It scrambles your memory… leaves you dazed and confused… and can even alter your personality.

No, it’s not one of those “funny cigarettes” that your friends tried to get you to smoke in the ’60s.

I’m talking about the changes that occur in your brain as you age.

But according to a new study, it’s not a life sentence – because all you’ve got to do to shield your gray matter from these changes is turn over a new "leaf."
That is, the leaves of an ancient Chinese tree called ginkgo biloba can perk up your brain!

You’ve surely heard of ginkgo before -- it’s one of nature’s most powerful memory-boosters.

We already know that ginkgo can help improve the quality of your memories. You could even say that it can “turbo-charge” your mind – even if it’s become like a sieve as you’ve added candles to your birthday cake.

That’s right -- it can become a steel trap again!

And since Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using ginkgo as an herbal remedy for centuries, it's no wonder that the new study was conducted in China!
In this latest study, researchers sifted through oodles of previous findings to figure out HOW ginkgo guards your brain.

And it appears as though there are at least three mechanisms at work here.

For one, it looks like ginkgo can cool your brain off in times of stress. Not only that, but it also helps prevent damage when stress occurs (as it inevitably does).
And all the while, ginkgo keeps that gray matter clean and clear of gunk – which helps you to think clearly AND stay focused!

So, if you want to chase those "brain burps" away, give this ancient herb a try.

You can easily find ginkgo biloba in supplement form at your local health food store or online.

I’ve also included it in my latest breakthrough formula, along with two other “neuro nutrients” that can help you practically regrow a new brain!

You see, ginkgo is great on its own -- but if you’re a little on the older side, your brain has been shrinking at least since you turned the big 6-0. And that means that you may need a little more help than ginkgo alone.

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