Those tulips and daffodils may be blooming... but we're not out of the woods yet as far as the flu is concerned.

This year's doozy of a flu season is expected to go all the way through the end of April. Talk about "spring fever"!

And when you're burning up or dogged by aches and pains, it may seem like a no-brainer to reach for the most "trusted" pain reliever around.

I'm talking about Tylenol, a.k.a. "acetaminophen."

You don't need a prescription for it, so it must be safe. Right?

Dead wrong.

Actually, acetaminophen is so highly toxic to your liver and kidneys that someone dies from an overdose of the stuff every single day.

And according to a new study, your risk of an overdose SKYROCKETS during cold and flu season (which, as we've been told, we might still have another month to suffer through)!

In fact, researchers found that the odds of taking more than the maximum daily dose of acetaminophen (4 grams) increased 24 percent during flu season when compared to the off season in a study of 15,000 adults over the course of five years.

That's because the participants weren't just popping Tylenol -- they were also swallowing OTHER over-the-counter cold and flu products that claim to ease everything from cough to congestion.

And many of these folks weren't even aware that acetaminophen is lurking in so-called "combination medications" like Robitussin, Alka-Seltzer Plus, NyQuil, and DayQuil!

If it promises to relieve your sniffling, sneezing, coughing, AND aching, it's probably got acetaminophen in it.

Literally HUNDREDS of OTC drugs contain it -- including sleep aids and allergy meds, too -- so if you're taking more than one, it's easy to go overboard on acetaminophen without even realizing it.

And here's the rub: Previous studies have shown that acetaminophen does ZILCH to fight the flu virus. It doesn't reduce the severity of symptoms... and it doesn't help you shake your symptoms any faster.

And since acetaminophen has been tied to not only liver and kidney damage, but also hearing loss and cognitive changes, it can definitely HURT more than it can HELP!

If a late-season flu gets you in its clutches... or if spring allergies have already sprung where you live... turn to nature to ease your symptoms instead.

Studies have shown that good ol' honey is more effective for coughs than any pill or syrup from the drugstore. Try stirring a teaspoon of raw organic honey into some thyme tea. The steam will help clear your lung and nasal passages, and thyme is a natural infection-fighter to boot.

Taking a tablespoon of colloidal silver -- one of nature's most potent germ-busters -- every three to four hours can also help rid you of the virus.

Of course, the best way to sidestep the misery of the flu is to not catch it in the first place. Eat a healthy diet... get plenty of sleep... wash your hands frequently... and boost your immunity with probiotics and vitamins C and D to strengthen your defenses.

And while you can't control the pollen count, chronically clogged sinuses may be more than just allergies. For more information about the root causes of sinus issues that won't go away... and a simple, natural way to address them, see the February 2018 issue of my Nutrition & Healing newsletter.