangos!