Ladies, once you've been diagnosed with breast cancer, I know that you just want to move on with your life.

So, you may be tempted to go with aggressive approaches -- sickening chemotherapy, toxic radiation, or disfiguring surgery -- to try to get rid of that tumor ASAP.

But those aren’t your only options. And they’re not always the best line of defense to jump into (at least not right away).

Because according to a new study, there's something natural that can beat back breast cancer without side effects -- and it's been used effectively in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for hundreds of years.

It's called Astragalus membranaceus (a.k.a. milkvetch root or "Huang-qi"), and it comes from the root of a Chinese flower with MAJOR healing power.

In the study, Chinese researchers exposed breast cancer cells to astragalus extract in the lab.

And it turned out that the extract not only slowed cell growth, it also caused them to DIE.

That may be because the root of this Asian flower addresses some of cancer's "root" causes!

Previous studies have shown that the active compounds in astragalus can boost your immune system... tamp down inflammation... and fight free radical damage, all of which fortify your natural defenses against cancer.

And the benefits of this Chinese herb don't stop there.

Practitioners of TCM have been using astragalus for hundreds of years to treat conditions as varied as colds and flu, hepatitis, and heart disease.

And modern science has proven that it can help with everything from controlling diabetes to reducing asthma attacks.

Now, if you think that astragalus sounds like a cure-all, you're onto something -- it's considered to be an "adaptogen," which is an herb that eases the effects of stress throughout your body and battles illness on multiple fronts.

So, if you're combating cancer, astragalus can be a powerful weapon in your natural treatment arsenal.

Now, despite the fact that chemo drugs and surgery both come with some pretty harrowing risks -- including helping breast cancer SPREAD to other parts of your body -- sometimes you absolutely need mainstream treatment for your cancer.

But the good news is that studies have shown that this miracle herb may help chemo be more effective in beating back cancer... and even ease its side effects.

Plus, astragalus is just one of the many botanicals used in TCM – others include green tea and mangosteen – that have been shown in studies to stop breast cancer cells in their tracks.

Talk to a doc well-versed in herbal medicine about how to incorporate it into your treatment plan.