The heart attack warning sign you shouldn’t ignore

This time of year, everyone’s looking to beat the summer heat.

And whether that means taking a dip in the pool or hiding out in an air-conditioned movie theater, finding ways to stay cool can be lots of fun.

But guys, there’s one place you DON’T want things to cool off.

The bedroom!

When things aren’t “sizzling” with your special gal, it can really be a blow to your manhood.

But according to a new study, your bruised ego is the least of your worries — because guys who have trouble performing “in the moment” may also be sitting ducks for cardiovascular disease.

That is, if your bedroom issues are vascular-related… and not caused by anxiety or other emotional issues.

In a study published in Circulation, researchers tracked the heart health of about 2,000 older men — some of whom had vascular-related bedroom troubles — for four years.

By the end of the study, they found that the men who struggled in the bedroom were TWICE as likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke, or sudden cardiac death.

And that was true even when the researchers controlled for other CVD risk factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and smoking.

Now, when your bedroom issues are vascular-related, it means that you’re not getting enough blood flow to your “manly parts,” typically because of some kind of damage or blockage in your blood vessels.

So, the theory is that losing your “oomph” below the belt may be an early warning sign that arterial blockage and decreased blood flow are underway in OTHER areas of your body — namely, in the critical vessels that deliver blood to your heart and brain.

In fact, previous studies have shown that guys with bedroom woes are more likely than guys without them to have two hidden risk factors for CVD.

First, they’re more likely to have impaired endothelial cells, which line the inside of blood vessels and help them dilate fully. And we know that when those cells don’t function properly, your blood can’t flow freely… sending your risk of heart attack and stroke through the roof.

Second, they’re also more likely to have a precursor to atherosclerosis, which causes your arteries to become clogged with cholesterol and hardened with plaque.

So, gentlemen, if you’ve lost those “fireworks” in the bedroom, don’t shrug it off.

But don’t turn to one of those “little blue pills” either, as they won’t do a thing to address the underlying vascular issues or protect your heart.

Instead, make some heart-healthy lifestyle changes that will also restore your “mojo.” Quit smoking, lose weight, manage your blood sugar, and keep your blood pressure in an optimal range.

And taking a supplement “cocktail” of L-arginine, pycnogenol, and red ginseng (sometimes called Korean ginseng or Panax ginseng) can also boost blood flow everywhere that counts.