The surprising key to maintaining maximum heart health

How time flies!

February will be here sooner than you know it, and there's something you need to prepare for right now.

No, it's not Valentine's Day.

It's "Heart Health Month."

Of course, that doesn't mean that you can wait until February 1 to think about your own heart health -- but if you think that means improving your cholesterol numbers to appease your doc or your spouse, stop what you're doing and hear me out.

Because as I've shared with you before, the key to maximizing the health of your heart isn't in playing a numbers game.

Whether your cholesterol numbers are "high" or "low" (whatever that means) matters far less than something else... something you may have never thought of... and something your doc may have never mentioned to you.

It's not quantity -- it's quality.

And if your cholesterol -- particularly your LDL, or "bad," cholesterol -- has sustained some damage, your heart health may be at risk.

Even if your LDL numbers are within a range that the mainstream considers perfectly "normal"!

Turns out, though, that there's a way to prevent that damage from happening in the first place... and even reverse it if it's already happened.

And the secret lies in the power of antioxidants.

If you've been reading my eTips for a while now, you're certainly aware of how antioxidants can -- as their name implies -- counteract oxidation in your body. And that oxidation is exactly the type of damage I'm talking about.

Now, we know that maintaining optimal levels of vitamin C -- one of the best-known antioxidants out there -- is essential to maintaining optimal heart health. But there's another antioxidant that's 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C... and it starts working in just two weeks.

Where do you find this antioxidant?

Well, my friends at BestHealth Nutritionals -- part of the same company that publishes my eTips and Nutrition & Healing newsletter -- have partnered with Dr. Mark Stengler to develop a breakthrough formula that contains it.

Not only that, but this breakthrough also combines it with an essential vitamin AND an ancient fruit extract to send you on your way to peak cardiovascular performance.

The formula is called AstaChoOX, and once you try it, you can STOP getting nagged... and START resting easy, knowing your heart health is protected.

If you order AstaChoOX right now, Dr. Stengler will even give you a very special FREE gift!

To top it all off, this is a risk-free offer -- meaning that it comes with a 100-percent ironclad guarantee.

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